Friday, March 30, 2007

What a tangled web you weave...

... when you try to deceive.

As I predicted a couple of days ago, the world of bloggers is waking up to the realisation that much of what Kathy Sierra has endured, she has pretty much brought entirely upon herself.

Erstwhile respected bloggers have earned disdain, contempt or just disapproval for their immediate and ill-considered leaping to the aid of a damsel in distress.

Fools. That's all I have to say about that.

So, since Liz Tay produced the first actually balanced account of this barny, let's have a look around a few notables' blogs as the pendulum swings back in favour of truth, reason and objectivity and away from the paranoid and dishonest splatterings of the woman who started the whole thing...

These are all intelligent and creative people, who have acted badly. But they didn't deserve what they got.

The time to act is way before it escalates into the kind of post that Kathy Sierra posted.

From the beginning of this sorry affair, the default assumption by many people has been that Chris Locke or Alan were behind at least some of the viscious postings against Kathy Sierra and Maryam Scoble. Also from the beginning I’ve believed that these postings were not in the character of anybody I knew — but were in the character of trolls.

This is what happens in an unmoderated comments environment. Ghoulishness reared its ugly head and some commenter wrote what is being taken for a death threat. There was also some prurient photoshopping, not at all complimentary, and which could easily offend readers, and surely offend Kathy Siera. Frankly, I thought it was meant to offend, meant to be mean, and laughed out loud, knowing this was satiric, as well as in what many could consider to be very poor taste.

But let’s take a closer look at Kathy’s post than many who support her apparently have: I can’t remember when I have read, aside from ignorant political wingnuts, so many aspersions cast, acts implied and innuendo as in Kathy’s post.

As far as can be determined from the few facts she relates, the
attacks on Kathy were made anonymously. However, she has tried and convicted
Chris Locke, Jeneane Sessum, Allen Herrel, Frank Paynter and, to a lesser extent, Doc Searls without a shred of proof that they were involved.

It's not the first time bloggers have stopped because of verbal attacks: only recently Russell Davies, another marketing blogger, recently stopped blogging for a while because he found someone taking the piss out of him on another site.

Now it's true the link to Listics is to Frank Paynter's blog and Frank owned but Sierra herself has acknowledged his supportive attitude towards her after this all started so it can hardly be said to be biased against Sierra when she herself has acknowledged its author to have been supportive.

Dean Landsman was also involved with EGR Irregulars which devolved into factions within months of Chris's departure too - and though I was on both lists, I didn't keep up with exactly what happened on either.

But since I first saw this shitstorm brewing, my immediate reaction was that Kathy Sierra has created a mountain out of an anthill and brought all this stress and anxiety on herself. And I have already said that to even suggest it's because she's a woman is pure fabrication. Can Kathy Sierra spell the word FURPHY? But it's already been demonstrated that she's nothing but a bullshitting airhead anyway and all such bullshitting airheads putting themselves out as authorities or "gurus" (male or female) are - or rather were - fair game for meankids. Mystic Bourgeoisie is all about such inherently dodgy characters.

As Joey suggested in his account to Liz Tay, Sierra can't very well go and troll a website she knows is critical of her then complain about what she sees when she gets there. Furthermore, it is extremely disingenuous of Sierra to suddenly get nervous about threats appearing in such a website when she stated...
"I am going to not do anything for a little while. There are still some
scary things behind the scenes I am somewhat fearful about. I am not going to go anywhere publicly. Every time I speak at a conference I get a lot more nastiness."

WHOA!! A whole NEW aspect to the great Kathy Sierra bullshit bonanza!

"Christ! Blame Chris Locke before this gets WAY out of control! I'm a GURU, I can't make one claim in one forum then a contradictory one in another. Where's rule number 1? The Guru is always right? I don't make such silly mistakes, my expertise is altering reality, not developing personal competence to effectively deal with it. God, what do you people think I am? A WOMAN??"

She couldn't possibly be blaming meankids, unclebobism or anyone associated with either site for an increase in nastiness every time she speaks at a conference. Seems perfectly obvious to me that if conferences are the catalyst for increases in nastiness, she should think a bit more carefully about how she conducts herself in conferences. She pisses me off just with the crap in her blogs. If I paid money to hear a dodgy and crap speech, I might express a few antisocial desires - not that I would ever carry them out - which she might interpret as being part of the increase in nastiness.

Kathy, face it girl, you're just a shit speaker, a shit blogger and you should go back to that at which you have skill - java programming. You're not cut out to deal with the public.

There's a stone lying around somewhere just waiting for you to crawl back under it. *It's the one out from under which you crawled in the first place, not a headstone inviting your detractors to a communal piss.

**And now a word from your editor: if you wish to leave comments here now, you have to be registered with blogger. Trot along to, set yourself up with an account then log in. I gave warning days ago that I would be deleting the anonymous posts of the cowards - who are also liars - but they continued to post anonymously regardless. They also continued to display their ignorance of what was going on. Well, now if you want to spread bullshit on my blog, you won't be doing it anonymously.


It's a classic case of attacking the person rather than addressing the argument which is defined as Argumentum ad Hominem

An ad hominem argument, also known as argumentum ad hominem (Latin: "argument to the person", "argument against the man") consists of replying to an argument by attacking or appealing to the person making the argument, rather than by addressing the substance of the argument. It is most commonly used to refer specifically to the
ad hominem abusive, or argumentum ad personam, which consists of criticizing or personally attacking an argument's proponent in an attempt to discredit that argument.

Naturally, the attacks are dishonest but I know who's sending them so it's not in the least out of character for them.

On the other hand, I AM under attack and this has never happened to me on my blog before. I am scared. Terrified.

I'm shitting bricks.

I'm going to barricade my doors and windows, cancel all my contracts, rent daleks to exterminate anyone coming within 300 miles of me, my family, my dead dog or the remote control to my tv.

These attacks are vulgar, crass and obviously intended to cause me harm and severe psychological trauma. I shall probably ben in therapy and taking strong tranquilisers for the rest my life. Naturally I've called the police, the armed forces, Interpol and Dr Who .

My legion of supporters ranging from mindless sychophants and infantile drug-addled homosexuals to the absurdly ostentatiously self-aggrandising ego freaks will email every man and his dog about this outrage before thrusting themselves bodily in front of locomotives as a show of support for me in this hitherto unparalleled travesty of justice.

If anyone with any shred of human decency is reading this and feels a pang of compassion or some other irrationality inspired feeling to earn my personal gratitude and thereby demonstrate in a practical and very real way the point I have been making for 6 years which is "You love me - even if you don't mean it" and by supporting this position you can validate your irrationality in page after page of Hallmark moments - if there are any among you who fit this description and I know there are because the voices tell me so - then let my voice tell you that my only means of getting through this crisis with my LIFE is going to be through the support my devoted prat army showing in their typical generous and selflessly devoted way that they know how to use Paypal and will be determined to do so to the point of negating these TERRIFYING PERSONAL ATTACKS against me.

Do it today. Do it now. Because I'm worth saving.

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

And now the balance begins to shift...

After a bit of email correspondence with Liz Tay, the Australian journo to whom I made reference yesterday, the following report on this hitherto completely one sided avalanche of journalistic spew was published at;991886266;pp;1


The words 'death threat' appear in inverted commas!

