Saturday, May 19, 2007

Professional lawl - idiots fight it.

The best and most effective ads ever are the ones the authorities try to ban. In the UK, an anti-smoking campaign ad has provoked the ire of too many softcocks for it to remain dull.

The fight about the ad is spreading its consumption like wildfire, far moreso than if the protesters had just shut their gobs and not tried to fight the lawl.

Or maybe some brilliant savvy ad-guru hit the jackpot by organising complaints against their own ad, thereby lighting the fuse to this stick of viral marketing dynamite. Who knows? Who cares.

I liked the paragraph that appeared in's weekly wrap, though...

Back to more serious stuff, hardcore UK anti-smoking posters showing men and women with fish hooks through their mouths attracted one of the highest number of complaints the country's advertising standards watchdog has ever received, and had us asking whether they would scare you into quitting. Close to 150 readers wrote in - some said the ads were lame, while others said they were put off fishing for ever.

They just haven't had a beautiful little shark on their lines yet. :)

150 readers... meh. That's about the size of the typing pool at Clemengers.

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