Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wayne the bullshit artist.

Online Doctor. I have decided to share a secret here. I used to run a site as Online Doctor. Please see

Bear in mind, I hava had just added new information on it as I am intenting to make it more public. How and why did I create the site?

Pay attention class; I want you to pick the massive hole in this explanation without any help from me.

During 2005, I was talking to a friend called Vicki (on MSN) and we were talking about religion. It was a pretty DEEP chat and she joked that I reminded her of Doctor Who.

(She's the first to say that but not the last). I've put Online Doctor as an MSN name for a joke. Until one day, there were a couple called Marie and Gary (the names has been changed). They lived together in the same house and they both speaks to me via MSN as they lived in Ireland, Dublin I think.

So, Marie has told me that she thinks that Gary is seeing someone else, because he was unusually late from work (and early to work).

Gary left the house a few times without letting Marie know. It was like that for weeks and weeks. So,. Gary spoke to me on MSN and explained why he was like that for a few weeks. He was secretly arrnaging a surprise wedding for Marie.

A what? You mean you can marry someone now without making arrangements with your intended spouse?

He plans to have the church ready, invited the family and friends to attend the wedding without her knowledge, and so on. The entire wedding plans were a big secret. Marie NEVER knew about this at all except for her friends and family.

Gary asked me to keep it as a secret and I promised him that I will help him out. Later on, Marie and I were talking again. I had simply told her that she MUST trust Gary 100% even he seems to be "up to no good". I explained to her that Gary does have a good reason to be sneaky and she need to trust him if she does truly love him.

Marie agreed to trust him. A few weeks later, Gary took Marie to a pre-arranged venue, a church, and to her surprise, everyone were there, all in their best outfits etc. Gary knelt and asked her to marry him.

Obviously, Marie said yes. So..they had a fantastic wedding.

Can anyone spot anything unusual with this?

Gary spoke to me again to say thank you for helping to keep things a secret and making sure Marie doesn't lose trust him in. He said "Wayne, you are Online Doctor". Touched by his comments, I've decided to use that name for a good purpose.

I usually enjoy dealing with people's problems, and I like to remain anonymous, like those superheroes, Superman, Batman, etc...they kept the identity hidden and help people out.

Superheroes, at least, wear underpants Wayne - even if they do wear them on the outside.

So, wanting to do the same thing, I've created Online Doctor website, with a new email address. It wasn't too successful as there wasn't enough exposure or publicity. I can't afford paying for a real website and such. The reason I have decided to go public with Online Doctor because a bully on here is pushing me into "public" eye.

So, I am going to take advantages of that. The Online Doctor is not a secret anymore, and EVERY actions will be revealed on Netlog. If the bully think it's wrong to be modest and remain anonymous. I am NOT interested in praises, grattitudes, compliments. I usually enjoy sorting people's problems and then go away and get on with someone else's problems.

However, I did adverise the site once on Netlog, one of them was on Pervert Alert. I did avoid at first explaining it was me (on guestbooks etc) so, I decided to reveal the identity to Narissa (Owner of Pervert Alert).

Actually Wayne, you quit the clan when you were pressed on the subject and that's when you started whining about being bullied.

I have revealed it to her via private message so she knows. Now, the secret is out, and watch this speace for the Netlog Version of Online Doctor. Yes, everything is public on that site so I can't be accused for "hiding" things. More blogs to come about me...

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