The term 'blogger spat' is used for the first time!

It took an Australian journalist to dig for the information on this story to find out a few facts rather than just lap up the oatmeal delivered by Kathy Sierra which is nothing but a distortion of the truth, bordering on libel against an author and fellow blogger who does his research more thoroughly and assiduously than Kathy Sierra could ever be bothered to do.

Liz Tay has shown up every other journalist who has covered this hype for the lazy craven plagiarists they are. They read Sierra's blog, they got the contents of the email Chris Locke sent to Liz Tay in response to her request for comments and that's the extent of their "research".

I looked through half a dozen reports of theirs and scarcely found any difference between them. They all appeared to have ripped off the report which appeared on the BBC's technology news yesterday.

Ms Sierra described on her blog how she had been subject to a campaign of threats, including a post that featured a picture of her next to a noose.

The police are investigating while the blogosphere has launched its own enquiry.
Speaking of anonymous, there isn't a by-line on that report. I take particular exception to this because they've reported one fact: Sierra described on her blog how she had been subject to a campaign of threats... then followed it up with what has not been verified as fact at all - namely that the police are investigating.

I happen to have it on good authority from two rather reliable sources that the police are not, in fact, investigating. The truth will come out.

From the same report at the BBC...

Ms Sierra, author of popular blog Creating Passionate Users, began receiving death threats four weeks ago.

Since going public on the issue, she has been overwhelmed by the support she has received.

"I agonised about making this post but I hoped it would start a dialogue," she told the BBC News website.

Began receiving death threats four weeks ago? Not from meankids she didn't and not from unclebobism either. I know, I was there.

On the other hand, have a look at some of the things Ms Sierra has been saying over the last few weeks...

— “Our apps. have Asperger’s,” Sierra said. Asperger’s is a disorder on the autism spectrum. “Aspies” are often intelligent but rigid and have trouble with emotional interactions.

Class, Kathy. All class. But somehow oddly ironic too. I wonder how tempted you were to say "Niggers" are often intelligent but have trouble understanding the white person's ways.

(And just for the record, my top three hates are child abusers, bigots and bullshit artists in that order.)

While blogging feuds are common, she believes the campaign against her is more likely to be because she is a woman in the male-dominated technology world.

And we have a winner! This comment which has probably done more damage to all women than anything that appeared in either meankids or unclebobism has been played to death by just about every hack who's picked it up. Where the BBC gave the feminist angle slightly more than a third of the whole report - the journalist who did the research quoted two sources and focused on the main issue, which was the only fact available - barely even gave the feminist angle any credence at all - and rightly so. And Liz Tay might actually be *gasp* a woman!

More than that, Liz Tay's views on (particularly) the I.T. workplace aren't what could accurately be described as being in sync with the ideals Chris Locke put forth when co-writing the Cluetrain Manifesto.

No, Kathy, this isn't any sort of anti-female thing at all. Moreover, if anyone reading this is familiar with the writings of Chris Locke, it is patently obvious that women aren't the focus of his latest efforts, it's loudmouthing halfwits throughout history who spout complete nonsense and pass it off as something akin to gospel - including misogynists. Guess who didn't bother to do any research. I'm tempted to put up the C.V.s of both just to show up Kathy Sierra for the parvenu she really is, but it's late, I'm tired and I still have more to do before a long day tomorrow.

Perhaps it was being outed as a feminazi that pissed her right off. Again, props to Joey for the stirling effort of wading through Sierra's interminable swill to get to the bottom of what's really on Sierra's mind.

Sorry about the quality of that link, but it's the best I can do under the circumstances.

Now, perhaps Joey was being a tad scathing of Sierra - reading one page of her blog will do that to a person with more smarts than a garden snail - but you can see the context, if not the picture, of the comment about the noose...

The only thing Kathy has to offer me is that noose in her own neck size
For those too lazy to make clickage, here it is in full context...

Do any of you twits hang out in chat rooms (non-twitter;) anyplace? I need to kick back and talk to actually (sic) enjoyable people instead of the twerps I was with today. Don’t ask: basically, it ended up that they wanted …. M O N E Y trying to sell, you guessed it: H A P P I N E S S.

Why didn’t they get it the first time when I said “retired”? That usually is followed by “fixed income”.

…And then my baggy pants fell down at the meat market.

The only thing Kathy has to offer me is that noose in her own neck size

It was a reference to Sierra's harping and carping blog entry of of week 11 of 2007. Read the whole thing here if you're brave or stupid.

Threat? I don't think so.

Taken out of context by Kathy and turned into a massive lie? Absolutely.

I'm not sure yet if I find the BBC's latest output amusing or just plain tragic. It's an abject lesson in making something out of nothing. Again, there is no by-line.

I don't hide behind anonymity and since I started doing this sort of thing in 2001, I have never hidden behind anonymity. If I'm going to call someone a cunt, they're going to know it's me that's doing it.

The truth WILL come out - Kathy Sierra is a lying moron.

I can't stand it any more.

The owner of the website in question has put out the TRUTH about poor poor Kathy Lying-my-arse-off-like-motherfucker Sierra.

And I know it's the truth because I was fucking well there.

All you poxy sycophantic "Poor Kathy trolls" have NO FUCKING IDEA.

Get a clue you dickless wonders and braindead bimbos.

So liars win out yet again.

To all you newshounds out there who have jumped on Kathy Sierra's coattails, fuck the lot of you.

You are all collectively a shining example of exactly how journalism should not be. You have gone right on ahead and blathered your way through half a story that isn't even a story.

The one sided reporting, the bias, the misrepresentation of events.... all of it so pathetically typical of cheap tabloid journalism.

Someone should line the lot of you up and drop spirochetes down your underpants to minimise the likelihood of you polluting the world any further with progeny predetermined to perpetuate the flood of lies and distortions your creed spews into the world on a daily basis.



You lot sniffed out a "story" and ran with it like pigs to the trough of sensationalist scare mongering.

You fell for a lie without even checking ANYTHING.

How many of you bothered to find out what was behind Huh? How many of you bothered to find out about Unclebobism? I know one did - let's see if she can show the rest of you up for the dishonest curs you all are.

That demented wench bleated about IP addresses she got, probably from the email header, not even bothering to think about whether or not the email might have been posted from an unidentifiable source, through a proxy, at an internet cafe...

Oh, but she's a blog superhero, so she must know what she's talking about.

L Ron Hubbard ring any bells? Smith and Rutherford perhaps? Helen Demidenko? How many more crap artists could I name before you stupid prats in the media get it through your damnably thick skulls that nothing beats research for a good story and the sooner this Sierra troll is highlighted for the lying cow that she is, the stupider she - and all of you - are going to look.

It's Wednesday morning in Australia. By Friday, you'll be blaming her for this outburst but what wreckage will you all leave in your collective wake? This stupid beat up is your creation because you've fallen for a beautiful ploy of a consummate liar.

Since you're all such a pack of gullible suckers, come over here and suck my motherfucking dick.

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

In response to Kathy Sierra.

Having been a party to all that went on at both Meankids and Unclebobism, and observing the fallout therefrom, one thing is as clear as crystal to me:

You are going to use the publicity of being an innocent victim of a hate crime to sell more books and dishonestly and unfairly besmirch a literary rival.

