Tuesday, May 29, 2007


Some I don't like getting, most I don't like leaving, some I really don't like not receiving.

Especially when I've grown somewhat accustomed to receiving them. Sometimes sending them is a huge thrill. Just saying "Hey, job well done!" and getting a nice "Thanks" in reply is all it takes to make hours of trawling through one's inbox an activity worth doing.

The most recent is still the reply I got from Massachusetts Democratic Representative, Brad Hill over driver licen(s)ing reforms and it's on my mind because Victoria's own Premier, Steve Bracks was over there earlier this month.

Had I been awake to his trip before he went, I would have got in contact with him to discuss the issue with Mr Hill.

I rang Sarah today and left a message for her. The accent still makes me laugh. I was going to get on messenger tonight but Denton interviewed Richard E Grant and it was the best interview I've seen in a long time. Denton is a brilliant interviewer. So too, it seems is Richard Grant. It was a real tennis match of an interview, but hilarious.

Enough Rope
is the show, sux not to get it if you're not in Aus. :)

It was a lovely weekend the one just gone. Andrew in Brisbane sent me a link which I passed on to Will in Canada who had just closed the site as I popped the link up. Freaked him out.

Seems the bloke with whom Andrew shares was poking around on Digg and some person to whom Will was talking was also poking around in Digg and they both saw the same link, passed it to Andrew and Will respectively and Andrew passed it to me and I passed it to Will.

Small world.

Then, of course, there was the inevitable discussion about The River (lmao!) and Will declaring it never happened because he hadn't seen it and then I found the vid of it on YouTube.

RIVER! Is now a meme.

Now, if only I can impart the joys of faits accompli to someone who hasn't yet had the life experience to be able to understand the absolute supremacy of faits accompli over pre-emptive strikes.

Ah yes.. messages, messages, messages...

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