Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Dear Princess Thicky,

Years ago, I used to watch The Young Ones (who didn't) and I saw the episode wherein Neil joined the police force and became in the English vernacular, The Filth. "Open up, it's the pigs..."

The Filth to which I made reference has nothing whatsoever to do with the Old Bill, sweetheart, and if you were more interested in the context of that conversation rather than on what spin you might put on any part of it, it wouldn't take a Rhodes Scholar to figure out I wasn't talking about the Old Bill, I was talking about people like Trevor and Atmo - you know, FILTH.

Also, there was once a website which contained essay and exam cheats but it was shut down because someone stole exam papers and posted them on the website. I don't have plans quite that ambitious, but I do have plans to post content that will help students get through their highschools' coursework because, frankly, my opinion of formal education practices is that they are worse than criminal and any enterprise which gives victims of that system an edge is a good thing.

Naturally, it must be kept away from the prying eyes of the establishments, but because I envisage young person activity going on around that particular area of the site, I foresee the advent of perverts - and I will do everything I possibly can to keep those perverts (The Filth) from getting access to those areas of the site.

Oli knew what I was talking about, strange that "intelligent adults" couldn't figure it out.

Oh, I know why... it's because you're all perverts and all you think about is sex. One of your filth scanned the conversation transcript for creepiness. Shows where that brainless turd gets its jollies, huh.

Henry read the whole thing and responded with "very entertaining" and "ROFL". Kudos to him, even if he did misunderstand what was going on. It must have been a supreme disappointment to the filth at Liars Team HQ that the conversation didn't contain any subtle hints or other instances of interaction you might find posted at Monticello forums. Strange to say, none of my conversations have anything that would remotely interest them.

Only you.

And you proceeded to turn an entertaining debate about the difference between learning and teaching into something sexual and seedy. I can't help it if your minds are in the gutter. It sorta becomes the norm when you associate with people who can't get their minds out of the gutter at all. In a nutshell, you are sad, boring, limited, predictable and pathetic.

And I did have to laugh with Oli when he happened to mention tonight that the once proudly uncensored paragon of freedom of speech on the internet, Liars Team HQ, is now MODERATED!

Cheri would be so proud of you all - if she could get her own mind out of the gutter that is.


This time, someone posts a slightly creepy conversation, and we point that out (and laugh at it). And apparently this means we're "pwned".

Um... pardon me for being obtuse, but the purpose of the original message was to get a response to the proposition that teaching is a waste of time, that learning is the important activity and teachers are not a prerequisite to learning. The purpose of the message wasn't to guage how creepy the conversation was.

You don't need me to pwn you, you do it perfectly adequately yourself. And I suggested to Oli that what you've done is exactly what would happen.

Toodle pip, idiots. See you at the NEXT set up.

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