Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Netlog insanity.

From the spastics at Netlog HQ:

New feature: Classmates 27 May 2008 - Miss your classmates? Wonder what they are up to? Netlog now offers you the opportunity to find out! On your profile you can specify the schools you went to. To make it easier to find your classmates, you can search for people from particular schools. What's more, FriendFinder allows you to browse through profiles of users you might know, based on your school and graduation year. Check it out!


Now with Netlog's new classmate feature, every pervert in Europe can browse for sexual prey by school, then hunt down kids they like by the dozen or by the hundred, depending on how many kids at one school are members of Netlog.

Let's rewrite the blurb for the new classmates feature to reflect reality shall we?

27 May 2008 - Tired of browsing for sex by individual? Looking for new ways to groom that one particular child? Now, Netlog's new Classmates feature makes it easy to get in touch with the friends of your target and increase your chances of an introduction by proxy. With the Classmates feature, you can ingratiate your way into any peer group from the target area of your choice. What's more, FriendFinder allows you to browse through profiles of kids in your age of attraction based on school and year level. Hunting season is open at Netlog.

It's time to raise this as a specific issue with law enforcement agencies in Europe. That site is a disaster and persists with its policy of serving kids up on a platter without regard at all for the privacy and safety of its users.

More Wayne the bullshit artist.

My dual MSN accounts.

I used to have this MSN addy as, again, the Doctor part is based on Doctor Who.

Not as a medical doctor. I have used it for "public", meaning anyone on Netlog can add me to talk to me on it. At that time, I did have another and private MSN address.

Yes you did, Wayne: And as you described in one chat with a youngster - one address for "fun" chats and one for "clean" chats. Here's an example of an actual conversation Wayne had with an actual 14 yo...

(16:36) Wayne. 3 Days. I: im changing my top. so you want to go on your cam for a few seconds? (16:37) Nick : why?
(16:37) Wayne. 3 Days. I: dunno. to create a converstation
(16:37) Wayne. 3 Days. I: lol. it was a pure random thing

Except we know from what other kids have said, Wayne, that this is a pretty standard thing for you.

You see, if I allow anyone to add me on that address, I can avoid the pests and nuisances by signing it off and talk to my friends on my normal private MSN address.

Most of the rest of us just block the annoying people, Wayne.

But now, the bully kepts blabbing about my private address and public one to encourage fellow bullies to add me on MSN to taunt me.

Actually I do it so everyone knows there are definitely two sides to you - one side that you show to give the impression that you're decent, the other you keep to complete the grooming process.

Well, I did have a bully;s lackeys on my private MSN account (supplied by that original bully) trying to extract information from me.

Seems to me that this bully is commiting a crime by ignoring Data Protection Act. However, that private one is no longer private one now. the MSN address, is no longer used and availble as my private one has became public, thanks to that bully...however, I don't mind revealing it on here.. my address is

The Data Protection Act doesn't apply to me, knob. It applies to Netlog and is intended to prevent them from making details of members - especially kids - available to marketers and groomers.

I had created a new private one and nobody on Netlog knows about it so this bully's spies CAN'T get in my new private address. So, I have a full control and a peace of mind. So.... don't bother adding as it is now "dead"

If you want to talk to me on my public msn, it's There you go. Not hiding anything apart from my private email address. I am not daft enough to reveal thje addy so the pests can't add me all the time to taunt me.

lulz... it won't take me very long to find out. Haven't you guessed yet? The kids tell me all about you and I don't even have to ask them for the info. They tell me because they know what you are.

Wayne the bullshit artist.

I had a changed the name on my Netlog.
So here it is...

Now The_Great_Writer

I had changed my name a few times. First, I thought I would change to Mintcooker to make the bully can't find me, and I was wrong as I didn't realise that the name can change in people's guestbooks etc. name was in that bully's guestbook. So, I thought I better create a new profile and carry on as normal.

By that you mean contacting members of Netlog completely at random as long as they were under 20 and more often that not, male.

I've created CaptainBlogger, and then MrUnCrushAble because the bully's lackey said he is going to crush me, so I used that name as a sign of defiance to him.

That's a new one on me. Even I don't know what the hell you're talking about here.

Then a Great Saint for no reasons...just a fun name and now the great writer...not my idea. My contacts told me that they liked my blogs etc, the name is born, however, don't be surprised that the name will change.

With the bully's relentless abuses, I was forced to delete my bebo and myspace.

Even though I never contacted you once on either - I just told you I knew where they were. I'm really REALLY interested to know how you think the truth won't come out.

I did it to protect my friends.

Liar, you had NO friends on your MySpace and you could have made your bebo private.

