Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Carol - when will you stop lying?

Oh Carol Carol Carol...

When will you stop trying so desperately to deceive.

Ooh, I just read the latest blog entry. Lol.

I've never called you a pedophile, Chat. I know why you prefer the company of teenagers, and it's not for what you claim.

Your bullshit over getting those kids to break and enter is disgusting, and sorry but your story doesn't add up. Either you were grossly exaggerating in your first account of it, or you're now lying to save face - which is it? Don't worry about writing a 6 paragraph self-indulgent answer....I already know. Let's look at the exact phrasing you used at the time:

I recruited Tom and Ahmed one night a couple of months ago to engage in a spot of judicious burglary and theft which they did with admirable professionalism. They stole everything I said they could steal and didn't touch anything else. They also made a very tidy profit out of it. And no, it wasn't any sort of insurance or any other kind of scam either. It was a sitting duck waiting to be knocked off by someone and I just made sure we were first. Hey, I never said I was an angel. I can be bad to the bone when the mood suits me.

Quite a far cry from the claims you're making now. For the amused audience reading this, I'd also like to clarify one little fact which adds to the impression of these events:

Tom was 17. Ahmed was only 16. That's right - Chat is meeting 16 yr olds at stations and enlisting them to steal for him.
My claims, Carol darling, were made in my original blog entry back in August of last year.

But I wrote all that in my original blog entry. This little fishing trip of yours is just another pristine example of lying by both OMISSION and COMMISSION.

You don't have all the details of the original blog entry and you're not going to get them. Bintage_Liar and ConfusedMongy have seen to that.

More to the point, and taking things way way way out of context - AGAIN - the above quote comes from the Ratblog entry of November 20...

Tom is 17, his constant sidekick, Ahmed, is 16. The others range in ages from 17 to 20 and I enjoy being around all of them singularly or in the group. We just all get along so well and it's always just so relaxed, easy and comfortable - sitting under the trees at the station.

I'll just note here that all these kids are well known to the local constabulary for all the wrong reasons. So they're not what the deadhearts would call "nice kids". They're not "nice", they're fairly wild, tough and wilful - and they look it - and I adore them.

So Rat, was meeting up with 17 - 20 year olds and one 16 year old if he was there and often he wasn't, which is a far cry from your bit of bullshit about meeting up with 16 year olds - plural.

Face it you lying old cow, your filthy mind is filling in the blanks and you're making what should be fairly amusing tableaux into the sordid degrading product of your own filthy conjuring.

Ergo is probably keeping Kleenex distributors afloat literally all by himself.

I'm sure you can still get into the Promethean's Clubhouse. Re-read the "In a glass darkly" thread - it's very enlightening about the mindset of Ergo. It's 3 years old and nothing at all has changed. Fancy that.

And so nice to see you all reading, re-reading and scouring the entire internet for evidence of my writing. Do more of it. It'll keep you out of porn sites. (Though with the collective present mindset of the Liars Team, even a housebrick would have sexual connotations for all of you.)

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