I have to hand it to you, Kathy, you know an opportunity when you see one. It's just a shame you have to resort to lies because you've seen an opportunity to get rich quickly.

I would take this opportunity to remind you about how those who rise quickly on nothing but hot air fall well below their point of origin, but I think you might consider that as my threatening to rob you after the checks start rolling in.

Well, I live in Australia and I wouldn't waste one cent on you, your books or trying to bring you undone. I am, however, going to enjoy watching yet another flash-in-the-pan fade into nothingness just like Helen Darville.

You might also care to write to Liz Tay and remind her that Mediawatch has eyes in every newspaper and mine are on her and I have an active account with the ABC.

You should also take up writing for The Watchtower. That's about how honest and objective your work is, Kathy. It gives me a headache which worsens with every line I read.

NOT Anonymous - Paul Ritchie,

Posted by: Paul Ritchie | Mar 27, 2007 4:59:05 AM

She should apply to the liars team for the position of Biggest Liar.

I have received a response from one of Kathy's readers...

TO: Paul Ritchie
RE: You Were There?

"Having been a party to all that went on at both Meankids and Unclebobism, and observing the fallout therefrom..." -- Paul Ritchie

Was that image there?

Who posted it?

How long was it there before the person who operates/sysops the UncleBobisms blog removed it? If they removed it?

Did the sysop make comment on it?

Did the sysop have a disclaimer?

What were the sysop's terms of service?

Enquiring minds want to know?


[Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance. -- George Bernard Shaw]

P.S. What's your beef with WatchTower?

Posted by: Chuck Pelto | Mar 27, 2007 5:21:32 AM

Chuck, in the words of a Meankid as was: Fuck off. You're too stupid to be on the internet.


I troll around quite a few blogs and by and large, I treat the content as being the opinion and sentiment of the author and that's just fine and dandy.

If the author uses their blog to make money, more power to them.

When they blog and pretend to be an authority on blogging - I tend to gag a bit. Kathy Sierra makes me gag a lot. Her vision is narrower than that of a keyhole peeper with cataracts.

She is just another L Ron Hubbard of the blogosphere - full of bloated nonsense - which she passes off as being something akin to the elixir of life.

What offends me is that she makes money selling books that are essentially worthless to gullible and vulnerable members of the public.

Yes, this sort of thing happens a lot in blogland and most of us just shrug it off with "some you win, some you lose" and we move on.

Kathy Sierra has not only lied her lily white butt off and besmirched a superior author who references everything he writes, but she's used technorati as her mouthpiece and will doubtless increase her profit from cancelling her gig by a factor of 10.

She's just offended that not everyone takes her word as gospel and actually had the means and the temerity to say so.

I couldn't give a tinker's cuss about Kathy Sierra or any of her ilk. I feel sorry for everyone who spends their hard-earned on any of her pathetic books. She's shallow, she's a liar, they are her victims.

NOT hiding behind anonymity,
Paul Ritchie

And to some journo from Computerworld Australia...

Dear Liz,

I was a party to all that was going on at both and Unclebobism on Wordpress.

Though I didn't post the material which so offended Kathy Sierra, I did find it funny but considered it at that stage to be more of an inside joke since Unclebobism had only been live for 3 days and had less than a dozen members, myself being one of them.

I also weighed in on the Henry Ford debate at Tara Hunt's and in both cases, what this boils down to, firstly in Tara Hunt's case, she had given half a story on Ford which Chris Locke augmented in pure objective and academic style, for which reason I still can't understand she deemed contrary to her purpose. When asked for the basis upon which she made her assertions, Ms Hunt went silent and would not even address the questions.

I haven't taken the opportunity yet to weigh in on the Kathy Sierra story, but having been a party to what was going on at Meankids and Unclebobism, I can not only state unequivocally that Kathy Sierra is lying, but over the next couple of months will undertake to define her lies and general dishonesty. An off-colour joke is not a threat, inducement or encouragement to murder as she states. She is a slick marketer, but so are Jehovah's Witnesses.

I am hopeful your story will focus more on the nature of blogging spats rather than a character study of one party or the other. We weren't angels at Unclebobism, but nor did we pretend we were ever going to be. Kathy Sierra, on the other hand, claims to be some sort of blog afficionado yet she has amazingly publicly cancelled a speaking gig over something that appeared in a 3 day old communal blog on Wordpress?

She's also an author. I suspect this will make it to television in the U.S., get picked up by the networks and blown right out of all proportion and she will, in one fell swoop, have besmirched a literary rival and gained a huge amount of free publicity and her books will rocket off the shelves making her an instant millionairess and all on the wave generated by her own dishonesty which will come to light in due course.

I trust you - being Australian - will see through it.

I shall look forward to reading the next edition of Computerworld Australia.

Yours sincerely,
Paul Ritchie
Melbourne, Vic. Au.

Monday, March 26, 2007

Wow! Capybaras are rawrsome.

We LOVE to hear from you, and we think of this blog as a big dinner party. Y'all are our invited guests, but if you're being rude and obnoxious we'll let the bouncer toss you. So please, stick to debating and criticizing ideas rather than personal attacks. Also, if you don't see your comment right away, it means we've turned on moderation to fight the evil spammers. It'll show up soon.


but it didn't stick, so....

Oh, and if you're going to leave messages anonymously, they're going to be deleted. We don't like cowards at the Ratblog.

Flora May has a big fat cunt and needs massive cockheads to fill it. So leave your names and I'll pass them on.

Mad props to Joey!


Saturday, March 24, 2007


Of course I'm up to no good again.

But you'll just have to wait and see how it pans out.

Thursday, March 22, 2007

Case for and against..


It's quicker.
It's always connected.
No dial up costs.
I can get things done faster.
I can do more stuff.
The kids get shitty when they can't send me stuff or get stuff from me without it taking forever.


Costs more.
Very real risk of getting bored out of my head much quicker.
Either use way too much or hardly any at all.
That fucking phone will ring when I'm on the net.

The irritations of having broadband are still outweighing the benefits and the kids are going to get shitty with me anyway because I rarely do anything they want me to do and having broadband deprives me of excuses for not doing it.

The one thing that does worry me is missing Uncle Bob's boat for not being able to keep pace with its rapid expansion.

Meh, we'll wait another 6 weeks and see how we feel about it then.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Some people are just born to whinge

I can't tell if this person is joking or not, even if the rant itself was fairly funny. The new home of is a day old, it's owner is still finding his feet with the new servers, still fumbling around with how all the bits and pieces work etc...

And already there's a complaint about the background colour?

I don't know this person well enough to start casting aspersions but these things don't just happen overnight and the last thing anyone needs is people complaining about the bloody site. If you have something to post, post it. If not, at least wait until it's a finished product before tearing strips of it and its creator.

There are only 7 of us as members so far, my god I'm so exulted!

Out of 5,000+ people who would give their eye teeth to get what I got, I'm one of only 7 people with a name on the list.

Touch me and burn your finger coz I'm just that hot.


Monday, March 19, 2007

The Boy moves again.

I dropped into Meankids tonight only to find it's gone.

I emailed its creator for an explanation and his response was: "Short answer, it's gone."

I figured that much.

The new site is being created and the friends list has to start from scratch again. I can't believe people were unhappy with the last site.

