Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Some I don't like getting, most I don't like leaving, some I really don't like not receiving.

Especially when I've grown somewhat accustomed to receiving them. Sometimes sending them is a huge thrill. Just saying "Hey, job well done!" and getting a nice "Thanks" in reply is all it takes to make hours of trawling through one's inbox an activity worth doing.

The most recent is still the reply I got from Massachusetts Democratic Representative, Brad Hill over driver licen(s)ing reforms and it's on my mind because Victoria's own Premier, Steve Bracks was over there earlier this month.

Had I been awake to his trip before he went, I would have got in contact with him to discuss the issue with Mr Hill.

I rang Sarah today and left a message for her. The accent still makes me laugh. I was going to get on messenger tonight but Denton interviewed Richard E Grant and it was the best interview I've seen in a long time. Denton is a brilliant interviewer. So too, it seems is Richard Grant. It was a real tennis match of an interview, but hilarious.

Enough Rope
is the show, sux not to get it if you're not in Aus. :)

It was a lovely weekend the one just gone. Andrew in Brisbane sent me a link which I passed on to Will in Canada who had just closed the site as I popped the link up. Freaked him out.

Seems the bloke with whom Andrew shares was poking around on Digg and some person to whom Will was talking was also poking around in Digg and they both saw the same link, passed it to Andrew and Will respectively and Andrew passed it to me and I passed it to Will.

Small world.

Then, of course, there was the inevitable discussion about The River (lmao!) and Will declaring it never happened because he hadn't seen it and then I found the vid of it on YouTube.

RIVER! Is now a meme.

Now, if only I can impart the joys of faits accompli to someone who hasn't yet had the life experience to be able to understand the absolute supremacy of faits accompli over pre-emptive strikes.

Ah yes.. messages, messages, messages...

Sunday, May 27, 2007


For those of you who are old enough to cast your minds back to 1982, do so immediately. It was the birth of the alternative music scene and the age of the one hit wonder bands who got their ambition from Patrick Hernandez.

In the midst of the birthing pangs of Madonna's career, Abba's transformation from mindless pop to more meaningful songs, Elton John doing a video in cartoon fashion because no club at the end of the street would let him film it there and way before Billy Joel went walking in his sleep in the middle of the night, there was...


Forget Devo, forget Madness and their Baggy Trousers, forget Our House in whatever part of the street. All parvenus.

King Trigger came along in 1982 and with one song told them all to go fuck themselves. This song is the trump card of music that beats the shit out of all those sad deadhearted old farts who just don't get it.

And if you "don't get" this song, you really have no right to be exploring the wild frontiers of cyber space. Seriously. Go back to Yahoo or wherever you came from and swap avatars and tofu recipes and look at Homes & Garden online until the nursing home staff come to fetch you from pools of your own effluent.

The campaign is afoot to re-release this song. I won't say the best song ever, but it's right up there. It's the song they tried to bury because they couldn't understand it. Couldn't understand that THERE WAS NOTHING TO UNDERSTAND.

It was the ultimate 'up yours' to everything, from its style, its beat and its lyrics and especially the video clip.

It raeps the big name bands and artists and at the same time it mocks those crappy songs we had to sing in kindergarten. It's a Round with a disco beat. Cop that!

The River, by King Trigger goes beyond the ability of mere words to encompass it's awesomeness. To describe this song as merely awesome is to do it the most heinous injustice.

I am in awe of the sheer scale of the awesomeness of this song and the video clip which went with it.

The video is epic. It has an inflatable dinghy, a double barreled storm water drain, a fat man with his face painted, holding an umbrella and jumping around in his underpants, it has a scantily clad Jamaican woman, an animated crocodile and lots of other things as well. You should watch it and be swept away by it.

Here's the Youtube link. Copy this and keep it in your browsers for safe keeping. Just as Abba will never die, this song is going to haunt your dreams from now until you die. (Just in a good way, not in an Abba kind of way.)

|                                                                                   |
|  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-5tLpzVZi-0         |
|                                                                                   |

If you dislike this song, don't understand it, don't get it or can't see it, I want you to get the fuck off my internet right now.

Saturday, May 26, 2007

About time!

Give that judge a pay rise.

No, give them both a massive pay rise. Give them a million dollar bonus as well for not only being sensible, being honourable and being judicious - but just for doing what was bloody RIGHT.

And more than that, they've set a precedent for lower courts which, if all goes well in Queensland, will prevent the sort of fucked up stupidity, blindness and moral and intellectual bankruptcy which saw the case end up in the court of appeal in the first place.

My hat is off to appeal court judges Margaret McMurdo and Anthe Phillippides.

