Saturday, May 31, 2008

Netlog, the safest haven for pedophiles on the internet.

Hi, I am sick and tired of you posting those kind of blogs. If you have an explicit proof that somebody is abusing underage, please let me know. Otherwise I will not hesitate to block you permanently.

I know that you like to run those campaigns on your profile, they attract attention and everything. In this respect, however, I cannot agree on that. I am not saying that this guy is innocent.

Nevertheless you just cannot go on like this. Please show me EXPLICIT evidence and I will get him blocked.


My response to Tomek....

Ok, JCBoilvr... convicted pedophile by the name of John Curry. He's been
reported before and he's still here. You can find his rap sheet on the Florida
Sex Offender Regsitry. I warned you about this
guy back in January - yet he's still here. My most recent blog has nothing
whatsoever to do with Wayne Adams, Tomasz, I'm telling you that you do not have
control over your site.

Non-English clans and profiles proliferate here
and you as clans manager are manifestly incapable of enforcing the Code of
Conduct of this website. How on earth would you propose to prove me wrong on

The link to the search term "Teen" in the video section of this
website is littered with pornography. Personally I couldn't care less about it
but unless management cleans things up, I will go to the press - and I will do
it BECAUSE profiles of those who are pursuing kids are not dealt with in any
sort of satisfactory manner.

Sam Smith is a prime case in point. As for
Wayne Adams, I have what you describe as "hearsay" evidence from kids who've
told me what he's like, what he does - all of it. I managed to track down all of
his old profile names so if you google the following terms, you'll see
everything he's done since he's been here - but you have to look at the cached


For me,
mruncrushable yielded the best results. When I see kids and adults comment that
they don't know how to report abuse, how do you propose to get EXPLICIT

All you're going to get is hearsay. Look at Lorenz's guestbook
for the comments by rubyrednics... is that hearsay as well? Add up the hearsay
and circumstantial evidence and use some commonsense and take advantage of the
Terms and Conditions which clearly state accounts can be blocked without warning
or explanation and clean the predators out of your website.

It's too
late to think of attempting to permanently block me, Tomasz. For starters, I'll
get around it in no time flat using any one of half a dozen means at my
disposal. You know it and I know it.

Secondly, more people are going to
be on your case asking the very same questions if my issues are not dealt with.
All you'll achieve by blocking me is the destruction of evidence within this

So they've blocked all of my profiles there now - the ones they're aware of that is - they still don't know about a few of the ones I still have - and CEOP, bless their cotton socks, have just published their expectations of the responsibilities of social networking sites.

Because Netlog is also in breach of U.S. law, I'm also going to ask some of my American friends to report the site to U.S. Authorities.