What I did notice was the number of people who'd received official notification of the new site. There were only about a dozen people and I was one of them... Sssssssssstoked or what!

I mean, this is a guy with 5,000+ people on his mailing list and I'm one of the chosen few, the dirty dozen he picks to advise of the new website.

Spoke to a parent of one of the younger kids tonight. Sarah's a laugh. She got to know me for about two months before she dragged her eldest to the computer to have a conversation. I dropped a comment on his myspace last week which he discovered within 20 minutes and he got me on messenger to rap what I'd said.

I complimented him on his new layout with "Phwoar! You dun it sik bruz. Props."
He responded with much mirth. Then he told me to fix my own up with some music but me being a total dunce when it comes to that sort of thing, he had to walk me through it. I didn't get the song I wanted but I got a good one nevertheless.

Tonight, Sarah and I swapped music again like we did last year, we laughed hard about what's been going on for the last few weeks with the Liars Team and swapped more anecdotes of previous encounters and stories about fish.

There was a time when after hitting one of my triggers that I wasn't on messenger for a few months but we straightened that out like mature people do. Now when there's time, we're on the phone for hours, laughing our arses off at god only knows what.

Tonight though, swapping music with one of the few women on this planet who actually has a handle on the way my mind works... I felt deeply moved. She let me share my music with her and she liked what I sent. She used to hate my music. She'd send hers and I hated some of it, then we got around to some sort of common ground and she sends me songs I like - which is all well and good... but the icing on the cake is having Sarah give me the opportunity to share with her something that I love too.

Must say, when I got her into a conversation with Will and Anton and they gave her a hard time, that was bloody funny. Tonight I told her about Shao and Will getting into a conversation...

I'll just map this out properly because it was fucking hysterical when it happened...

Shao is 16 and lives in England, Anton is 18 and lives in Canada and Will is 19 I think and lives near Anton. All three are brilliant. Will is so laid back it's a wonder he isn't dead. But he's so au fait with internet tricks and schemes and Shao is flexing his knuckles at the expense of the Liars Team. Shao and Will just had to meet. I arranged it... lol

So for a while they exchanged ideas about causing mischief and Will imparted some good info and was amazingly patient because Shao asked obvious questions. I sat watching it all with interest because I was learning from both of them. In the middle of the conversation, the question was popped: "Do you like Michael Jackson?" I almost fell on the floor laughing.

I'd seen that before and it was like watching an episode of Q7 - knowing what's going to happen next but still finding it funny not because of the surprise, but because it's genuinely hilarious.

So when I ran that past Sarah tonight, reliving the moment, because she's spoken to all three of them, she shared my enjoyment of the moment. I don't even have the words to express how much that meant to me. Sarah likes the music I sent, she knows all about the kids I talk to and she shares the same feelings for them as I have - and her own son is sharp as a whip as well.

And that shark... what a brilliant fish to catch. And to have held it for a moment or two before putting that beautiful creature back into the sea and watch it swim away... you couldn't pay for that sort of feeling.

And now I'm listening to Bon Jovi on repeat and enjoying the fact that my friends - my real friends - people worth having as friends are those who share their time, their skills, their knowledge and their thoughts with me and allow me to share mine with them. Friends who don't just say the word "vagina" and think they're clever and funny when in reality they're staggeringly tragic.

My friends are the best.

Sunday, March 18, 2007

Went fishing this morning...

This is the Port Jackson shark I caught this morning. Only a little fella but how gorgeous are those markings and fins!

Anyway, that's a pic of me about to put my shark back into the bay. I caught a couple of flathead as well but one wasn't much bigger than a fingernail so it also went back into the sea.

Thank goodness for the mobile phone! Who'd've believed me if I said I caught a shark in Port Phillip Bay!

Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plague takes up the reins...

I do so enjoy trailing the Liars Team around by the nose...

The argument he's trying to make now is that because Wes either mistakenly or for effect used the plural, then everything that follows is a lie. That's just stupid and disingenuous.

Actually plaque, any statement proceeding from an inaccurate premise is an untruth and when the premise is deliberately misleading, the statement is a lie. Let's not get all semantic about it, it's just a lie. But Corel's good at that sort of thing, you may have noticed. You're certainly following her example.

There's a whole catalogue celebrating the enormity of all your bullshit too, plaque.

Here's one example for you...

It would be akin to the gedanken experiment where let's say he hangs out with five 16 year olds. In this scenario, someone refers to it being a half of a dozen, which sends Rat into a frenzy of denial and calling the person a liar.

He's doing exactly that in this case, attempting to dismiss an underlying contention due to what is in essence a slight error in math.

It wasn't a slight error in math, Mr Liar Plague, it was an outright lie. It was a deliberate attempt to mislead as are all of your own when you sprinkle your assertions with unfounded assumptions, language intended to cause an emotional rather than a rational reaction, exaggeration, misdirection... the list just goes on and on - as do the Liars Team.

Now that we've gotten the semantics out of the way, we can address the fundamental problem with this scenario.

False Dilemma
The arguer presents a limited number of choices or options, while in reality there are more options than those presented. A variation on this fallacy is "Bifurcation" or the "Black and White" fallacy where only two options are considered while other alternatives exist.

And let's get on with the limited number of choices to show you up for the liar you are, plaque.

At best, it indicates an emotionally retarded man who seeks out teens due to some inability to interact with more age-appropriate people. Taking even this most generous of interpretations, it indicates a serious flaw in character that should be addressed rather than indulged.

Actually, when all the evidence is presented, it doesn't indicate any such thing at all. By your reasoning, all teachers, coaches, extended family members - in fact everyone who isn't a parent or sibling of a child - is creepy and wrong for not immediately spurning every young person who comes within visual range.

I used to coach junior sport. In six years and two different sports, my teams won five premierships and were runners up twice. Helping kids achieve their own goals is a buzz. It's a buzz you'll never know. Ask Corel how absurdly disproportionately thrilling it is when Lumpy the Wonderbrat does something new like reading a street sign or differentiate between a bag of rice and a bag of spaghetti. That's the payoff, plaque. Your idea of a thrill is to chalk up self proclaimed victories in an internet argument against a person you don't know for the edification of people you don't even like!

What a pointless existence you have.

Almost as pointless as the continued existence of the Bint offspring. I mean, that waste of resources is going to be dependent for the rest of his life, draining the finances of the community at large, the product of the defective genes handed down by its genetically questionable maternal unit. Special schools, sheltered workshops, nursing home by the time it's 40... yep, nothing but a charity case there. God help us all if that blighted creature is ever permitted to grant its parents any grandchildren.

Of course, if I had a say in it, he could be employed as a moving target in a paintball arena. Tom the Splot...



The Bintage_Liar tells the truth (for once in her pointless life)

the sick thing about this place is.. we see the heading.. we know it's going to be vile as all manner of fuck.But we can't not look.That says something about the membership here. It really really does.

One could almost feel sorry for them for persisting in this notion I'm preying on teenagers for any sort of sordid reason they imagine. After all, by their own admission, they are sick and vile and can't help themselves.

Friday, March 16, 2007

When English isn't English...

Actually, that could at worst be labeled an exaggeration, claiming multiple 16 year olds instead of just the one. A lie of omission would be if Wes were leaving out an innocent and/or legitimate reason he was hanging out with teenagers (and some number of 20 year olds). Except there isn't one to leave out. He's solicited them to perform at least one admitted crime

Can anyone else see the contradictions here?