They all aware about this stalker and a bully, so they understood. I had several pics removed because I saw a fake photobucket account

Again, LIAR. We linked to your own photobucket account containing at least one picture you used on your profiles at Netlog, Bebo and MySpace.

(I never linked any photobuckets and contacted photobuckets to delete any fake accounts) and realised what has been done, so I cannot trust the internet. There's more to come...

I can't wait.

More Netlog Admin bullshit too...

I've been accused of stalking. Stalking whom?

Where is the evidence? Stalking, as you well know, is a criminal offence. If you are serious about this accusation, I want the police involved IMMEDIATELY.

Admin's response:


The stalked person is thinking of taking the legal action against you. The evidence is in the Netlog clan, in the lines when you call a certain user a weirdo and a homosexual pedophile.

the Netlog Team

So what, I'm in the process of taking legal action against Netlog. Doesn't mean the site gets shut down because I'm telling you about it.

The so called stalked person won't go to the police because he knows he'll end up in prison if he does. The man is a pedophile and Arnold and his mother will back me up on that and so will several other kids.

Let's see now... reinstate the Ratsback profile and I might - just might - consider not taking legal action against Netlog.


I have re-reviewed your case. There might be not enough evidence to consider you stalking other users and we are extremely sorry for such not grounded well enough claim.

However, there is explicit proof that you offended other users of Netlog, and the reason for your being blocked has been adjusted accordingly.

Your profile could be reactivated only upon your strong promise not to breach our Code of Conduct, I'm afraid.

the Netlog Team

And to which profile are you referring when you offer to restore it? All I want from it is the evidence contained within.


We are talking about the bigjohn92 profile. As for now, I do not offer anything - to be reviewed for the unblocking, we need to see the user's strong promise to improve, which is not the case here.

Here's the evidence for your offending other users: "homosexual pedophile and weirdo". Does that ring a bell to you? You posted such a message on one of Netlog clans.

the Netlog Team

Oh I don't care about the bigjohn92 profile. There's nothing in that which would be of interest to anyone that hasn't been previously stored elsewhere.

And the police file report number for the profile of its former owner who is now using the profile is 19375 filed with Australian Crimestoppers last year.

I know there isn't a snowflake's chance in hell of you contacting Australian police to verify that for yourself because that would be tantamount to admitting liability.

As for the weirdo, I also know nobody at admin is about to look at Harry Larsson's MySpace page either so if you can't be bothered to look at the available evidence unless it appears in a helpdesk ticket like this, then I think it's about time you do face a reality check and have external forces pay you a visit - armed to the eyeballs with warrants.

Have an interesting day.

Wayne the bullshit artist.

Online Doctor. I have decided to share a secret here. I used to run a site as Online Doctor. Please see

Bear in mind, I hava had just added new information on it as I am intenting to make it more public. How and why did I create the site?

Pay attention class; I want you to pick the massive hole in this explanation without any help from me.

During 2005, I was talking to a friend called Vicki (on MSN) and we were talking about religion. It was a pretty DEEP chat and she joked that I reminded her of Doctor Who.

(She's the first to say that but not the last). I've put Online Doctor as an MSN name for a joke. Until one day, there were a couple called Marie and Gary (the names has been changed). They lived together in the same house and they both speaks to me via MSN as they lived in Ireland, Dublin I think.

So, Marie has told me that she thinks that Gary is seeing someone else, because he was unusually late from work (and early to work).

Gary left the house a few times without letting Marie know. It was like that for weeks and weeks. So,. Gary spoke to me on MSN and explained why he was like that for a few weeks. He was secretly arrnaging a surprise wedding for Marie.

A what? You mean you can marry someone now without making arrangements with your intended spouse?

He plans to have the church ready, invited the family and friends to attend the wedding without her knowledge, and so on. The entire wedding plans were a big secret. Marie NEVER knew about this at all except for her friends and family.

Gary asked me to keep it as a secret and I promised him that I will help him out. Later on, Marie and I were talking again. I had simply told her that she MUST trust Gary 100% even he seems to be "up to no good". I explained to her that Gary does have a good reason to be sneaky and she need to trust him if she does truly love him.

Marie agreed to trust him. A few weeks later, Gary took Marie to a pre-arranged venue, a church, and to her surprise, everyone were there, all in their best outfits etc. Gary knelt and asked her to marry him.

Obviously, Marie said yes. So..they had a fantastic wedding.

Can anyone spot anything unusual with this?

Gary spoke to me again to say thank you for helping to keep things a secret and making sure Marie doesn't lose trust him in. He said "Wayne, you are Online Doctor". Touched by his comments, I've decided to use that name for a good purpose.

I usually enjoy dealing with people's problems, and I like to remain anonymous, like those superheroes, Superman, Batman, etc...they kept the identity hidden and help people out.

