Wednesday, March 28, 2007

So liars win out yet again.

To all you newshounds out there who have jumped on Kathy Sierra's coattails, fuck the lot of you.

You are all collectively a shining example of exactly how journalism should not be. You have gone right on ahead and blathered your way through half a story that isn't even a story.

The one sided reporting, the bias, the misrepresentation of events.... all of it so pathetically typical of cheap tabloid journalism.

Someone should line the lot of you up and drop spirochetes down your underpants to minimise the likelihood of you polluting the world any further with progeny predetermined to perpetuate the flood of lies and distortions your creed spews into the world on a daily basis.



You lot sniffed out a "story" and ran with it like pigs to the trough of sensationalist scare mongering.

You fell for a lie without even checking ANYTHING.

How many of you bothered to find out what was behind Huh? How many of you bothered to find out about Unclebobism? I know one did - let's see if she can show the rest of you up for the dishonest curs you all are.

That demented wench bleated about IP addresses she got, probably from the email header, not even bothering to think about whether or not the email might have been posted from an unidentifiable source, through a proxy, at an internet cafe...

Oh, but she's a blog superhero, so she must know what she's talking about.

L Ron Hubbard ring any bells? Smith and Rutherford perhaps? Helen Demidenko? How many more crap artists could I name before you stupid prats in the media get it through your damnably thick skulls that nothing beats research for a good story and the sooner this Sierra troll is highlighted for the lying cow that she is, the stupider she - and all of you - are going to look.

It's Wednesday morning in Australia. By Friday, you'll be blaming her for this outburst but what wreckage will you all leave in your collective wake? This stupid beat up is your creation because you've fallen for a beautiful ploy of a consummate liar.

Since you're all such a pack of gullible suckers, come over here and suck my motherfucking dick.

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