Claiming multiple 16 year olds instead of just one is an exaggeration - but they're apparently ok. Exaggerations aren't used as tools for manipulation and deception. (I'm not quite sure for what they're used APART from manipulation and deception, but it's definitely not a lie. Well, not much of one. lol.)

A lie of omission would be leaving out any factors which might indicate possibilities contrary to the bullshit the author was trying to concoct. For example, Matt is not only a graffiti vandal, but in one such gathering at the station, it was discussed what sort of art he liked - legitimate art - and to what purposes besides vandalism such skills could be put. The very real possibility of exhibiting canvases at various free community galleries was just such an option.

Tom's carpentry apprenticeship is discussed, overcoming Ahmed's antipathy to reading is discussed... and so on it goes, along with bands, pubs, mates etc. I guess because the conversation generally centres on what's important and relevant to them and they value my opinions insofar as such are pertinent to their interests is why they enjoy sitting around at the station talking to me.

Suggesting my only reason for being there is to get them to do crime - or for any other reason - is just more bullshit.

But you already knew that.

The only reason you have for making bullshit suggestions about me and the people with whom I converse is the fact you fear me and I annoy you. And that's the whole truth.

Fallacy of Exclusion - or lie by omission...
Important evidence which would undermine an inductive argument is excluded
from consideration. The requirement that all relevant information be included is
called the "principle of total evidence".

Jones is Albertan, and most Albertans vote Tory, so Jones will probably vote Tory. (The information left out is that Jones lives in Edmonton, and that most people in Edmonton vote Liberal or N.D.P.)

The Leafs will probably win this game because they've won nine out of their last ten. (Eight of the Leafs' wins came over last place teams, and today they are playing the first place team.)

Give the missing evidence and show that it changes the outcome of the inductive argument. Note that it is not sufficient simply to show that not all of the evidence was included; it must be shown that the missing evidence will change the conclusion.

And this one's just because it was too obvious to ignore...

"I desperately want to see that video, zippy. It sounds like it would replace all comedy DVDs that I own."

Jen dear, get Bint to send you vids of her kid's parties with his little tard mates. Watch what happens when the adult takes the corkscrew off the one with glasses - that's fuckin hilarious.

Oh shit! That's Bint's throwback! Oops.

Thursday, March 15, 2007

And the gold medal for the victory in the biggest internet war in his own mind goes to....

Der Plaque.


I skimmed Rat's blog entry. Meh, same old same old. Lots of past tense about how he showed people lied but can't point to anything. The usual smoke and mirrors.
Or even define it by any objective standard - such as Lying by Omission and pointing out perfect examples of same.

But I suppose what could anyone expect from a man who spends 8 months sending emails to MSN about pictures of humping turtles and screaming "It's obscene! It's obscene!" who now spends his time in a group which happily discusses incest, laughs at a photograph of bestiality and who so loves his new companions, he's desperately hoping nobody will be reminded of the emails he sent...

As an aside, I see you've made another brilliant managerial decision, in making ConfusedMonkey an Assistant Manager. You realize, of course, that she is an ally of Ardra, and actively defended her actions? Thus, you are ensuring a repeat of this incident, and probably a lifting of the ban supposedly on " 'Ardra ". I say supposedly, as members can not see the ban list, thus as far as I know the nick's absence from the list is just the result of a kick. Not that it matters, of course, since I fully expected you to lift the supposed ban at a convenient time, and it was hardly a just solution in any case.

... and who also comes out with such startlingly lucid and cogent statements as this...

Once the goal was reached, it was over as far as I was concerned, but
apparently you want to keep fighting that battle. Get it through your skull, I won.

You won an argument? On the internet? Shit I bet you feel like Batman now huh plaque? Zap! Pow! Bam! and all that?

U da man!

And Carol's yo bitch.

You didn't write in 5-6 blogs about your feud.
Neither did I. Not that I want to point out who's lying AGAIN, plaque, but see if you can get Carol to point out 5 blogs where I've written about this.

You didn't set up a mirror community like Cheriville
Yeah, and you didn't do it with the enthusiastic help of ConfusedMongy, Bintage_Liar or Woeful Henry to boot. So there. But Carol, I hate ever so much to burst your bubble, but plaque did, in fact, set up a mirror community. I'd forgotten about it so thanks for reminding me. It's called Temple of Ardra. Ask him all about it.

You didn't send in teenagers to flood and spam the place.

Neither did I. They saw what they saw and did what they did. I just heartily enjoyed their efforts and duly congratulated them. Truth be told, though not by you, I still think it's hilarious and enthuse with them on their efforts quite regularly.

You wanted to join to reiterate your points - you didn't ruin another
community with your whining.

No, he just tried to destroy the one community - get it shut down - and failed to do even that. What was he saying about victory again?

You had Tart's phone number, but didn't attempt to blackmail her with it.

What would his reason have been? Delete all of Ardra's posts - because I want my pound of flesh? lol... yeah, that'd look real good on an arraignment.

You had Monkey's contact information, and informed her on how to keep it private...instead of blackmailing her with it.

Yeah, and I was protecting my friends from the likes of plaque and Ergo. You do see what Ergo has done, don't you. Well, ball's in motion for that creepy bastard now, and there ain't a damn thing I can do to stop it either.

You see 16 and 17 yr olds everyday...but have no desire to be their best friend.

Feeling's probably entirely mutual.

While the blog entries dedicated to myself are fantastic - let's face it, I
have obviously dominated his waking thoughts for the last few days -

Whereas I, on the other hand, have dominated the waking thoughts of the entire Liars Team for months. I'm the most talked about subject you've had since that board sprouted.


Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Degenerating into routine

Repeat the lie often enough and it will eventually be taken as truth...

Odd how when I point out the lies of the Liars Team, I point out the lies as well.

Despite Carol's claims I can do no such thing, I can do it every time. (But we'll just ignore that.)
Despite Bint's claims she "never made that phone call" she backed me up by saying "you just misunderstood the nature of the friendship." (But we'll just ignore that.)
Despite Twevor using a page from my first ever website as "Exhibit 1", the source of that particular bit of writing was studiously ignored. (But we'll just ignore that too.)
Plague didn't spam or flood. No, plague scrolled - huge difference. He only did it across three threads too before ConfusedMongy grabbed me in Messenger to alert me to what was going on. (But we'll just ignore that as well.)

No, the only lies which serve our purposes are those for which we can use innuendo to appeal to natural fear and ignorance. We don't have proof, so we'll just make it look bad.

We won't try to establish any facts - that after 12 months, 18 months, 5 years, 6 years even - not one of the young people I've ever met on the internet has ever even accused me of anything remotely suspicious. Not one accusation. Facts just get in the way of a good smear campaign.

Never have I said to any of them "don't tell...." and never have I discouraged any of them from contacting one another. Never have I tried to hide from them any of the bullshit that's flying around about me. NOT ONCE. How do you think they found your hovel? I blogged it, they followed their clicky things. They talk to each other without my knowledge too. Fancy that!! I'm introducing young people from one part of the world to - gosh darn it - other young people in other parts of the world.

Oh my god I'm so evil.