Superheroes, at least, wear underpants Wayne - even if they do wear them on the outside.

So, wanting to do the same thing, I've created Online Doctor website, with a new email address. It wasn't too successful as there wasn't enough exposure or publicity. I can't afford paying for a real website and such. The reason I have decided to go public with Online Doctor because a bully on here is pushing me into "public" eye.

So, I am going to take advantages of that. The Online Doctor is not a secret anymore, and EVERY actions will be revealed on Netlog. If the bully think it's wrong to be modest and remain anonymous. I am NOT interested in praises, grattitudes, compliments. I usually enjoy sorting people's problems and then go away and get on with someone else's problems.

However, I did adverise the site once on Netlog, one of them was on Pervert Alert. I did avoid at first explaining it was me (on guestbooks etc) so, I decided to reveal the identity to Narissa (Owner of Pervert Alert).

Actually Wayne, you quit the clan when you were pressed on the subject and that's when you started whining about being bullied.

I have revealed it to her via private message so she knows. Now, the secret is out, and watch this speace for the Netlog Version of Online Doctor. Yes, everything is public on that site so I can't be accused for "hiding" things. More blogs to come about me...

Part 3: Dual MSN accounts: The fact and reasons
Part 4: My sexuality: No longer private and why.
Part 5: How do I know the members of Netlog.

Netlog, the safest haven for pedophiles on the internet.

Hi, I am sick and tired of you posting those kind of blogs. If you have an explicit proof that somebody is abusing underage, please let me know. Otherwise I will not hesitate to block you permanently.

I know that you like to run those campaigns on your profile, they attract attention and everything. In this respect, however, I cannot agree on that. I am not saying that this guy is innocent.

Nevertheless you just cannot go on like this. Please show me EXPLICIT evidence and I will get him blocked.


My response to Tomek....

Ok, JCBoilvr... convicted pedophile by the name of John Curry. He's been
reported before and he's still here. You can find his rap sheet on the Florida
Sex Offender Regsitry. I warned you about this
guy back in January - yet he's still here. My most recent blog has nothing
whatsoever to do with Wayne Adams, Tomasz, I'm telling you that you do not have
control over your site.

Non-English clans and profiles proliferate here
and you as clans manager are manifestly incapable of enforcing the Code of
Conduct of this website. How on earth would you propose to prove me wrong on

The link to the search term "Teen" in the video section of this
website is littered with pornography. Personally I couldn't care less about it
but unless management cleans things up, I will go to the press - and I will do
it BECAUSE profiles of those who are pursuing kids are not dealt with in any
sort of satisfactory manner.

Sam Smith is a prime case in point. As for
Wayne Adams, I have what you describe as "hearsay" evidence from kids who've
told me what he's like, what he does - all of it. I managed to track down all of
his old profile names so if you google the following terms, you'll see
everything he's done since he's been here - but you have to look at the cached


For me,
mruncrushable yielded the best results. When I see kids and adults comment that
they don't know how to report abuse, how do you propose to get EXPLICIT

All you're going to get is hearsay. Look at Lorenz's guestbook
for the comments by rubyrednics... is that hearsay as well? Add up the hearsay
and circumstantial evidence and use some commonsense and take advantage of the
Terms and Conditions which clearly state accounts can be blocked without warning
or explanation and clean the predators out of your website.

It's too
late to think of attempting to permanently block me, Tomasz. For starters, I'll
get around it in no time flat using any one of half a dozen means at my
disposal. You know it and I know it.

Secondly, more people are going to
be on your case asking the very same questions if my issues are not dealt with.
All you'll achieve by blocking me is the destruction of evidence within this

So they've blocked all of my profiles there now - the ones they're aware of that is - they still don't know about a few of the ones I still have - and CEOP, bless their cotton socks, have just published their expectations of the responsibilities of social networking sites.

Because Netlog is also in breach of U.S. law, I'm also going to ask some of my American friends to report the site to U.S. Authorities.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

The continuing war with Netlog.

I had my account at Netlog blocked and the clans manager sent me the following email:

Hello Paul Ritchie,

Your Netlog account has been blocked by a Netlog moderator.

The moderator gave this reason:
After numerous incidents and reports from other Netlog users, we have decided that there is a substantial number of evidence that has led us to the conclusion that your account requires blocking. Apart from the major cases of disturbing the public order on the site your inappropriate conduct also includes: -running (in the past) a fake profile of an underage boy the pictures on that profile come from unknown source and they definitely resemble numerous pictures so often reported by yourself -slanderous behaviour towards numerous users of Netlog, -foul language, -publishing false accusations based on assumptions rather than credible evidence -lack of willingness to cooperate with the admin

The correspondence has been flying thick and fast between me and admin because of what's been happening there. It was because of what was going on at Netlog that I made The Daily Rat website which I had to stop doing because some twats were warning the filth we were going after.
is the url.

