Thursday, March 15, 2007

And the gold medal for the victory in the biggest internet war in his own mind goes to....

Der Plaque.


I skimmed Rat's blog entry. Meh, same old same old. Lots of past tense about how he showed people lied but can't point to anything. The usual smoke and mirrors.
Or even define it by any objective standard - such as Lying by Omission and pointing out perfect examples of same.

But I suppose what could anyone expect from a man who spends 8 months sending emails to MSN about pictures of humping turtles and screaming "It's obscene! It's obscene!" who now spends his time in a group which happily discusses incest, laughs at a photograph of bestiality and who so loves his new companions, he's desperately hoping nobody will be reminded of the emails he sent...

As an aside, I see you've made another brilliant managerial decision, in making ConfusedMonkey an Assistant Manager. You realize, of course, that she is an ally of Ardra, and actively defended her actions? Thus, you are ensuring a repeat of this incident, and probably a lifting of the ban supposedly on " 'Ardra ". I say supposedly, as members can not see the ban list, thus as far as I know the nick's absence from the list is just the result of a kick. Not that it matters, of course, since I fully expected you to lift the supposed ban at a convenient time, and it was hardly a just solution in any case.

... and who also comes out with such startlingly lucid and cogent statements as this...

Once the goal was reached, it was over as far as I was concerned, but
apparently you want to keep fighting that battle. Get it through your skull, I won.

You won an argument? On the internet? Shit I bet you feel like Batman now huh plaque? Zap! Pow! Bam! and all that?

U da man!

And Carol's yo bitch.

You didn't write in 5-6 blogs about your feud.
Neither did I. Not that I want to point out who's lying AGAIN, plaque, but see if you can get Carol to point out 5 blogs where I've written about this.

You didn't set up a mirror community like Cheriville
Yeah, and you didn't do it with the enthusiastic help of ConfusedMongy, Bintage_Liar or Woeful Henry to boot. So there. But Carol, I hate ever so much to burst your bubble, but plaque did, in fact, set up a mirror community. I'd forgotten about it so thanks for reminding me. It's called Temple of Ardra. Ask him all about it.

You didn't send in teenagers to flood and spam the place.

Neither did I. They saw what they saw and did what they did. I just heartily enjoyed their efforts and duly congratulated them. Truth be told, though not by you, I still think it's hilarious and enthuse with them on their efforts quite regularly.

You wanted to join to reiterate your points - you didn't ruin another
community with your whining.

No, he just tried to destroy the one community - get it shut down - and failed to do even that. What was he saying about victory again?

You had Tart's phone number, but didn't attempt to blackmail her with it.

What would his reason have been? Delete all of Ardra's posts - because I want my pound of flesh? lol... yeah, that'd look real good on an arraignment.

You had Monkey's contact information, and informed her on how to keep it private...instead of blackmailing her with it.

Yeah, and I was protecting my friends from the likes of plaque and Ergo. You do see what Ergo has done, don't you. Well, ball's in motion for that creepy bastard now, and there ain't a damn thing I can do to stop it either.

You see 16 and 17 yr olds everyday...but have no desire to be their best friend.

Feeling's probably entirely mutual.

While the blog entries dedicated to myself are fantastic - let's face it, I
have obviously dominated his waking thoughts for the last few days -

Whereas I, on the other hand, have dominated the waking thoughts of the entire Liars Team for months. I'm the most talked about subject you've had since that board sprouted.


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