And not once - NOT ONCE - has any member of the Liars Team even bothered to TRY to find out the truth behind my conversations with teenagers. Just sit back, point the finger, accuse and malign. Even when you had three teenagers right there.... what did Carol do? She lied by omission in an attempt to further discredit me. What a mom!

The most hypocritical aspect of all though is that you've all known about it for years, but it's only since Ardra pulled her stunt and sent plague over the edge of insanity that any of you have started paying any attention to it. Yep, hypocrites. Lying, cowardly hypocrites.

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Carol - when will you stop lying?

Oh Carol Carol Carol...

When will you stop trying so desperately to deceive.

Ooh, I just read the latest blog entry. Lol.

I've never called you a pedophile, Chat. I know why you prefer the company of teenagers, and it's not for what you claim.

Your bullshit over getting those kids to break and enter is disgusting, and sorry but your story doesn't add up. Either you were grossly exaggerating in your first account of it, or you're now lying to save face - which is it? Don't worry about writing a 6 paragraph self-indulgent answer....I already know. Let's look at the exact phrasing you used at the time:

I recruited Tom and Ahmed one night a couple of months ago to engage in a spot of judicious burglary and theft which they did with admirable professionalism. They stole everything I said they could steal and didn't touch anything else. They also made a very tidy profit out of it. And no, it wasn't any sort of insurance or any other kind of scam either. It was a sitting duck waiting to be knocked off by someone and I just made sure we were first. Hey, I never said I was an angel. I can be bad to the bone when the mood suits me.

Quite a far cry from the claims you're making now. For the amused audience reading this, I'd also like to clarify one little fact which adds to the impression of these events:

Tom was 17. Ahmed was only 16. That's right - Chat is meeting 16 yr olds at stations and enlisting them to steal for him.
My claims, Carol darling, were made in my original blog entry back in August of last year.

But I wrote all that in my original blog entry. This little fishing trip of yours is just another pristine example of lying by both OMISSION and COMMISSION.

You don't have all the details of the original blog entry and you're not going to get them. Bintage_Liar and ConfusedMongy have seen to that.

More to the point, and taking things way way way out of context - AGAIN - the above quote comes from the Ratblog entry of November 20...

Tom is 17, his constant sidekick, Ahmed, is 16. The others range in ages from 17 to 20 and I enjoy being around all of them singularly or in the group. We just all get along so well and it's always just so relaxed, easy and comfortable - sitting under the trees at the station.

I'll just note here that all these kids are well known to the local constabulary for all the wrong reasons. So they're not what the deadhearts would call "nice kids". They're not "nice", they're fairly wild, tough and wilful - and they look it - and I adore them.

So Rat, was meeting up with 17 - 20 year olds and one 16 year old if he was there and often he wasn't, which is a far cry from your bit of bullshit about meeting up with 16 year olds - plural.

Face it you lying old cow, your filthy mind is filling in the blanks and you're making what should be fairly amusing tableaux into the sordid degrading product of your own filthy conjuring.

Ergo is probably keeping Kleenex distributors afloat literally all by himself.

I'm sure you can still get into the Promethean's Clubhouse. Re-read the "In a glass darkly" thread - it's very enlightening about the mindset of Ergo. It's 3 years old and nothing at all has changed. Fancy that.

And so nice to see you all reading, re-reading and scouring the entire internet for evidence of my writing. Do more of it. It'll keep you out of porn sites. (Though with the collective present mindset of the Liars Team, even a housebrick would have sexual connotations for all of you.)

We have a new game!

It's called tag-team flame wars...

Carol has sunk to the corner, she's out. No answer whatsoever to my rapier-like observation of her lies by omission.

She'll deny it, of course. If she didn't, she'd hardly qualify as a bonafide member of the Liars Team. But she's gone - dead and buried. Oh well, maybe now she'll spend more time with her kid than she will on the net. Somehow I doubt it though. That kid's growin' up an orphan.

I mentioned in my last post that the best thing about talking to the kids is that they teach me new tricks. It's a simple concept. They banter on in their usual fashion and they're bound to say something completely new to me and when I ask what they're talking about - unlike some people I could mention - instead of going off about how out of the loop I am, they actually show me how to do the things they're doing.

Cool huh?

Another really cool thing is when they ask questions of me, it's usually about stuff that's well within my abilities to answer. Tonight, for example, we were discussing the bicameral parliamentary system, geography, history and religion.
Smart kids.

What did you discuss tonight, Carol? Jen's tits? Me? How much effort did you put into a convincing argument? How much lying by omission did you do?

Mmmm... quite a lot I see. Honesty's a difficult concept for you isn't it Carol. You'd much rather win an argument with one quarter of the available evidence than have to admit you really don't have any argument at all. Btw, whom are you trying so desperately to convince?


lol... Christ, woman. Give it up; you're the biggest bullshitter never to have your own tv show.

It seems the cliche I used in my previous entry touched lightly upon Henry's gag reflex nerve. Strange to say but I didn't invite the Liars Team to read my blog and you're more than welcome not to.

I know ergo can't help himself, because he's the creepiest sleaze I've ever actually encountered with my own eyes. He's probably already gone right through my profile and jotted down every last skerrick of everything he could find to use at a later date.

It must be a perennial disappointment to him that there isn't anything sensational or risque or even moderately titillating around any of my ports of call.

Should read my favourite author's blog though, there's quite often pictures of naked women in there. Click the Rageboy links. Ergo probably has already in his desperate quest to find something incriminating.

Anyway, I could sit here and blog all night, but right now, I'm chatting with a young man the Liars Team completely failed to save.

I keep telling people they're smart kids and not to piss teenagers off.... they just won't listen though.

(Feel free to puke now, Henry. I dropped that line in just for you.)

Monday, March 12, 2007

Lies, dangerous lies, and skillfully crafted.

Carol says...

It's all lies? Really?Think about things a little harder, Shao. Notice Paul can't actually pick a line that is a lie out of everyting I've said? Not one line can he pick out and say "This is absolutely untrue"...don't you find that odd?

Paul can. Paul knows a little bit more about what constitutes truth and you ain't tellin' it.

It's called LYING BY OMISSION. And you are an expert at it.

The Biggest Lie About Lies -- A Lie of Omission Is Not a Lie!

A lie of omission is the most insidious, most pervasive, and most common lie on the entire planet. Commonly, those who use this type of lie, have conned themselves into believing that to intentionally remain silent when ethical behavior calls for one to speak up is not a lie at all. In spite of overwhelming evidence that their silence deceives, misleads, and often causes untold grief and misery, they refuse to speak the truth.

You want to tell Shao about what happened with two kids last year but you won't tell the whole truth. You're quite content to let Shao and all your bullshitting buddies think I plucked two totally innocent kids from the comfort of their loungerooms and got them to engage in a bit of criminal activity thereby putting them both at great risk.

What you neglected to mention was my reasons for asking those two particular teenagers to help me get my own back on one partner who was ripping myself and a third partner blind - and in the process make themselves some easy money. I had a legal right to be on the premises at the time so there was never any risk of being done for burglary, they took what I told them to take and took nothing I asked them to leave, so they couldn't even have been done for theft.

