Saturday, March 17, 2007

Plague takes up the reins...

I do so enjoy trailing the Liars Team around by the nose...

The argument he's trying to make now is that because Wes either mistakenly or for effect used the plural, then everything that follows is a lie. That's just stupid and disingenuous.

Actually plaque, any statement proceeding from an inaccurate premise is an untruth and when the premise is deliberately misleading, the statement is a lie. Let's not get all semantic about it, it's just a lie. But Corel's good at that sort of thing, you may have noticed. You're certainly following her example.

There's a whole catalogue celebrating the enormity of all your bullshit too, plaque.

Here's one example for you...

It would be akin to the gedanken experiment where let's say he hangs out with five 16 year olds. In this scenario, someone refers to it being a half of a dozen, which sends Rat into a frenzy of denial and calling the person a liar.

He's doing exactly that in this case, attempting to dismiss an underlying contention due to what is in essence a slight error in math.

It wasn't a slight error in math, Mr Liar Plague, it was an outright lie. It was a deliberate attempt to mislead as are all of your own when you sprinkle your assertions with unfounded assumptions, language intended to cause an emotional rather than a rational reaction, exaggeration, misdirection... the list just goes on and on - as do the Liars Team.

Now that we've gotten the semantics out of the way, we can address the fundamental problem with this scenario.

False Dilemma
The arguer presents a limited number of choices or options, while in reality there are more options than those presented. A variation on this fallacy is "Bifurcation" or the "Black and White" fallacy where only two options are considered while other alternatives exist.

And let's get on with the limited number of choices to show you up for the liar you are, plaque.

At best, it indicates an emotionally retarded man who seeks out teens due to some inability to interact with more age-appropriate people. Taking even this most generous of interpretations, it indicates a serious flaw in character that should be addressed rather than indulged.

Actually, when all the evidence is presented, it doesn't indicate any such thing at all. By your reasoning, all teachers, coaches, extended family members - in fact everyone who isn't a parent or sibling of a child - is creepy and wrong for not immediately spurning every young person who comes within visual range.

I used to coach junior sport. In six years and two different sports, my teams won five premierships and were runners up twice. Helping kids achieve their own goals is a buzz. It's a buzz you'll never know. Ask Corel how absurdly disproportionately thrilling it is when Lumpy the Wonderbrat does something new like reading a street sign or differentiate between a bag of rice and a bag of spaghetti. That's the payoff, plaque. Your idea of a thrill is to chalk up self proclaimed victories in an internet argument against a person you don't know for the edification of people you don't even like!

What a pointless existence you have.

Almost as pointless as the continued existence of the Bint offspring. I mean, that waste of resources is going to be dependent for the rest of his life, draining the finances of the community at large, the product of the defective genes handed down by its genetically questionable maternal unit. Special schools, sheltered workshops, nursing home by the time it's 40... yep, nothing but a charity case there. God help us all if that blighted creature is ever permitted to grant its parents any grandchildren.

Of course, if I had a say in it, he could be employed as a moving target in a paintball arena. Tom the Splot...



The Bintage_Liar tells the truth (for once in her pointless life)

the sick thing about this place is.. we see the heading.. we know it's going to be vile as all manner of fuck.But we can't not look.That says something about the membership here. It really really does.

One could almost feel sorry for them for persisting in this notion I'm preying on teenagers for any sort of sordid reason they imagine. After all, by their own admission, they are sick and vile and can't help themselves.

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