Thursday, March 22, 2007

Case for and against..


It's quicker.
It's always connected.
No dial up costs.
I can get things done faster.
I can do more stuff.
The kids get shitty when they can't send me stuff or get stuff from me without it taking forever.


Costs more.
Very real risk of getting bored out of my head much quicker.
Either use way too much or hardly any at all.
That fucking phone will ring when I'm on the net.

The irritations of having broadband are still outweighing the benefits and the kids are going to get shitty with me anyway because I rarely do anything they want me to do and having broadband deprives me of excuses for not doing it.

The one thing that does worry me is missing Uncle Bob's boat for not being able to keep pace with its rapid expansion.

Meh, we'll wait another 6 weeks and see how we feel about it then.

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