Friday, May 18, 2007

More lawl. Don't fight it.

You stupid bitch, that's a satirical cover of the original. We are talking about the original NON-SATIRE piece by Fergie.You really are a fucking moron, Swords.

Completely unnecessary, Henry. What the hell is wrong with you lately?

The prima donna queen of Liars Team HQ objects when the site founder speaks the truth. Good God!

Well, Coral, she's not just a stupid bitch, she's a two-faced, ignorant, creep as well. She fits right in at Liars Team HQ. Still on about credit card details too, I see. Amazing really, given the fact what I posted is exactly the same info as the plonker himself posted in a Battlestar Gallactica fail forum. You're all just pissed off because Bint said she paid for something and I provided evidence to show she was lying to all of you.

Bint or Plonk posted a message on one of my other blogs a few months ago after I made mention of certain police activity in which I was involved in order to round up some baddies north of my place. Well, today, because of what I did, they were rounded up. If you like, I'll try to find details of it on the internet when it comes out so you can all eat even more of your own words.

Just say the word - any word, doesn't matter, I'll take it as an emphatic wish to see the evidence.


Anonymous said...

Doing it all in the name of Anonymous.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous approves.