Saturday, March 10, 2007

Marriage of inconvenience. Liars' convention.

Ardra boots plague and deletes all his messages.
Plague wants Ardra banned and all her messages deleted - it's only fair after all.
Plague sends CoC violations to MSN for 6 months until he gets what he wants.
Ardra sneaks back in.
I have a go at Ardra.
Zippy has a go at me.
I have a go at zippy.
Lea has a go at me for having a go at zippy and Ardra.
Wes has a go at me because she can taste the blood in the water.
I post a message with zippy's hometown in it - and get booted.
A little down the track, Lea, wes, plague and a few others decide to get personal about Tart.
To me, being a member of a group, the manager of which you don't like - and complaining about the manager - strikes me as the pinnacle of stupidity, but they can't see that.
So they form their own little forum on their own website - but they just can't stay away from the original MSN group - and now plague and ardra are together again in the same place.

Now, flash back to 2004...

Message 1 of the thread...

Three years ago, I had an English teacher the whole class thought was pretty cool. She was straight down the line, you couldn't mess about but she was no tyrant and we all knew she cared about us and her work. It was a sad occasion when she left not only our school, but the profession.

Last year (maybe 18 months or so ago) I was with one of my friends in the high street and there she was, with her husband, looking in shop windows. We said hello to her and she introduced us to her husband who seemed like a decent enough sort of chap but she was genuinely glad to see us and she treated us like old friends.

How stunned were we when she suggested, and her husband agreed, that we might join them for lunch. So we found a halfway decent cafe and sat down outside and Mrs Millard asked us about our school year, our teachers - and as we told her who we had, she nodded in approval or sometimes she laughed out loud telling us what a total wanker so and so was.

We sat their talking and laughing for about 2 hours. She told us what certain of our teachers look for, what they like to see and don't like to see and this was all gold bullion to us. Mrs Millard left education to take up a career as a consultant with a marketing company and I think she'll do great.

What she told us about our teachers was so spot on and my marks were better than they would have been otherwise, plus having that inside knowledge took the hard edge off being at school at all.

We saw this side of a straight as an arrow teacher that we would never have seen at school - and we learned more in that two hours about teaching, learning and ourselves than we would have learned in a whole semester at school.

So when I saw Black Shogun's unhealthy comments in the "Why I Am Against Homosexuals" thread, I wonder if he isn't just presenting a side of himself he wouldn't dream of showing in school. When everyone rails against him, what are they learning about themselves?

To which ErgonomicLogic had this reply...

Drat. I was expecting Mason's story to lead to some kind of group sexual activity. Oh well. I guess I'll just have to use my imagination.

And use his imagination he has - ever since...

Shortly after I got a MySpace, this person saved a screenshot of it. Way back in 2006! My only friend was Tom and my profile pic was the emu.

I make no secret of the fact I talk to youngsters online. I even did a blog with one of the teenagers last year. Damn funny it was too. From time to time, I've asked for advice when one of those kids has problems which are out of my league. For most of the people who know me, this fact has not been an issue.

Now that I'm warring with people whom used to be my friends, this old knowledge of my conversations with teenagers becomes the biggest issue in the world for them.

I'm accused of being a pedophile - oh yawn.
I'm accused of luring and coercing kids to me and getting them to do my dirty work.
I'm accused of sending kids onto their site - I have to admit, I didn't discourage them.

What I find staggering though is they make all these accusations, yet when two of my friends do show up at their site, do they make one single solitary effort to get at the truth? Do they try to give my two friends the benefit of their wisdom? Emails have been exchanged - was any attempt made to tell my friends to "watch out for him"?


One of their membership takes and stores screenshots for more than a year...

Obviously, that person is waiting around to see what sort of activity goes on in my MySpace account, the better to confirm his delusions about me. It must have been devastating to him to find nothing going on at all. Didn't stop him trying though.

This freak of nature (there are a lot of them at that group) who rails against the terrible pedophile Rat, posts MySpace profiles of Australian teenagers, two of whom I didn't even know existed, one of whom I met on a train in amusing circumstances who subsequently added me.
He's gone scanning MySpace profiles looking for something, probably Paul Ritchie, and found two profiles which seemed to him to be worthwhile to bolster the bullshit he was about to post and the profile of the one person on the open blog I have at MySpace.

Someone so dedicated to the pursuit of outing me as a pedophile that he would watch my MySpace for 15 months then misses the absolutely golden opportunity to get at the truth when two of my friends join up at their site...

No, this man who was hanging out for lurid details of a sexual encounter between a schoolboy and his former teacher and her husband is stalking me because he needs to feed his sexual fantasies.

I must be the biggest disappointment in his sad little life.

I made my profiles private to protect my friends from plague. Ergo got under the radar. How glad am I now that I'm protecting my friends from that sick fucker!

It should be noted that when I created the paltalk chat. Tart waited several months to see which chat would survive so she could assert some kind of control on it. After Ra and Tiff's website, lawl, failed, she came to paltalk and said, "Ergo hosts the only chat that PnA official endorses." or some such bullshit. And she made a point to tell me this in the room and in whispers several times...Each time I think I said, that's great...whatever you need to say. Kind of like how you pat a mong child on the head when they poke their eye with the lolipop.

There are dozens of references to children posted by this freak and not a single one is supportive, encouraging or positive in any way whatsoever. He really enthuses most about children when he can get sex into the subject as well. (Or lollipops...)

But still it goes on...

NOBODY is excluded from this site. Laby, Bong, Tart, Reesa, Cheri... etc. ALL ALLOWED IN.

(Good, eh?)Contrary to the filthy rumours being circulated by Dreamian. If you're browsing, and wondering whether you'll be accepted (or thinking it's a "posse only" site - the posse thing being another dirty lie propogated by Dreamian), fear not. You'll be accepted as soon as Henry or myself check the list.

Well, that's just a lie. You're allowed in as long as you follow the rules set down by Cheri. Anyone thinking of joining but not toeing the line is evicted within hours.

You would seriously have them as moderators?You two can do so much better than that.I would honestly leave.

Except wes wouldn't leave. Tart and Dreamian are still in charge of the original site - and wes and all the others are still there.

Will the lying ever end?

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