Tuesday, March 13, 2007

We have a new game!

It's called tag-team flame wars...

Carol has sunk to the corner, she's out. No answer whatsoever to my rapier-like observation of her lies by omission.

She'll deny it, of course. If she didn't, she'd hardly qualify as a bonafide member of the Liars Team. But she's gone - dead and buried. Oh well, maybe now she'll spend more time with her kid than she will on the net. Somehow I doubt it though. That kid's growin' up an orphan.

I mentioned in my last post that the best thing about talking to the kids is that they teach me new tricks. It's a simple concept. They banter on in their usual fashion and they're bound to say something completely new to me and when I ask what they're talking about - unlike some people I could mention - instead of going off about how out of the loop I am, they actually show me how to do the things they're doing.

Cool huh?

Another really cool thing is when they ask questions of me, it's usually about stuff that's well within my abilities to answer. Tonight, for example, we were discussing the bicameral parliamentary system, geography, history and religion.
Smart kids.

What did you discuss tonight, Carol? Jen's tits? Me? How much effort did you put into a convincing argument? How much lying by omission did you do?

Mmmm... quite a lot I see. Honesty's a difficult concept for you isn't it Carol. You'd much rather win an argument with one quarter of the available evidence than have to admit you really don't have any argument at all. Btw, whom are you trying so desperately to convince?


lol... Christ, woman. Give it up; you're the biggest bullshitter never to have your own tv show.

It seems the cliche I used in my previous entry touched lightly upon Henry's gag reflex nerve. Strange to say but I didn't invite the Liars Team to read my blog and you're more than welcome not to.

I know ergo can't help himself, because he's the creepiest sleaze I've ever actually encountered with my own eyes. He's probably already gone right through my profile and jotted down every last skerrick of everything he could find to use at a later date.

It must be a perennial disappointment to him that there isn't anything sensational or risque or even moderately titillating around any of my ports of call.

Should read my favourite author's blog though, there's quite often pictures of naked women in there. Click the Rageboy links. Ergo probably has already in his desperate quest to find something incriminating.

Anyway, I could sit here and blog all night, but right now, I'm chatting with a young man the Liars Team completely failed to save.

I keep telling people they're smart kids and not to piss teenagers off.... they just won't listen though.

(Feel free to puke now, Henry. I dropped that line in just for you.)

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