Sunday, March 11, 2007

I drip to the knees every time she touches the keys.

Liars Ahoy!

Quite a lot he leaves out there. Like having a temper tantrum and quitting Architecture of Thought...and dragging it over to PnA because he just wasn't done bitching.

Oh... dates... relevant dates... shit, I forgot relevant dates. Let's see, I remember a mother who spent more time on the internet than she did with her kid, and asking people off the net for advice about her kid's difficult behaviour...

Hmmm.... stop spending all your free time and your boss's time on the net trying to prove how uber you are and spend more time doing actual work - and... omg... being a mother.

I mean, that was a big chunk of my spat with him.

As I remember it, you were complaining about specific behaviours and as I was pointing out how life's minutiae affect little kids vastly moreso than we adults even notice, you scoffed and said I wasn't the child whisperer.

So OBVIOUSLY there was nothing that could possibly have been going on anywhere at all that your kid might be dealing with which manifests itself in behaviour you feel incapable of handling - to the point where you ask for advice in an internet forum. Not that you were ever going to heed any advice at all because you are the font of all wisdom and knowledge on the internet. In fact, you are so knowledgeable and wise, you thought to lob in on P4Idiots with a view to teaching them a thing or two. Good God, how magnanimous of you! O omniscient Carol.

But after all is said and done, Rat's not a dad. What would he know...

He claims I jumped in?

You mean you didn't?

His chief complaint about me and Henry at the time was that we DIDN'T jump in when Zippy insulted his dead and gone brother.

Actually, my chief complaint at the time was Vintage Liar throwing a faux dyke turn because she's so in love with Ardra and the rest of the Liar's team jumping on her bandwagon after her remark about supporting zippy if he said he wanted to screw Christopher's skull. Gee, that's the high class remark of someone who really cares. With 'friends' like the Bint, who needs zippy?

In fact, he actually dragged us in by bitching about our characters, and how dare we not stand up for all is right and help him defeat Zippy in a nasty internet war.

What a marvellously telling sentence... stand up for all [that] is right AND help him defeat zippy...

You did neither. The decent people were dismayed at the comments flying about concerning Christopher. The Liars just congealed while plague was into the 3rd week of his 8 month long campaign.

What a convenient and selective memory he has. I'm sorry, Paul, but you took on Zippy - and that was just retarded.

I take on everyone eventually. Hadn't you noticed?

I'm not defending your ass to Zippy, no more than I would be your lawyer against Ergo. Besides, you're supposed to be this big cheesy internet bad-boy asshole.

Whom you haven't stopped talking about since November - in absolutely glowing terms too. I must be doing something right. :)

What did you need me for?

Whoa! What's with the presuppositions, girly?

So, let's get this story straight, before he forgets some more. He boos and hoos about no one defending him, all the while crying that what Zippy said had no effect.

Let's get this story totally straight. zippy did have no affect. It was an eye opener seeing people who once professed their love and friendship - one of whom demanded I profess my love in return on the telephone, one who rang me up bawling her eyes out because of an email I sent her - she thought I was dying after I sent an email saying I'd been unwell and I made my first ever flash file and would she like to have a look at it. (I keep telling you she's schizoid) it was watching those people get on the bandwagon of disabusing Christopher, then abusing Liz in her own domain that got my goat.

We're all shitty human beings for not saying anything despite his insistance that he could hold his own ground - which, he forgets, started this whole thing.

Umm... no, it was Ardra's stunt that started this whole thing - you remember Ardra, she's one of the Liars Team, hiding under a new nick hoping plague doesn't recognise her - because plague hates Ardra. Or at least, he's going to pretend he doesn't but the lack of respect certainly shows up in his emails... You just showed by congratulating the Bint on her comment that you are all a bunch of shitty human beings.

Now he complains that we jumped in???Lol.

She got you, Paul. She got you good. And the Liars Team agreed. But that's not jumping in.
She still thinks what Ardra did was funny. Gosh, I think what my friends are doing is funny too. In fact, it's hysterically funny. I liek ma lazers... rofl... of course, you can't see the funny side of it because you're all too stupid.

What a sad, pathetic little man this is. I mean, ok. I knew we were dealing with an obvious social disorder here...but at his age?

Obvious social disorder? What might that be? Speaking of sad, pathetic little men, you have some of those at the Liars Team. Ergo who has been stalking me for 15 months, who attacks teenagers from MySpace by posting their profiles in an msn group then gloating about it to his bullshitting buddies... three teenagers who never did any harm to him or anyone else as far as I would know, but Ergo just disregards their rights altogether and accuses them of enjoining in suspect activity with me? What a man!

plague, who spends 8 months trolling the same msn comm looking for one solitary message posted by the woman who violated his very soul - for what? Justice?! Now he's together again with that same woman and what's he got to say about it? NOTHING. What a man!

Henry, who traverses half the planet looking to get his willy wet, who ends up back home porking - omg - one of those whom a couple of years ago I would have referred to as one of my teenage friends. How long was the grooming process? Shit, I'd been grooming her longer than he had - fast worker is Henry. Damn, I guess I should have known to try talking about sex with Jen at some stage during her growing up process. After all, that's all that ever gets talked of in the P&A chatrooms.

To be 40 (happy birthday, btw, hope that boy jumping out of your cake is at least 18) and having to resort to these kinds of delusions?

Delusions of what? I talk to a lot of people on the internet. Some are 16, some are 60. Most are about my age. You point all manner of fingers at me but have not one shred of evidence. You now have two 16 year olds and a few of the 18 - 20 year olds watching just about everything that goes on in your little e-hovel. They also talk to eachother independently of my being there or not. If you really suspect anything untoward is going on between me and any of those young people, how come you haven't straight out asked them?

Oh good lord! I know why! Because you'd have no option but to admit that all such accusations are nothing but bullshit. That's why.

I do mean Happy Birthday, Chat. Let's hope this year you get a brain. K?

If you do mean that - which we all know is just another in a long long list of lies - take all the Liars Team out of Liz's group and leave her and the real P&A alone.

I know it won't happen, you can't live without it. If you could, I wouldn't be the most talked about person in your squalid little dumping ground and the latest events in P&A wouldn't be headline news. You'd have nothing whatsoever to talk about.

Lying sack of shit, Bint? You were probably just too drunk to remember the original phone call. Schizoid freaks like you should have "No alcohol" tattooed on your faces.

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