Monday, December 11, 2006

Some nice emails...

From Trudi...

i loved ur pic of the sign, brilliant, i cacked my bags laughing, i have a sticker on my car that says this:
FUCK OFF I have enough friends,
i only put it there to piss people off, well an old lady in her 70s, come up to me the other day at the shops n said it was discusting, she gave me a lecture, i had to stop myself from laughing, and i felt like adding the same comment that was on that board, but i didnt, but she made me laugh all day, its funny, she didnt mind the sticker next to it that says: Back off - this bitch bites, but she hated the other, oh well somthing for her to tell her ladies group. Well drop me a line anytime for a chat,

My reply...

Yeah that's a classic alright.

If you poke your nose around my blog, you'll get a pretty good idea of what I think of vicious old people too. When I was a youngster, old people had manners and they knew how to behave themselves around young people. Now it just seems like they've all gone totally feral and think they can butt into everyone's lives as if their opinions actually matter and they have something important to say.

I tell you, society is going downhill fast and I shudder to think what old people will be like in 10 to 15 years.

Btw, your profile page is mad. People are having problems with mine so I think I may have to change it again. At least with jolly roger and the camel, I'm not getting "Me so horny, you so hot. Me love you long time" kind of messages. I love to report every one of those I get. :)

Makes ya wonder how many of those profiles are just fronts for congenitally angry 70 year olds.


Trudi's reply...

you have made my day, u crack me up laughin, i luv ur sense of humour, if u ask me the older that these now pretty old people are the bigger assholes they make of themselves, they dont like me, and hunt me down, I have tatoo's a no no in there eyes, and im outrageous, but not to much, why should i act like others my age, as Mr billy connelly would say to them" Fuck Off" and i agree, Im me, Im not ur average bear n i dont wanna be, anho artists all act the same, without us life wouls be dull indeed, like a night sky with no stars.
About this site, iv had a guy usin 2 profiles, he asked me for money, i gave him the flick and told him where 2 go, and iv been emailin his woman friends on his page to let them know, ha
but i cant belive the guy is still on the site with both his profiles, i reported him, but they dont really give a shit, i even had 1 lil african ask me to send him a mobile, i said Piss Off, but thought later i had an old nokia, i was gunna rip out the innerds n send the shell, he said he wanted a phone, he never said a workin one, Im naughty and Impish, and love it, well gotta go and measure the house, i have to put some wire around the back so bandit my pup cant get under the house, i actually like doin stuff like that, makes me feel good, im a very handy imp, a bit pathetic really, comes with bein alone for so long, men just cant handle me, and my artistic ways, my girlfriend rekons Im way too sexual, and it frightens men, as they like to have control all the time, how in the world can u b 2 sexual, oh well who cares what they say, well i do a bit actually is there a way i can tone down my personality?????
well gitta go, watch out for them camels, i had a mate who fell into one of em pissed, and it spit and actually pissed all over him, what a laugh, iv never forgoten that, i will leave u on that note
have a good one, whatever a good one is, and if u find the good one, please forward it this way, as iv only ever had a mediocer one, and a good one sounds good, Oh bugger now iv confused myself!!!
Trudi K

What can I say?