Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Here we go again - Judges, wtf??

This landed in my inbox today...,23599,22946347-2,00.html

TWO men and three teenagers who sexually abused an 11-year-old boy at a remote Top End Aboriginal community should not be called rapists, according to a Supreme Court judge.

Ok, so the judge explains himself in a manner I reckon is just plain confused but further on in the story, there's this bit of utter stupidity...

"They have to prove not only that the victim didn't consent, but that the offender or offenders were aware that the victim was not consenting."

For fuck's sake, the kid was 11, he's not ABLE to give consent. Are you all fucking sunstruck up there or stupid or what? What the hell is the judiciary coming to? Are they all following last year's lead of UK judges who trotted out similar bullshit?

I just don't get it.

These people are supposed to be legal authorities.

The cops do their job and I have enormous respect for the work they do. Investigations are actually able to proceed despite the unbelievable amount of mire through which cops have to wade so how do the poor coppers feel when a year long investigation ends up with a bullshit result like that.

I've got 4 things on the go with cops at this moment. Every day brings new information, every day there's another kid telling me stuff they're embarrassed to tell the authorities. With a judiciary and legal system that trots out this kind of insanity, what the fuck am I supposed to tell those kids????

Tuesday, December 18, 2007

And the wheels on the bus...

This guy asks a "serious" question...

This guy is your perfect answer...

Just bring back the noose, there is no such thing as rehabilitation for those creeps because they refuse to accept there is anything wrong with themselves for a start AND they're campaigning for equal rights and protections so they're not subjected to the same prejudices and hate propaganda formerly suffered by gays, blacks and women and, they say, Jews.

Gimme a break!

Spend just one week doing what I've been doing all year and then come back with a pedophile apologist's line. One week. I fucking dare you.


Last week I was given an email address to communicate directly with a particular detective sergeant here in Melbourne.

Bonus points or what!

Met Rutger Hauer the other week too. What a great bloke! Really friendly and actually spent some time to talk, not just parrot some crappy show-biz lines or advertising schtik.

I also bullied a particular social networking site into removing a member who is known to put the hard word on kids for webcam sessions. The CEO of the site himself came to visit my blog and within minutes, the profile had been blocked.

There is, of course, other stuff going on as well, but the people involved in all of that don't need me crowing on about what a great bunch of people they are so I won't, except to say it's the best bush telegraph ever.

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Facing up

From last Monday's Register...

Mark Zuckerberg has been given a taste of his own medicine: his personal information is being plastered all over the web forever.
The Facebook boss has failed in a court bid to gag a magazine that published data including drunken extracts from his college diary and his social security number.

Federal judge Douglas Woodlock told the 23-year-old's lawyers on Friday that the independent Harvard alumni magazine 02138 had the right to release the documents, which were part of another court case.
02138's investigation centred on the dispute between Zuckerberg and the operators of ConnectU, another Harvard-founded social network. It's alleged that in the early days of Facebook, "the new Bill Gates" nicked ideas and source code from brothers Cameron and Tyler Winklevoss, who had asked him to work on their project.
Digging into that period, freelance reporter Luke O'Brien turned up a series of depositions and other documents on a visit to the courthouse, and the magazine ran them in support of his article. The piece is sympathetic to the Winklevoss twins and reports accusations by classmates that Zuckerberg had lied in front of them.
Facebook lawyers applied to have the documents taken down on Thursday, saying the court had ordered them to be sealed.
A spokeswoman told the Wall Street Journal: "One reason the court ordered certain documents' protection was to prevent exactly what has happened: misusing documents and taking documents out of context to sling mud."
Their failed application also attempted to force O'Brien to reveal how he obtained the files, since they had been locked up. He has maintained he was given them by a Federal Appeals Court clerk.
The judge denied all Facebook's claims. According to the New York Times, the clerk mistakenly handed over the files to O'Brien.
Zuckerberg and Co. will be hoping Friday's decision marks the end of a run of public embarrassments for Facebook. On Thursday, it was finally forced to bow to pressure over its creepy new ad system Beacon.
There could be more privacy-related defeats ahead, however. The UK's Information Commissioner is investigating Facebook's "Hotel California" policy on user data that means accounts can only be deactivated, never deleted.

For what I really want to say, well.. that's for my MySpace.

Monday, December 03, 2007

Good lawd!

There appears to still be one poor misguided idiot who thinks I have claimed to be anything more than a complete bastard.

Others, bless them, have credited me with being possessed of moral virtue, I never have.

Of course I can actually PROVE where others have said I'm a nice person, the liar leaving comments on my recent posts can't prove any of their claims. Not one. It's just the same old accusations based on distortions, false claims, misconceptions and half truths. But not one skerrick of evidence.

Of course, this being the internet, unfounded accusations are par for the course, however what is absolutely unforgivable is to comment on someone's blog with the most boring lot of repetitive, sanctimonious and pompous load of old bollox time after time and more and more longwinded each time...

Look at my code of conduct... now look at the very first item in my code of conduct.

Got it?

Post whatever, just don't bore the fuck out of me with repetitive drivel which showcases your penchant for adjectives over actual objectives.