Monday, March 19, 2007

The Boy moves again.

I dropped into Meankids tonight only to find it's gone.

I emailed its creator for an explanation and his response was: "Short answer, it's gone."

I figured that much.

The new site is being created and the friends list has to start from scratch again. I can't believe people were unhappy with the last site.

What I did notice was the number of people who'd received official notification of the new site. There were only about a dozen people and I was one of them... Sssssssssstoked or what!

I mean, this is a guy with 5,000+ people on his mailing list and I'm one of the chosen few, the dirty dozen he picks to advise of the new website.

Spoke to a parent of one of the younger kids tonight. Sarah's a laugh. She got to know me for about two months before she dragged her eldest to the computer to have a conversation. I dropped a comment on his myspace last week which he discovered within 20 minutes and he got me on messenger to rap what I'd said.

I complimented him on his new layout with "Phwoar! You dun it sik bruz. Props."
He responded with much mirth. Then he told me to fix my own up with some music but me being a total dunce when it comes to that sort of thing, he had to walk me through it. I didn't get the song I wanted but I got a good one nevertheless.

Tonight, Sarah and I swapped music again like we did last year, we laughed hard about what's been going on for the last few weeks with the Liars Team and swapped more anecdotes of previous encounters and stories about fish.

There was a time when after hitting one of my triggers that I wasn't on messenger for a few months but we straightened that out like mature people do. Now when there's time, we're on the phone for hours, laughing our arses off at god only knows what.

Tonight though, swapping music with one of the few women on this planet who actually has a handle on the way my mind works... I felt deeply moved. She let me share my music with her and she liked what I sent. She used to hate my music. She'd send hers and I hated some of it, then we got around to some sort of common ground and she sends me songs I like - which is all well and good... but the icing on the cake is having Sarah give me the opportunity to share with her something that I love too.

Must say, when I got her into a conversation with Will and Anton and they gave her a hard time, that was bloody funny. Tonight I told her about Shao and Will getting into a conversation...

I'll just map this out properly because it was fucking hysterical when it happened...

Shao is 16 and lives in England, Anton is 18 and lives in Canada and Will is 19 I think and lives near Anton. All three are brilliant. Will is so laid back it's a wonder he isn't dead. But he's so au fait with internet tricks and schemes and Shao is flexing his knuckles at the expense of the Liars Team. Shao and Will just had to meet. I arranged it... lol

So for a while they exchanged ideas about causing mischief and Will imparted some good info and was amazingly patient because Shao asked obvious questions. I sat watching it all with interest because I was learning from both of them. In the middle of the conversation, the question was popped: "Do you like Michael Jackson?" I almost fell on the floor laughing.

I'd seen that before and it was like watching an episode of Q7 - knowing what's going to happen next but still finding it funny not because of the surprise, but because it's genuinely hilarious.

So when I ran that past Sarah tonight, reliving the moment, because she's spoken to all three of them, she shared my enjoyment of the moment. I don't even have the words to express how much that meant to me. Sarah likes the music I sent, she knows all about the kids I talk to and she shares the same feelings for them as I have - and her own son is sharp as a whip as well.

And that shark... what a brilliant fish to catch. And to have held it for a moment or two before putting that beautiful creature back into the sea and watch it swim away... you couldn't pay for that sort of feeling.

And now I'm listening to Bon Jovi on repeat and enjoying the fact that my friends - my real friends - people worth having as friends are those who share their time, their skills, their knowledge and their thoughts with me and allow me to share mine with them. Friends who don't just say the word "vagina" and think they're clever and funny when in reality they're staggeringly tragic.

My friends are the best.

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Kiss My Wobbegong said...

tbh paul, i just don't get what there is about you NOT to like. ah well, just the wheat sorting from the chaff, i guess, natural selection and all that. Cub adores you too.

listening to the patriot opener right now, as a matter of fact. It just gets better with each listen.

ok, enough 'sappage', you really are an arsehole! (thought a 'counter measure' was prolly called for right about now, don't want the idea to get out that you are, in actuality, a top fucking bloke)