District Court judge Brabazon can go fuck his poodle and may the fleas of a thousand camels infest his rotten stinking arse hole.

Friday, May 25, 2007

Strange politics

Before I get into that, the message I posted earlier today about the disturbing video has now had 306 reader comments appended to it.

Ooh, everyone's so appalled. How utterly predictable.

Some poor saps at Rupert HQ have had to sit there and read through all that, moderate and then post those comments to the website. No wonder advertising's expensive.

Anyway, I got this message in my inbox at MySpace - the one into which the filth tried unsuccessfully to gain admittance.

It reads thusly...

The Full Implications of what Ron Paul Proposes

Dear Friends,

A disturbing trend has developed here on MySpace and on other social networks that are currently beyond the control of the DHS: peer-to-peer support for a presidential candidate that intends to destroy the economic fabric of the United States. In the past, you have accepted our responsibility for selecting preapproved candidates for you to choose between, but with Ron Paul you are selecting someone outside of the preapproval process. Since you seem to want to take responsibility for this upon yourself, you should be aware of the full implications of Ron Paul's platform.

If elected as president, Ron Paul would have the means necessary to bring the executive branch of the United States federal government to within constitutional limits. This precludes the possibility of an Internal Revenue Service, a Department of Homeland Security, military action outside of wars officially declared by Congress, and hidden government agendas.

Perhaps that doesn't sound so bad to you, but you should be aware that all of the departments and actions Ron Paul proposes to do away with have one thing in common: they are necessary for your paycheck. Whether you like it or not, you are part of the world's biggest pyramid scheme. You can only get money in this system by paying up the chain of authority and trying to recoup your investment from those below you. The likelihood of your success depends on how well the unconstitutional agencies and actions of the federal government can force others to join the bottom of the pyramid through puppet governments, military threats, economic pressure, etc.

Through your taxes and other withholdings, you have already paid tens of thousands of dollars into this pyramid. In fact, most of the purchase price of any product goes directly into the revenue streams of investors rather than to the people who help create it. If we can get the people of the Middle East and Asia on board, you will be a primary recipient of the fruits of their labor. Do you really want to destroy the pyramid now that we are on the verge of adding millions of people to your revenue stream?

Please read my blog and consider the full implications of your actions before deciding to support Ron Paul.

Cyber Terrorism

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Department of Homeland Security

Can't reply, their profile is friends only. My profile is friends only as well. That's to keep filth like Trevor out of it. I flagged the message as spam though so I guess they won't have long to be posting from MySpace.

For those who've been waiting for me to get on messenger for the last two days, my apologies. I've been otherwise occupied. I know you're all anxious for things to get moving but I'm trying to snare a nice little six month gig out of town and that's where my focus has been. There's always email so if you're that edgy about it all, use that.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rupert catches up to the rest of us.

The commercial news networks seem finally to have cottoned on to what the rest of the internet has been discussing for at least the last two weeks and they've worked out how to present it to the audience of casual internet surfers.


Meanwhile, those of us who practically live in this medium have seen the video of the rather brutal execution of 29 men, 27 of whom were apparently involved in the execution by stoning of the 17 year old girl, Du'a Khalil.

If the stoning were brutal, the massacre of those 29 men was inhuman. They were laid face down on the ground and shot repeatedly by angry young men weilding the almost trademark weapon of the middle east, the AK-47. An inefficient way of carrying out an execution to be sure, that's why it took them 4 attempts before the job was completed.

I know you're wondering if I'm going to give you a link. I'm not. This may not be a family blog and I'm never going to pretend to be some sort of saint, but a murder by an angry mob is one thing, cold blooded and clumsy murder in that fashion raises an age old spectre of racism that I'm not willing to spread around. The term "sub-human" comes to mind.

When people all around the world decide to focus on building, sharing and fostering instead of destroying, converting and killing, I think this sort of occurrence will become an embarrassing aspect of human history. It won't happen in my lifetime, but it has to happen sooner or later.

People build. It's what we do. Governments and governing bodies, whether they're secular or religious, destroy. That's what they do.

It's why I seldom vote.

Saturday, May 19, 2007

Professional lawl - idiots fight it.

The best and most effective ads ever are the ones the authorities try to ban. In the UK, an anti-smoking campaign ad has provoked the ire of too many softcocks for it to remain dull.

The fight about the ad is spreading its consumption like wildfire, far moreso than if the protesters had just shut their gobs and not tried to fight the lawl.

Or maybe some brilliant savvy ad-guru hit the jackpot by organising complaints against their own ad, thereby lighting the fuse to this stick of viral marketing dynamite. Who knows? Who cares.

