Friday, May 25, 2007

Strange politics

Before I get into that, the message I posted earlier today about the disturbing video has now had 306 reader comments appended to it.

Ooh, everyone's so appalled. How utterly predictable.

Some poor saps at Rupert HQ have had to sit there and read through all that, moderate and then post those comments to the website. No wonder advertising's expensive.

Anyway, I got this message in my inbox at MySpace - the one into which the filth tried unsuccessfully to gain admittance.

It reads thusly...

The Full Implications of what Ron Paul Proposes

Dear Friends,

A disturbing trend has developed here on MySpace and on other social networks that are currently beyond the control of the DHS: peer-to-peer support for a presidential candidate that intends to destroy the economic fabric of the United States. In the past, you have accepted our responsibility for selecting preapproved candidates for you to choose between, but with Ron Paul you are selecting someone outside of the preapproval process. Since you seem to want to take responsibility for this upon yourself, you should be aware of the full implications of Ron Paul's platform.

If elected as president, Ron Paul would have the means necessary to bring the executive branch of the United States federal government to within constitutional limits. This precludes the possibility of an Internal Revenue Service, a Department of Homeland Security, military action outside of wars officially declared by Congress, and hidden government agendas.

Perhaps that doesn't sound so bad to you, but you should be aware that all of the departments and actions Ron Paul proposes to do away with have one thing in common: they are necessary for your paycheck. Whether you like it or not, you are part of the world's biggest pyramid scheme. You can only get money in this system by paying up the chain of authority and trying to recoup your investment from those below you. The likelihood of your success depends on how well the unconstitutional agencies and actions of the federal government can force others to join the bottom of the pyramid through puppet governments, military threats, economic pressure, etc.

Through your taxes and other withholdings, you have already paid tens of thousands of dollars into this pyramid. In fact, most of the purchase price of any product goes directly into the revenue streams of investors rather than to the people who help create it. If we can get the people of the Middle East and Asia on board, you will be a primary recipient of the fruits of their labor. Do you really want to destroy the pyramid now that we are on the verge of adding millions of people to your revenue stream?

Please read my blog and consider the full implications of your actions before deciding to support Ron Paul.

Cyber Terrorism

Thank you for your time and consideration,

The Department of Homeland Security

Can't reply, their profile is friends only. My profile is friends only as well. That's to keep filth like Trevor out of it. I flagged the message as spam though so I guess they won't have long to be posting from MySpace.

For those who've been waiting for me to get on messenger for the last two days, my apologies. I've been otherwise occupied. I know you're all anxious for things to get moving but I'm trying to snare a nice little six month gig out of town and that's where my focus has been. There's always email so if you're that edgy about it all, use that.

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