Saturday, May 31, 2008

More Netlog Admin bullshit too...

I've been accused of stalking. Stalking whom?

Where is the evidence? Stalking, as you well know, is a criminal offence. If you are serious about this accusation, I want the police involved IMMEDIATELY.

Admin's response:


The stalked person is thinking of taking the legal action against you. The evidence is in the Netlog clan, in the lines when you call a certain user a weirdo and a homosexual pedophile.

the Netlog Team

So what, I'm in the process of taking legal action against Netlog. Doesn't mean the site gets shut down because I'm telling you about it.

The so called stalked person won't go to the police because he knows he'll end up in prison if he does. The man is a pedophile and Arnold and his mother will back me up on that and so will several other kids.

Let's see now... reinstate the Ratsback profile and I might - just might - consider not taking legal action against Netlog.


I have re-reviewed your case. There might be not enough evidence to consider you stalking other users and we are extremely sorry for such not grounded well enough claim.

However, there is explicit proof that you offended other users of Netlog, and the reason for your being blocked has been adjusted accordingly.

Your profile could be reactivated only upon your strong promise not to breach our Code of Conduct, I'm afraid.

the Netlog Team

And to which profile are you referring when you offer to restore it? All I want from it is the evidence contained within.


We are talking about the bigjohn92 profile. As for now, I do not offer anything - to be reviewed for the unblocking, we need to see the user's strong promise to improve, which is not the case here.

Here's the evidence for your offending other users: "homosexual pedophile and weirdo". Does that ring a bell to you? You posted such a message on one of Netlog clans.

the Netlog Team

Oh I don't care about the bigjohn92 profile. There's nothing in that which would be of interest to anyone that hasn't been previously stored elsewhere.

And the police file report number for the profile of its former owner who is now using the profile is 19375 filed with Australian Crimestoppers last year.

I know there isn't a snowflake's chance in hell of you contacting Australian police to verify that for yourself because that would be tantamount to admitting liability.

As for the weirdo, I also know nobody at admin is about to look at Harry Larsson's MySpace page either so if you can't be bothered to look at the available evidence unless it appears in a helpdesk ticket like this, then I think it's about time you do face a reality check and have external forces pay you a visit - armed to the eyeballs with warrants.

Have an interesting day.


fryboy420247 said...

i too recieved a warning for "offending " someone ermm was it the color of my hair or in me calling thier husbands profile suspicious -along with tomek and everyone else but wait did they recieve such warnings? assuredly not ....or was it because i just dont buy the bullshit that the admin on netlog try to spew ? a just action needs to justification nor defense ,and sorry i wont kiss polish nor belgian arse nor any arse and unlike the pedo who admits it then hides it , i dont run and hide i look u back in the eye

ChatRat said...

When Wayne spews all his bullshit reasons for all the things he's said and done, the people he's said and done it all with might have something to say about it all.

I hope they're gutsy enough to speak up, some probably are, some I know won't be - they don't want to risk the wrath of Tomek.

(I don't like ferrets either, tbh)

j. (fryboy420247) said...

* a typo ( forgive my bad typin' )
"a just action needs no justification nor defense"...* now that i have thetypo out of the way from my previos comment ...let me quote netlog's letter
"Here's the evidence for your offending other users: "homosexual pedophile and weirdo". Does that ring a bell to you? You posted such a message on one of Netlog clans "
if i recall the the blog and comments that was made in a locked and private clan and was also a generic refernce to two as of yet un-named people but i can clearly see that netlog took it out of the scope and applied it as they wish -just as they are fabricating imagined offenses to block me ...i also see that they applied that comment to whom ?in a world where one has a freedom of speech i find it hard to believe that now some one who is drunk with the power of being able to "control" aspects of peoples online lifes and now to censor beecause of a generalization of a non named party or parties alsmost looks exactly like it is - someone doesnt want the light shown about themselfs because the truth is so terrible that they look just as they are in that light ie: a homosexual pedophile and a wierdo and even though homosexuality is looked at as being permissible that they are ashamed to admit what they are to themselfs let alone the world ,and they play a cunning game to try to hide a secret that isnt such a a secret and is readily apparent to anyone who looks but for people in a power to have accounts blocked to ignore what is so blantantly obvious doesnt mean anything except that they do have knowledge of this and either participate in the homosexual or pedophiliac ways or are rendered some service to keep thier mouth shut and help hide such despicable attacks on humanity and humanity's chilldren furthering yet another generation of pedo's and homosexual's ,tho i admit that i am not a christian i know in my heart that homosexuality is wrong and does nothing to promote the furtherance of the human race and apparently they know this too ,one of the biggest and most hienous of serial killers was just such a person ....john wayne gacy -who imprisoned and tortured his young victims often for weeks before butchering and eating the flesh of his victim's , he also admitted to hating homosexuals ( he knew it was wrong therefore) and hated himself for being one but i note that he didnt change his ways for the better instead opting for the worse he could do ......sad that and i for one am glad that he was caught ,punished and is now deceased !

Anonymous said...

Hi , im a bit concerned about this site, i us adult site such as friend finder for ex, and notice netlog link from some peoples sites...i signed up to it to look for friendship in my area. Then noticed full of young girls adding blogs , some quit full on and they were able to view my profile too , and even try to add me to yahoo(not interested) .. i refused a few people including young boys ,, even though they tried few times ... then for some reason my account was bloked... not that bothered but wanted a reason why . I new one of my pics was stopped from being loaded " me in boxers" but when you see other pics being posted via blog i dont understand .. when asking netlog for reason, reply was " what was the point of your pics "
Well 2 was off face and other 2 in my jean no top on .... 2 in boxers (one removed )..
My biggest cocern is that some profiles are being used to redirect you to adult cam sites , no age check required, this is going too far GET THIS SITE REMOVED NOW....
coop39 well i was

ChatRat said...

The site is a dead loss as far as I'm concerned. It took an email from the authorities in Florida about jcboilvr before they finally blocked that profile. As if it weren't obvious by the profile name what that maggot was doing there, never mind what we'd told admin he'd been doing.

One of the nicest people on that whole site had his account blocked for supposed abusive behaviour yet nobody could tell him what he'd done wrong beside more vague and general explanations.

Admin insists - when we want a profile blocked - that they must have specific proof of misconduct. But when they want to shut down a profile because it's annoying, you can't get a sensible answer out of them.

Double standards, bullshit and offering kids up to pedophiles. That's the Netlog way.

abeer ahmed said...

want to know who owns