Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Wayne the bullshit artist.

My dual MSN accounts.

I used to have this MSN addy as, again, the Doctor part is based on Doctor Who.

Not as a medical doctor. I have used it for "public", meaning anyone on Netlog can add me to talk to me on it. At that time, I did have another and private MSN address.

Yes you did, Wayne: And as you described in one chat with a youngster - one address for "fun" chats and one for "clean" chats. Here's an example of an actual conversation Wayne had with an actual 14 yo...

(16:36) Wayne. 3 Days. I: im changing my top. so you want to go on your cam for a few seconds? (16:37) Nick : why?
(16:37) Wayne. 3 Days. I: dunno. to create a converstation
(16:37) Wayne. 3 Days. I: lol. it was a pure random thing

Except we know from what other kids have said, Wayne, that this is a pretty standard thing for you.

You see, if I allow anyone to add me on that address, I can avoid the pests and nuisances by signing it off and talk to my friends on my normal private MSN address.

Most of the rest of us just block the annoying people, Wayne.

But now, the bully kepts blabbing about my private address and public one to encourage fellow bullies to add me on MSN to taunt me.

Actually I do it so everyone knows there are definitely two sides to you - one side that you show to give the impression that you're decent, the other you keep to complete the grooming process.

Well, I did have a bully;s lackeys on my private MSN account (supplied by that original bully) trying to extract information from me.

Seems to me that this bully is commiting a crime by ignoring Data Protection Act. However, that private one is no longer private one now. the MSN address, is no longer used and availble as my private one has became public, thanks to that bully...however, I don't mind revealing it on here.. my address is

The Data Protection Act doesn't apply to me, knob. It applies to Netlog and is intended to prevent them from making details of members - especially kids - available to marketers and groomers.

I had created a new private one and nobody on Netlog knows about it so this bully's spies CAN'T get in my new private address. So, I have a full control and a peace of mind. So.... don't bother adding as it is now "dead"

If you want to talk to me on my public msn, it's There you go. Not hiding anything apart from my private email address. I am not daft enough to reveal thje addy so the pests can't add me all the time to taunt me.

lulz... it won't take me very long to find out. Haven't you guessed yet? The kids tell me all about you and I don't even have to ask them for the info. They tell me because they know what you are.

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