Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Degenerating into routine

Repeat the lie often enough and it will eventually be taken as truth...

Odd how when I point out the lies of the Liars Team, I point out the lies as well.

Despite Carol's claims I can do no such thing, I can do it every time. (But we'll just ignore that.)
Despite Bint's claims she "never made that phone call" she backed me up by saying "you just misunderstood the nature of the friendship." (But we'll just ignore that.)
Despite Twevor using a page from my first ever website as "Exhibit 1", the source of that particular bit of writing was studiously ignored. (But we'll just ignore that too.)
Plague didn't spam or flood. No, plague scrolled - huge difference. He only did it across three threads too before ConfusedMongy grabbed me in Messenger to alert me to what was going on. (But we'll just ignore that as well.)

No, the only lies which serve our purposes are those for which we can use innuendo to appeal to natural fear and ignorance. We don't have proof, so we'll just make it look bad.

We won't try to establish any facts - that after 12 months, 18 months, 5 years, 6 years even - not one of the young people I've ever met on the internet has ever even accused me of anything remotely suspicious. Not one accusation. Facts just get in the way of a good smear campaign.

Never have I said to any of them "don't tell...." and never have I discouraged any of them from contacting one another. Never have I tried to hide from them any of the bullshit that's flying around about me. NOT ONCE. How do you think they found your hovel? I blogged it, they followed their clicky things. They talk to each other without my knowledge too. Fancy that!! I'm introducing young people from one part of the world to - gosh darn it - other young people in other parts of the world.

Oh my god I'm so evil.

And not once - NOT ONCE - has any member of the Liars Team even bothered to TRY to find out the truth behind my conversations with teenagers. Just sit back, point the finger, accuse and malign. Even when you had three teenagers right there.... what did Carol do? She lied by omission in an attempt to further discredit me. What a mom!

The most hypocritical aspect of all though is that you've all known about it for years, but it's only since Ardra pulled her stunt and sent plague over the edge of insanity that any of you have started paying any attention to it. Yep, hypocrites. Lying, cowardly hypocrites.

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