Friday, October 12, 2007

27 years ago...

My brother Christopher was born...

Not a day has passed when I haven't thought about him at least a hundred times.

Sunday, October 07, 2007

Social networking sites


They do. I've seen more heartache, pain and misery emanating from social networking sites than I've seen in a lot of places for a long time.

The filth are like a hidden army running through those sites, sometimes in packs and often in more than one site at a time, luring kids into god knows what.

Oli's brother grabbed me into one such site and after lurking there for a tad over 6 months now, I've managed to get one kid out of a nest of filth and I hope for all I'm worth I'm not too late to extricate another - and that's not even beginning to address the more than 850 kids who were on John Quan's friends list before the posse hounded him into submission, forced him to hide his MySpace picture, caught him out at Ringo and eventually stole his account. (that was me... lulz!)

Dirty fucking bastard was tricking underage girls into webcam shenanigans.

One bloody site, so many unhappy kids.

But in the midst of it all, and in the back of my mind has been my friends. In particular Oli, Marc and Anton. I've been giving so much of my time to fighting perverts at that shithole that I've been completely absent from those friends I really do love so much. (There's also the slight inconvenience of having to actually go into work and spend 8 or 9 hours at the office which I would otherwise have spent at home being pleasantly distracted, but hell, for double the pay, why not.)

So anyway, the upside of it is there's a bunch of new people to care about, in particular Justin, Andrew, Nick, Sara, Rory, Simon, Alej, Kat, Ray and Sue. It just makes me feel pretty low that I haven't been around at all for Oli, Marc, Wilbur, Mel and - and of course, His Lordship.