I liked the paragraph that appeared in News.com.au's weekly wrap, though...

Back to more serious stuff, hardcore UK anti-smoking posters showing men and women with fish hooks through their mouths attracted one of the highest number of complaints the country's advertising standards watchdog has ever received, and had us asking whether they would scare you into quitting. Close to 150 readers wrote in - some said the ads were lame, while others said they were put off fishing for ever.

They just haven't had a beautiful little shark on their lines yet. :)

150 readers... meh. That's about the size of the typing pool at Clemengers.

Friday, May 18, 2007

More lawl. Don't fight it.

You stupid bitch, that's a satirical cover of the original. We are talking about the original NON-SATIRE piece by Fergie.You really are a fucking moron, Swords.

Completely unnecessary, Henry. What the hell is wrong with you lately?

The prima donna queen of Liars Team HQ objects when the site founder speaks the truth. Good God!

Well, Coral, she's not just a stupid bitch, she's a two-faced, ignorant, creep as well. She fits right in at Liars Team HQ. Still on about credit card details too, I see. Amazing really, given the fact what I posted is exactly the same info as the plonker himself posted in a Battlestar Gallactica fail forum. You're all just pissed off because Bint said she paid for something and I provided evidence to show she was lying to all of you.

Bint or Plonk posted a message on one of my other blogs a few months ago after I made mention of certain police activity in which I was involved in order to round up some baddies north of my place. Well, today, because of what I did, they were rounded up. If you like, I'll try to find details of it on the internet when it comes out so you can all eat even more of your own words.

Just say the word - any word, doesn't matter, I'll take it as an emphatic wish to see the evidence.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

What's up with the headline, Rupert?

US uni massacre game website taken down

... screams the headline.

But scroll further down the page (or this blog) and you'll see that the "other" website still making the game available is alive and well.

It's author had this to say...

Author's comments:

LOL my site is down because they got too many
angry emails and they wont put it back up with
vtech still on it. Atleast Newgrounds still believes in
freedom of speech, thanks.

Love the attitude!

War in Iran in a month?

Whispers out of China say there is enough evidence to impeach Bush for an illegal invasion of Iraq.

No surprises there, but the same whisper (not actually from China, but apparently in Idaho) says Dubs is preparing to invade Iran and it's going to happen in just a few short weeks.

The source is a journalist, can't drop his name, and he knew about the first invasion of Iraq months before anyone else - even though it was fairly bloody obvious it was going to happen anyway. But it's one thing to see the writing on the wall, it's another to start bandying dates about.

Cheney is already sucking up Mubarek's arse in Cairo, ostensibly talking about stability in Iraq but also talking about Iran's nuclear policies, blah blah security blah aiding insurgents blah.


I can't speak for the reliability of The Star though it would be pretty dumb to make up a report about Cheney being in Egypt having cosy fireside chats with Mubarek, but there are other sources out there promulgating all kinds of crap concerning Bush's war in the middle east.

This report in globalresearch.ca is 5 months old and parts of it are laughable. Or they would be if we didn't know Bush better. The bit about lawyers representing Guantanamo prisoners was interesting given what fate we know has befallen Major Michael Mori. On the surface though, globalresearch just looks like yet another paranoid racist hatesheet spreading bilge through the internet like any other fundy left wing blot on the journalistic landscape. Check out their latest news headlines and you'll get the idea. Wonder why I haven't seen them before...

Anyway, if there hasn't been some sort of action in Iran by the end of June, I'll wipe the last remaining brownie points from the tally of my source. If it does happen, you heard it here first.

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Virginia Tech shooting game.


And now the media is all over this one as well. Not just in Australia where the guy who made it lives - Sydney - but I hear it's on the other side of the pond as well.

Kicking myself for not posting the link to this when I first saw it a couple of days ago. It's always nice to know about what the media is going to complain before they actually start complaining.

The author's comments were epic, though...

"I wouldn't have the balls to do this if I lived in America."


p.s. One of the sites where this game is being hosted has already been suspended. I have to confess, I do like the backing track and the game is not much different from any other game involving the shooting of... well... of anyone, actually.

And I said before, doing stuff like this IS how some people deal with it. Mock misery. Go to your local video shop, look in the sci-fi section and the STTNG series and get "Skin of Evil". Sadly, it's the episode in which Tasha Yar dies, but Troi's conversation with Armus is illuminating, if not entirely trite.


Isn't anyone perplexed as to why "paul" is okay with these convos being posted here?

Good grief! Why on earth wouldn't Paul be ok with it?

