Tuesday, July 12, 2005


I haven't been here for 4 months. How slack is that!

So what brings me here now? The truth is I'd rather not say, but part of the reason I'd rather not say is the very reason I'm going to impart this bit of information.

I'm here because a series of links from a writer's workshop website I visited last night as an alternative to the one I usually visit had a link to an MSNBC news item concerning the blog of a convicted sex offender who shall remain nameless, whose blog I am not going to name because neither deserve even that much consideration in my opinion. This blogger is the same prick who murdered two children, two adults and held Shasta Groene captive for 7 weeks before staff at Denny's in Coeur d'Alene recognised her in his company and called police.

I'm not usually in favour of the death penalty unless there is absolutely no doubt at all about the guilt of the offender and there are no extenuating circumstances. Frankly, I hope they burn this mofo alive. There isn't a death unpleasant enough for this scum except that to inflict such a death demeans those who would impose it. Lethal injection will suffice - and I can't think of it ever being more richly deserved.

I'm here because the blog in question specifically FAILS to tell the truth either about the man who wrote it or what he had done. The sick f**k boasts about how he "got even" twice and hadn't been caught and that he couldn't be more frank about the contents of his blog except for the encrypted version.

I can just see it now. He's described in detail what he did on those two times he "got even" and he's selling subscriptions to pedophiles. When this bloody liar says he "got even twice", that's his abjectly dishonest euphemism for admitting he raped two more children. That is the extent of this filth's dishonesty.

I'm here because that disgusting freak of nature had the temerity to blog his daily life on a semi-regular basis as if there were any justification at all for his continued existence and deliberately omitted those events which he knew were ample reason to put him to the damn chair.

This scum of the earth was raping children yet coming across in his blog as some sort of victim of society - and says he is exactly that. Blaming the rest of us for his evil. It staggers me that anyone would go to the bother of blogging so aciduously in order to make people believe nothing out of the ordinary was happening when nobody suspected anything was happening - except the police who were at that point after him - and he was both hinting that something was about to unfold, but that he was merely an innocent victim of society once more and the police activity around him was neither fair, reasonable or justified.

Was there anyone ever so adept at manipulation in my lifetime as this filthy swine? I really struggle to believe so.

I am here because this filth wrote a blog. I am here because his blog was given credence by enough air heads to make it frightening. I am here now, blogging in my blog because sinister pus monkeys like him can have a blog and a famous one at that and my neglected blog is unknown.

That's why I'm here, that's why I really don't want to admit why I'm here and now you know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth as to why I am here now blogging these thoughts. My blog is unknown for the simple reason I have been too damn lazy to update it regularly and that's the full, frank and true admission of it.

I am offended that filth like him can have a blog that's read by thousands, that his absolute dishonesty is accepted on face value by dozens if not hundreds of people, that he even has supporters and others think and feel as he does and are even prepared to stand up and be counted and the efforts of innocent people are ignored - and by that, continuing the theme of full and frank admission, I don't just mean me and my blog, but the humdrum blogs of thousands of others just like me and not in the least like me - but all of us innocent of the evil perpetrated by this maggot - all of our blogs go unacknowledged.

I am offended and I am envious. I am offended that I am envious of this freak. How much more honest about this could I get? Am I vain in that respect? Guilty as charged, your honour. My writing is one of the very few things in this world I actually do take seriously. It's one of the few areas where criticisms of my efforts are keenly felt. It's my public achilles heal and whilst I have no problem at all acknowledging the superior efforts of people whose work I admire, like Terry Mertens' newsletter - All You Need to Know - and my perennial favourite, Rageboy, what I can't handle very well at all is people picking on my writing and the fact a grossly dishonest, hugely less talented and basically evil person, unknown except for the horror he wrought against children, gets a much greater readership than do I.

And I curse the fact I have no one to blame but myself, that the only reason his blog got the attention my own hasn't is because of my own damn laziness.

No excuses, no re-assigning blame, none of that. My honest confession is I am malevolently envious of possibly one of this young century's most evil people and I am so because he blogged far more often than I have and generated a following I have lost because of idleness.

So, let that be a lesson to you all. If you have these quasi aspirations that I have, you must be diligent and make what you want to happen happen. Don't just sit idly by and let daily opportunities slip through your fingers.

More to follow.

Of that you can now be certain.

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