Most pertinently of all, I did it so they could make enough money to stop breaking into houses and using stolen cars as getaway vehicles - and it worked. More than that, what you neglected to tell Shao - because you're nothing but a lying bitch - is that one of those teenagers used his share of the loot to fund a pre-apprenticeship training course, which he finished in December. No more burglary and theft of motor vehicles.

But the stupid thing is, you think I try to keep my activities secret from kids. I don't. I keep my activities secret from lying manipulative bitches like you and creepy motherfuckers like ergo and psycho nutbags like plague.

Why? Because you use the lie of omission like a juggler uses tennis balls. Your lying is the most insidious and potentially most damaging form of bullshit anywhere. Ask Ardra about it. She knows ALL about it - even plague will confirm that.

Bint just straight lies - the lie of commission. She didn't make that phone call, oh no... she was too drunk to remember it - which, incidently, I've never been so drunk I can't remember anything. Then she exaggerates the contents of the email I sent with the link in it. I simply said I hadn't been well - she thought I was dying and rang me up bawling her eyes out. I'm like WTF?!?!!

No, instead he'll pick out a line where I've criticized his actions and he'll justify WHY he took those actions. Shao, that doesn't make what I said a lie.

Lying to a teenager about the nature of your lying....

My God you're a low bitch. It's testament to the integrity of Shao and the others that they can see straight through you though. You blurt all over the place that I'm a pedophile. Well shit, that didn't work. Now you're trying to convince them I'm evil in other ways - not suspecting they've known me for almost a year and from their own experience, they know you're just a hoard of bitter old lying fuckwits, hypocritical, cowardly and pathetic.

You know the best thing about talking to teenagers, Carol?

They have the patience to teach new tricks to an old dog like me.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

And now that we've reeled the fish right in...

They follow me around P&A, they followed me to my MySpace, they follow my blog...

My goodness what tiny little lives they have.

The drunken mothers who neglect their kids the better to chase me around the internet and call me all sorts of unoriginal names.

The drunken single mothers and their faithful troop of pathetic little whiners whose existence has only such meaning as the drunken single mothers bestow upon them in moments of lucidity.

Hypocrites all, Liars all, predictable as hell, tired, old and cowardly.

No comments, please. You all know I'm right.

I drip to the knees every time she touches the keys.

Liars Ahoy!

Quite a lot he leaves out there. Like having a temper tantrum and quitting Architecture of Thought...and dragging it over to PnA because he just wasn't done bitching.

Oh... dates... relevant dates... shit, I forgot relevant dates. Let's see, I remember a mother who spent more time on the internet than she did with her kid, and asking people off the net for advice about her kid's difficult behaviour...

Hmmm.... stop spending all your free time and your boss's time on the net trying to prove how uber you are and spend more time doing actual work - and... omg... being a mother.

I mean, that was a big chunk of my spat with him.

As I remember it, you were complaining about specific behaviours and as I was pointing out how life's minutiae affect little kids vastly moreso than we adults even notice, you scoffed and said I wasn't the child whisperer.

So OBVIOUSLY there was nothing that could possibly have been going on anywhere at all that your kid might be dealing with which manifests itself in behaviour you feel incapable of handling - to the point where you ask for advice in an internet forum. Not that you were ever going to heed any advice at all because you are the font of all wisdom and knowledge on the internet. In fact, you are so knowledgeable and wise, you thought to lob in on P4Idiots with a view to teaching them a thing or two. Good God, how magnanimous of you! O omniscient Carol.

But after all is said and done, Rat's not a dad. What would he know...

He claims I jumped in?

You mean you didn't?

His chief complaint about me and Henry at the time was that we DIDN'T jump in when Zippy insulted his dead and gone brother.

Actually, my chief complaint at the time was Vintage Liar throwing a faux dyke turn because she's so in love with Ardra and the rest of the Liar's team jumping on her bandwagon after her remark about supporting zippy if he said he wanted to screw Christopher's skull. Gee, that's the high class remark of someone who really cares. With 'friends' like the Bint, who needs zippy?

In fact, he actually dragged us in by bitching about our characters, and how dare we not stand up for all is right and help him defeat Zippy in a nasty internet war.

What a marvellously telling sentence... stand up for all [that] is right AND help him defeat zippy...

You did neither. The decent people were dismayed at the comments flying about concerning Christopher. The Liars just congealed while plague was into the 3rd week of his 8 month long campaign.

What a convenient and selective memory he has. I'm sorry, Paul, but you took on Zippy - and that was just retarded.

I take on everyone eventually. Hadn't you noticed?

I'm not defending your ass to Zippy, no more than I would be your lawyer against Ergo. Besides, you're supposed to be this big cheesy internet bad-boy asshole.

Whom you haven't stopped talking about since November - in absolutely glowing terms too. I must be doing something right. :)

What did you need me for?

Whoa! What's with the presuppositions, girly?

So, let's get this story straight, before he forgets some more. He boos and hoos about no one defending him, all the while crying that what Zippy said had no effect.

Let's get this story totally straight. zippy did have no affect. It was an eye opener seeing people who once professed their love and friendship - one of whom demanded I profess my love in return on the telephone, one who rang me up bawling her eyes out because of an email I sent her - she thought I was dying after I sent an email saying I'd been unwell and I made my first ever flash file and would she like to have a look at it. (I keep telling you she's schizoid) it was watching those people get on the bandwagon of disabusing Christopher, then abusing Liz in her own domain that got my goat.

We're all shitty human beings for not saying anything despite his insistance that he could hold his own ground - which, he forgets, started this whole thing.

Umm... no, it was Ardra's stunt that started this whole thing - you remember Ardra, she's one of the Liars Team, hiding under a new nick hoping plague doesn't recognise her - because plague hates Ardra. Or at least, he's going to pretend he doesn't but the lack of respect certainly shows up in his emails... You just showed by congratulating the Bint on her comment that you are all a bunch of shitty human beings.

Now he complains that we jumped in???Lol.

She got you, Paul. She got you good. And the Liars Team agreed. But that's not jumping in.
She still thinks what Ardra did was funny. Gosh, I think what my friends are doing is funny too. In fact, it's hysterically funny. I liek ma lazers... rofl... of course, you can't see the funny side of it because you're all too stupid.

What a sad, pathetic little man this is. I mean, ok. I knew we were dealing with an obvious social disorder here...but at his age?

Obvious social disorder? What might that be? Speaking of sad, pathetic little men, you have some of those at the Liars Team. Ergo who has been stalking me for 15 months, who attacks teenagers from MySpace by posting their profiles in an msn group then gloating about it to his bullshitting buddies... three teenagers who never did any harm to him or anyone else as far as I would know, but Ergo just disregards their rights altogether and accuses them of enjoining in suspect activity with me? What a man!

plague, who spends 8 months trolling the same msn comm looking for one solitary message posted by the woman who violated his very soul - for what? Justice?! Now he's together again with that same woman and what's he got to say about it? NOTHING. What a man!

Henry, who traverses half the planet looking to get his willy wet, who ends up back home porking - omg - one of those whom a couple of years ago I would have referred to as one of my teenage friends. How long was the grooming process? Shit, I'd been grooming her longer than he had - fast worker is Henry. Damn, I guess I should have known to try talking about sex with Jen at some stage during her growing up process. After all, that's all that ever gets talked of in the P&A chatrooms.

