Saturday, May 31, 2008

Wayne the bullshit artist.

I had a changed the name on my Netlog.
So here it is...

Now The_Great_Writer

I had changed my name a few times. First, I thought I would change to Mintcooker to make the bully can't find me, and I was wrong as I didn't realise that the name can change in people's guestbooks etc. name was in that bully's guestbook. So, I thought I better create a new profile and carry on as normal.

By that you mean contacting members of Netlog completely at random as long as they were under 20 and more often that not, male.

I've created CaptainBlogger, and then MrUnCrushAble because the bully's lackey said he is going to crush me, so I used that name as a sign of defiance to him.

That's a new one on me. Even I don't know what the hell you're talking about here.

Then a Great Saint for no reasons...just a fun name and now the great writer...not my idea. My contacts told me that they liked my blogs etc, the name is born, however, don't be surprised that the name will change.

With the bully's relentless abuses, I was forced to delete my bebo and myspace.

Even though I never contacted you once on either - I just told you I knew where they were. I'm really REALLY interested to know how you think the truth won't come out.

I did it to protect my friends.

Liar, you had NO friends on your MySpace and you could have made your bebo private.

They all aware about this stalker and a bully, so they understood. I had several pics removed because I saw a fake photobucket account

Again, LIAR. We linked to your own photobucket account containing at least one picture you used on your profiles at Netlog, Bebo and MySpace.

(I never linked any photobuckets and contacted photobuckets to delete any fake accounts) and realised what has been done, so I cannot trust the internet. There's more to come...

I can't wait.

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