Wednesday, January 05, 2005

Bloggy Hell It's ChatRat

I've written one book and got the play finished. Now I have two books floating around in my head. One is the second volume of The Swamp, the name of which I'm tentatively (and tantalisingly dangerously) thinking will contain the name of one of the singularly most unimpressive retail establishments which has success in the market place conversely relative to the quality of its merchandise thanks to the stupidity of the mindless automaton victims of annoying marketing tactics who shop there. I'm talking about K-Mart.

Yes, I'm giving serious consideration to putting K-Mart in the title of the second collection of Swamp missives.

The title I have swimming around in that cerebral cesspool otherwise known as my head goes something along the lines of "The dreams of morons who shop at K-MART are just like the stuff they buy there: CRAP. So that from a distance, it looks like K-MART are CRAP.

Shit, I'm missing Voyager.

Piss off and do something constructive instead of wasting your synapses on the internet.