To be 40 (happy birthday, btw, hope that boy jumping out of your cake is at least 18) and having to resort to these kinds of delusions?

Delusions of what? I talk to a lot of people on the internet. Some are 16, some are 60. Most are about my age. You point all manner of fingers at me but have not one shred of evidence. You now have two 16 year olds and a few of the 18 - 20 year olds watching just about everything that goes on in your little e-hovel. They also talk to eachother independently of my being there or not. If you really suspect anything untoward is going on between me and any of those young people, how come you haven't straight out asked them?

Oh good lord! I know why! Because you'd have no option but to admit that all such accusations are nothing but bullshit. That's why.

I do mean Happy Birthday, Chat. Let's hope this year you get a brain. K?

If you do mean that - which we all know is just another in a long long list of lies - take all the Liars Team out of Liz's group and leave her and the real P&A alone.

I know it won't happen, you can't live without it. If you could, I wouldn't be the most talked about person in your squalid little dumping ground and the latest events in P&A wouldn't be headline news. You'd have nothing whatsoever to talk about.

Lying sack of shit, Bint? You were probably just too drunk to remember the original phone call. Schizoid freaks like you should have "No alcohol" tattooed on your faces.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

Marriage of inconvenience. Liars' convention.

Ardra boots plague and deletes all his messages.
Plague wants Ardra banned and all her messages deleted - it's only fair after all.
Plague sends CoC violations to MSN for 6 months until he gets what he wants.
Ardra sneaks back in.
I have a go at Ardra.
Zippy has a go at me.
I have a go at zippy.
Lea has a go at me for having a go at zippy and Ardra.
Wes has a go at me because she can taste the blood in the water.
I post a message with zippy's hometown in it - and get booted.
A little down the track, Lea, wes, plague and a few others decide to get personal about Tart.
To me, being a member of a group, the manager of which you don't like - and complaining about the manager - strikes me as the pinnacle of stupidity, but they can't see that.
So they form their own little forum on their own website - but they just can't stay away from the original MSN group - and now plague and ardra are together again in the same place.

Now, flash back to 2004...

Message 1 of the thread...

Three years ago, I had an English teacher the whole class thought was pretty cool. She was straight down the line, you couldn't mess about but she was no tyrant and we all knew she cared about us and her work. It was a sad occasion when she left not only our school, but the profession.

Last year (maybe 18 months or so ago) I was with one of my friends in the high street and there she was, with her husband, looking in shop windows. We said hello to her and she introduced us to her husband who seemed like a decent enough sort of chap but she was genuinely glad to see us and she treated us like old friends.

How stunned were we when she suggested, and her husband agreed, that we might join them for lunch. So we found a halfway decent cafe and sat down outside and Mrs Millard asked us about our school year, our teachers - and as we told her who we had, she nodded in approval or sometimes she laughed out loud telling us what a total wanker so and so was.

We sat their talking and laughing for about 2 hours. She told us what certain of our teachers look for, what they like to see and don't like to see and this was all gold bullion to us. Mrs Millard left education to take up a career as a consultant with a marketing company and I think she'll do great.

What she told us about our teachers was so spot on and my marks were better than they would have been otherwise, plus having that inside knowledge took the hard edge off being at school at all.

We saw this side of a straight as an arrow teacher that we would never have seen at school - and we learned more in that two hours about teaching, learning and ourselves than we would have learned in a whole semester at school.

So when I saw Black Shogun's unhealthy comments in the "Why I Am Against Homosexuals" thread, I wonder if he isn't just presenting a side of himself he wouldn't dream of showing in school. When everyone rails against him, what are they learning about themselves?

To which ErgonomicLogic had this reply...

Drat. I was expecting Mason's story to lead to some kind of group sexual activity. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to use my imagination.

And use his imagination he has - ever since...

Shortly after I got a MySpace, this person saved a screenshot of it. Way back in 2006! My only friend was Tom and my profile pic was the emu.

I make no secret of the fact I talk to youngsters online. I even did a blog with one of the teenagers last year. Damn funny it was too. From time to time, I've asked for advice when one of those kids has problems which are out of my league. For most of the people who know me, this fact has not been an issue.

Now that I'm warring with people whom used to be my friends, this old knowledge of my conversations with teenagers becomes the biggest issue in the world for them.

I'm accused of being a pedophile - oh yawn.
I'm accused of luring and coercing kids to me and getting them to do my dirty work.
I'm accused of sending kids onto their site - I have to admit, I didn't discourage them.

What I find staggering though is they make all these accusations, yet when two of my friends do show up at their site, do they make one single solitary effort to get at the truth? Do they try to give my two friends the benefit of their wisdom? Emails have been exchanged - was any attempt made to tell my friends to "watch out for him"?


One of their membership takes and stores screenshots for more than a year...

Obviously, that person is waiting around to see what sort of activity goes on in my MySpace account, the better to confirm his delusions about me. It must have been devastating to him to find nothing going on at all. Didn't stop him trying though.

This freak of nature (there are a lot of them at that group) who rails against the terrible pedophile Rat, posts MySpace profiles of Australian teenagers, two of whom I didn't even know existed, one of whom I met on a train in amusing circumstances who subsequently added me.
He's gone scanning MySpace profiles looking for something, probably Paul Ritchie, and found two profiles which seemed to him to be worthwhile to bolster the bullshit he was about to post and the profile of the one person on the open blog I have at MySpace.

Someone so dedicated to the pursuit of outing me as a pedophile that he would watch my MySpace for 15 months then misses the absolutely golden opportunity to get at the truth when two of my friends join up at their site...

No, this man who was hanging out for lurid details of a sexual encounter between a schoolboy and his former teacher and her husband is stalking me because he needs to feed his sexual fantasies.

I must be the biggest disappointment in his sad little life.

I made my profiles private to protect my friends from plague. Ergo got under the radar. How glad am I now that I'm protecting my friends from that sick fucker!

It should be noted that when I created the paltalk chat. Tart waited several months to see which chat would survive so she could assert some kind of control on it. After Ra and Tiff's website, lawl, failed, she came to paltalk and said, "Ergo hosts the only chat that PnA official endorses." or some such bullshit. And she made a point to tell me this in the room and in whispers several times...Each time I think I said, that's great...whatever you need to say. Kind of like how you pat a mong child on the head when they poke their eye with the lolipop.

There are dozens of references to children posted by this freak and not a single one is supportive, encouraging or positive in any way whatsoever. He really enthuses most about children when he can get sex into the subject as well. (Or lollipops...)

But still it goes on...

NOBODY is excluded from this site. Laby, Bong, Tart, Reesa, Cheri... etc. ALL ALLOWED IN.

(Good, eh?)Contrary to the filthy rumours being circulated by Dreamian. If you're browsing, and wondering whether you'll be accepted (or thinking it's a "posse only" site - the posse thing being another dirty lie propogated by Dreamian), fear not. You'll be accepted as soon as Henry or myself check the list.

Well, that's just a lie. You're allowed in as long as you follow the rules set down by Cheri. Anyone thinking of joining but not toeing the line is evicted within hours.

You would seriously have them as moderators?You two can do so much better than that.I would honestly leave.

Except wes wouldn't leave. Tart and Dreamian are still in charge of the original site - and wes and all the others are still there.

Will the lying ever end?