Friday, March 30, 2007

What a tangled web you weave...

... when you try to deceive.

As I predicted a couple of days ago, the world of bloggers is waking up to the realisation that much of what Kathy Sierra has endured, she has pretty much brought entirely upon herself.

Erstwhile respected bloggers have earned disdain, contempt or just disapproval for their immediate and ill-considered leaping to the aid of a damsel in distress.

Fools. That's all I have to say about that.

So, since Liz Tay produced the first actually balanced account of this barny, let's have a look around a few notables' blogs as the pendulum swings back in favour of truth, reason and objectivity and away from the paranoid and dishonest splatterings of the woman who started the whole thing...

These are all intelligent and creative people, who have acted badly. But they didn't deserve what they got.

The time to act is way before it escalates into the kind of post that Kathy Sierra posted.

From the beginning of this sorry affair, the default assumption by many people has been that Chris Locke or Alan were behind at least some of the viscious postings against Kathy Sierra and Maryam Scoble. Also from the beginning I’ve believed that these postings were not in the character of anybody I knew — but were in the character of trolls.

This is what happens in an unmoderated comments environment. Ghoulishness reared its ugly head and some commenter wrote what is being taken for a death threat. There was also some prurient photoshopping, not at all complimentary, and which could easily offend readers, and surely offend Kathy Siera. Frankly, I thought it was meant to offend, meant to be mean, and laughed out loud, knowing this was satiric, as well as in what many could consider to be very poor taste.

But let’s take a closer look at Kathy’s post than many who support her apparently have: I can’t remember when I have read, aside from ignorant political wingnuts, so many aspersions cast, acts implied and innuendo as in Kathy’s post.

As far as can be determined from the few facts she relates, the
attacks on Kathy were made anonymously. However, she has tried and convicted
Chris Locke, Jeneane Sessum, Allen Herrel, Frank Paynter and, to a lesser extent, Doc Searls without a shred of proof that they were involved.

It's not the first time bloggers have stopped because of verbal attacks: only recently Russell Davies, another marketing blogger, recently stopped blogging for a while because he found someone taking the piss out of him on another site.

Now it's true the link to Listics is to Frank Paynter's blog and Frank owned but Sierra herself has acknowledged his supportive attitude towards her after this all started so it can hardly be said to be biased against Sierra when she herself has acknowledged its author to have been supportive.

Dean Landsman was also involved with EGR Irregulars which devolved into factions within months of Chris's departure too - and though I was on both lists, I didn't keep up with exactly what happened on either.

But since I first saw this shitstorm brewing, my immediate reaction was that Kathy Sierra has created a mountain out of an anthill and brought all this stress and anxiety on herself. And I have already said that to even suggest it's because she's a woman is pure fabrication. Can Kathy Sierra spell the word FURPHY? But it's already been demonstrated that she's nothing but a bullshitting airhead anyway and all such bullshitting airheads putting themselves out as authorities or "gurus" (male or female) are - or rather were - fair game for meankids. Mystic Bourgeoisie is all about such inherently dodgy characters.

As Joey suggested in his account to Liz Tay, Sierra can't very well go and troll a website she knows is critical of her then complain about what she sees when she gets there. Furthermore, it is extremely disingenuous of Sierra to suddenly get nervous about threats appearing in such a website when she stated...
"I am going to not do anything for a little while. There are still some
scary things behind the scenes I am somewhat fearful about. I am not going to go anywhere publicly. Every time I speak at a conference I get a lot more nastiness."

WHOA!! A whole NEW aspect to the great Kathy Sierra bullshit bonanza!

"Christ! Blame Chris Locke before this gets WAY out of control! I'm a GURU, I can't make one claim in one forum then a contradictory one in another. Where's rule number 1? The Guru is always right? I don't make such silly mistakes, my expertise is altering reality, not developing personal competence to effectively deal with it. God, what do you people think I am? A WOMAN??"

She couldn't possibly be blaming meankids, unclebobism or anyone associated with either site for an increase in nastiness every time she speaks at a conference. Seems perfectly obvious to me that if conferences are the catalyst for increases in nastiness, she should think a bit more carefully about how she conducts herself in conferences. She pisses me off just with the crap in her blogs. If I paid money to hear a dodgy and crap speech, I might express a few antisocial desires - not that I would ever carry them out - which she might interpret as being part of the increase in nastiness.

Kathy, face it girl, you're just a shit speaker, a shit blogger and you should go back to that at which you have skill - java programming. You're not cut out to deal with the public.

There's a stone lying around somewhere just waiting for you to crawl back under it. *It's the one out from under which you crawled in the first place, not a headstone inviting your detractors to a communal piss.

**And now a word from your editor: if you wish to leave comments here now, you have to be registered with blogger. Trot along to, set yourself up with an account then log in. I gave warning days ago that I would be deleting the anonymous posts of the cowards - who are also liars - but they continued to post anonymously regardless. They also continued to display their ignorance of what was going on. Well, now if you want to spread bullshit on my blog, you won't be doing it anonymously.

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