Thursday, May 24, 2007

Rupert catches up to the rest of us.

The commercial news networks seem finally to have cottoned on to what the rest of the internet has been discussing for at least the last two weeks and they've worked out how to present it to the audience of casual internet surfers.,23599,21783123-2,00.html

Meanwhile, those of us who practically live in this medium have seen the video of the rather brutal execution of 29 men, 27 of whom were apparently involved in the execution by stoning of the 17 year old girl, Du'a Khalil.

If the stoning were brutal, the massacre of those 29 men was inhuman. They were laid face down on the ground and shot repeatedly by angry young men weilding the almost trademark weapon of the middle east, the AK-47. An inefficient way of carrying out an execution to be sure, that's why it took them 4 attempts before the job was completed.

I know you're wondering if I'm going to give you a link. I'm not. This may not be a family blog and I'm never going to pretend to be some sort of saint, but a murder by an angry mob is one thing, cold blooded and clumsy murder in that fashion raises an age old spectre of racism that I'm not willing to spread around. The term "sub-human" comes to mind.

When people all around the world decide to focus on building, sharing and fostering instead of destroying, converting and killing, I think this sort of occurrence will become an embarrassing aspect of human history. It won't happen in my lifetime, but it has to happen sooner or later.

People build. It's what we do. Governments and governing bodies, whether they're secular or religious, destroy. That's what they do.

It's why I seldom vote.

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