Wednesday, May 09, 2007

Moar raids

Just sitting patiently and waiting for things to happen and watching with mild amusement as they do.

On one hand, THEY who saged that bullshitting cow's blog a month or so ago are now saging the Strawberry Shortcake of internet communities.

The owner of the site, instead of just cleaning up the mess and banning the perpetrators had to go and fight the lawl. Now the whole /b/ army is on his case and they won't rest until they've brought the site crashing down.

These are the same people who have somewhat disrupted the normal day to day functioning of white supremacist internet radio thing, Hal Turner.

Turner Radio Main Site Back soon

I am doing some work on the name servers that handle my sites. Both my main site and are presently unavailable but will be back within 24-48 hours.

Don't bet on it Hal baby. In a nutshell, if they wish it, your shit is history.

So too is Subeta. For the record, I didn't do anything to that Sierra woman before she spread her lies - which pissed me right off, btw, and I haven't touched Hal Turner's bits either. I also haven't done diddly to Subeta but I happen to enjoy watching it happen. I like watching the momentum build, the organisation take place, the zip files get swapped, thousands of passwords getting shared amongst enthusiastic supporters and the owners of those sites tearing their hair out trying to make it all stop.

The most enjoyable part is the bloke who owns the site, Trevor, is Trevor. The Trevors of this world just seem to be made of aids and fail. And who am I to stand in the way of sage and win?

And while I'm about, talking about things that are happening, have happened and may happen if I play my cards well enough, it just occured to me, after reading Eric Norlin's blog, that even though Web 2:0 (wtf is it anyway?) has only just been hushed up for being such a massive failure, Web 3:0 will be internet service provided by invitation only and will use a closed network of servers. The kids are already running their own servers, it won't be long before they work out how to build their own networks separate from those under the watchful eyes of Party Van drivers.

Web 3:0 or you're living in the past, people.

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