Swords, you're turning out to be creepier than Ergo and that's really saying something.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dear Princess Thicky,

Years ago, I used to watch The Young Ones (who didn't) and I saw the episode wherein Neil joined the police force and became in the English vernacular, The Filth. "Open up, it's the pigs..."

The Filth to which I made reference has nothing whatsoever to do with the Old Bill, sweetheart, and if you were more interested in the context of that conversation rather than on what spin you might put on any part of it, it wouldn't take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out I wasn't talking about the Old Bill, I was talking about people like Trevor and Atmo - you know, FILTH.

Also, there was once a website which contained essay and exam cheats but it was shut down because someone stole exam papers and posted them on the website. I don't have plans quite that ambitious, but I do have plans to post content that will help students get through their highschools' coursework because, frankly, my opinion of formal education practices is that they are worse than criminal and any enterprise which gives victims of that system an edge is a good thing.

Naturally, it must be kept away from the prying eyes of the establishments, but because I envisage young person activity going on around that particular area of the site, I foresee the advent of perverts - and I will do everything I possibly can to keep those perverts (The Filth) from getting access to those areas of the site.

Oli knew what I was talking about, strange that "intelligent adults" couldn't figure it out.

Oh, I know why... it's because you're all perverts and all you think about is sex. One of your filth scanned the conversation transcript for creepiness. Shows where that brainless turd gets its jollies, huh.

Henry read the whole thing and responded with "very entertaining" and "ROFL". Kudos to him, even if he did misunderstand what was going on. It must have been a supreme disappointment to the filth at Liars Team HQ that the conversation didn't contain any subtle hints or other instances of interaction you might find posted at Monticello forums. Strange to say, none of my conversations have anything that would remotely interest them.

Only you.

And you proceeded to turn an entertaining debate about the difference between learning and teaching into something sexual and seedy. I can't help it if your minds are in the gutter. It sorta becomes the norm when you associate with people who can't get their minds out of the gutter at all. In a nutshell, you are sad, boring, limited, predictable and pathetic.

And I did have to laugh with Oli when he happened to mention tonight that the once proudly uncensored paragon of freedom of speech on the internet, Liars Team HQ, is now MODERATED!

Cheri would be so proud of you all - if she could get her own mind out of the gutter that is.


This time, someone posts a slightly creepy conversation, and we point that out (and laugh at it). And apparently this means we're "pwned".

Um... pardon me for being obtuse, but the purpose of the original message was to get a response to the proposition that teaching is a waste of time, that learning is the important activity and teachers are not a prerequisite to learning. The purpose of the message wasn't to guage how creepy the conversation was.

You don't need me to pwn you, you do it perfectly adequately yourself. And I suggested to Oli that what you've done is exactly what would happen.

Toodle pip, idiots. See you at the NEXT set up.

Friday, May 11, 2007

Will it happen?

Disgruntled ex-burger flipper says:

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Moar raids

Just sitting patiently and waiting for things to happen and watching with mild amusement as they do.

On one hand, THEY who saged that bullshitting cow's blog a month or so ago are now saging the Strawberry Shortcake of internet communities.

The owner of the site, instead of just cleaning up the mess and banning the perpetrators had to go and fight the lawl. Now the whole /b/ army is on his case and they won't rest until they've brought the site crashing down.

These are the same people who have somewhat disrupted the normal day to day functioning of white supremacist internet radio thing, Hal Turner.

Turner Radio Main Site Back soon

I am doing some work on the name servers that handle my sites. Both my main site www.HalTurnerShow.com and www.TurnerRadioNetwork.com are presently unavailable but will be back within 24-48 hours.


Don't bet on it Hal baby. In a nutshell, if they wish it, your shit is history.


So too is Subeta. For the record, I didn't do anything to that Sierra woman before she spread her lies - which pissed me right off, btw, and I haven't touched Hal Turner's bits either. I also haven't done diddly to Subeta but I happen to enjoy watching it happen. I like watching the momentum build, the organisation take place, the zip files get swapped, thousands of passwords getting shared amongst enthusiastic supporters and the owners of those sites tearing their hair out trying to make it all stop.

The most enjoyable part is the bloke who owns the site, Trevor, is Trevor. The Trevors of this world just seem to be made of aids and fail. And who am I to stand in the way of sage and win?

And while I'm about, talking about things that are happening, have happened and may happen if I play my cards well enough, it just occured to me, after reading Eric Norlin's blog, that even though Web 2:0 (wtf is it anyway?) has only just been hushed up for being such a massive failure, Web 3:0 will be internet service provided by invitation only and will use a closed network of servers. The kids are already running their own servers, it won't be long before they work out how to build their own networks separate from those under the watchful eyes of Party Van drivers.

Web 3:0 or you're living in the past, people.