One they forgot to warn was Darryl Rowe from Adelaide who was arrested in February and has his computer confiscated.

Anyway, the clans manager had this to say in a locked clan at Netlog...

You know that I do not post in this clan, however I feel that you guys should know what I think about some of the issues that have been raised in other blog messages in PA.
Please excuse me writing a separate blog message. I just want to make it very clear to everybody.
All users, who ever took the chance to talk to me, know that I would never use any credentials given to me to log in for some other users. Please do not say that I have the password to any account if you sent it to me totally unprompted. I did not, do not and will not log in for any other users and any accounts other than Tomek2006.
As for the blocking of the account of "Ratsback". I do not want to publish the whole reasoning here as it is of private nature and I am not sure whether the person in question would like everybody to read it or not. I believe that it was well-reasoned and certainly the account had not been blocked for nothing. This person has been acting like the CoC does not apply to him. It might be easier to fight abuse using dirty tricks but this makes it really difficult to tell one apart from a real abuser.

Another important thing I would like everybody to know is that:

I am always happy to talk to you and if you send me a pm there is a big chance that I will respond. Nevertheless, I receive hundreds of messages every day and sending me pms with regard to urgent and abuse-attached issues is not the best way to solve the problem. All of you who ever tried to cooperate with the admin team know that writing the Helpdesk should get you a prompt and helpful response.

I hope that this sheds some light on the whole issue.
To which I responded with:

As for the blocking of the account of "Ratsback". I do not want to publish the whole reasoning here as it is of private nature and I am not sure whether the person in question would like everybody to read it or not.

It is not of a private nature at all and the person in question would be only too pleased to have the reasons published for everyone to see. It is the opinion of the person in question that it is Netlog admin who would prefer to have the whole issue kept quiet.

This person has been acting like the CoC does not apply to him. It might be easier to fight abuse using dirty tricks but this makes it really difficult to tell one apart from a real abuser.

Actually, this person was acting like the CoC does not apply to the administration of this site and numerous examples were posted to confirm that hypothesis. To refresh the memories of those who may be reading this...

From the CoC:
This is the English version of Netlog. To enable moderation, you can post blogs, videos, comments... in English only.

Furthermore the Terms and Conditions of this website have this to say about membership here:

"Netlog is at liberty to cancel your membership at any time, for any reason and without previous warning."

You, however, keep LYING to us by saying you need proof before you can take any action. Your own terms and conditions CLEARLY STATE OTHERWISE.

Spend just 3 minutes looking through this clan and see if you can justify to the kids here why you blocked Rat for going after someone you yourself consider has no credibility yet all these real criminals are allowed to carry on as if nobody in admin cares how many kids the creeps try to get on webcam.

The following response was posted this morning:

1. Let's not be hypocritical. Go ahead and publish the e-mail you received when I blocked your account under the name Ratsback. I just have ;) I strongly believe that it has strong reasoning and it is just. I don't.

2. Again due to the lack of reasonable arguments you try to use foreign clans. The security of children and clans in languages other than English are two separate issues on Netlog. Show me a clan that is against the CoC that has been reported and was not blocked. If you are going to act like this it is way more destructive than constructive.

3.Indeed such a point exists in the TOS of Netlog. I could possibly enforce this rule on your account. Nevertheless we always try to look for dialog and mutual understanding. When it comes to the parts where you do good you act like you are the most caring person on Netlog, however when it comes to the parts where you act just like a regular abuser, running fake accounts of children, posting slanderous accusations etc..... you simply say that you never said you were nice. Is this consistent?
I am on good terms with so many users who want to fight abuse. I think this is sad that finding a mutual understanding with you seems impossible. I do not think that I am the one to blame for that though.
I think that what I wrote here is a hard nut. Please do not respond before thinking about it seriously. I will not go into a regular argument anyways.
My response to this "shoot the messenger" mentality:

I'm making just one point - and that point is you do NOT have control of the site.

Say what you like about me being inconsistent, abusive or whatever - it doesn't change the fact that you do not have any control over this site. The proof we in this clan offer is not sufficient proof for you. We obviously have different standards.

The further proof I show in support of my assertion that you do not have control of this site is discounted on the base of it not being related to the safety of kids.

I reiterate: You do NOT have control of this site and THAT makes it intrinsically unsafe for kids. Your attitude makes it worse. You are aware you are in breach of U.S. law right now aren't you. That has ramifications for Netlog.

And one more thing: Just exactly what sort of dialogue would you be thinking of entertaining with the sorts of people we name here in this clan?

There is a whole lot more that I've thrown at this person and as I get time, I'll post it.