Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Current mood = pissed off - and not in a good way.

Got the music playing, downloaded a memory tonight - We Belong by Pat Benatar (that weird chick with the fucked up hair.) Played it twice in a row, bunged it on the playlist of WMP - for some reason I seem to be able to get better sound quality out of wmp than Winamp even though Winamp is a better program - and now I'm going through the playlist with all those songs I love so much and the reason for the bruises from my knees half way up the front of my legs and on the sides of both my hands. Damn I might have made a rockin' drummer for someone.

And I'm pissed off because that's my reaction to the memories that came flooding back because of a stupid television show.


Anyway, I've had a bit of a time in the last 24 hours. Left lots of messages on ppl's blogs and my golly goodness, don't people get angry!

Here's the drum: It's a publick dockyooment unless you make it privayte. Capishe? There's no point turning the internet into your own little diary if you don't want people looking at your dirty laundry. You have nobody to blame but yourselves if oddbods like me happen to wander past, see what you've written and comment on it. You don't have to display your stuff if you don't want to, it's as simple as that.

The good news is, I culled a few more bits and pieces that amused me:

My comments (as usual) are in blue.

The public library system of northern South Carolina is fucked.I suggested to the two librarians that the library use firefox(a simple request -- nothing too technical) and explained to them what it was. I was met with a blank stare.Conclusion? Dillon South Carolina is, so far, painfully retarded. I think I'm going to eat at this strange diner I saw up the street.
(Good move, they're cooking crumbed fried brains. Save some for the librarians.)

Being of the male persuasion myself, my advice is to become a lesbian. Males are all worthless hosers who don't grow up, never become responsible, and when women say we only want one thing and get confused because they're giving their man that one very thing, what they should remember is MEN ONLY WANT ONE THING AT A TIME. That's why we cheat.Sorry babe.
(Some woman was complaining about the men she knew.)

6. What's under your bed: the floor.
Can't argue with that.

I may attempt to enjoy this evening a little more than I usually do, as i've not got to work tomorrow. Given my new "healthier" lifestyle and desire to save money I can't extend my drinking tally by much, but I can at least stretch slightly on my one night without a following day of work. I'm now going to get the hell out of here to stare at some heating soup or something of that ilk. Piss off.
Never signed off with "yours sincerely" in his entire life...

I also got a response from Scotland Yard. They shut down a website less than 24 hours after I reported it and gave me a link to a mob called Inhope. Maverick eat your heart out! Maverick was one of the very first identities I discovered on the internet back in 1998. I want to have this guy's babies. For those who don't know, Maverick was and perhaps still is, responsible for the closure of more child porn websites than anyone else in the history of the internet. And this guy had style. He was a hacker who left his tag on sites he shut down. I haven't heard from him in years. I tried finding him several times but every dumb arsehole, it seems, has adopted Maverick as a nick. Fuck you, Tom Cruise.

Here's another cute little thing I found via links I got from Scotland Yard...

ID the creep. It's a flash game put up through the CyberTipline in the U.S.

This image is a link. You can click it and it'll take you straight to the game.

Play the game it'll be good for you. Here's the cheat:
In the chatroom section, everyone is your enemy.

Things were never this complicated when I was a kid. We only had to watch out for strangers in the park. Now you can't even get privacy in your own damn bedroom. Then again, we didn't invite 6 billion people into our homes on a daily basis 30 years ago either. So I've been having an up and down day today. I got another site shut - yay - but every site I find hurts. I found a massive big beautiful resource - yay - but it brings home the magnitude of just how fucked up people can be and to what lengths they will go to fuck up others.

And there's more to it than just that. We throw billions of dollars of aid at these people and this is what they do with it. Those individuals lucky enough to get a hand out use it to victimise those who still have nothing.

It's no wonder some people find it easy to just give up. They don't all get immediate response from one of the oldest constabularies on the planet.

I won't be surfing blogland tonight, sorry to say. If you want to get some good quotes for yourself, you can wade through the dross yourselves and pick out whatever takes your fancy. I'm just too emotionally exhausted to bother. Maybe tomorrow I'll me in a mood more inducive to energetic bloggery. Gripe if you like. It's good for you.

(Time to compose this blog entry: 41 mins.)


Anonymous said...

Of course the "librarians" gave you a blank look (unless you were talking to staff at the "reference" or "information" desk, you probably weren't talking to librarians). They're public service staff. They know a lot of shit, but they're computer users. The systems librarian is the one that would have understood your suggestion, but she's not staffing a desk in the public area

Rat said...

Are you talking to me or addressing the person who actually went into the library?

Australia is not within a bull's roar of South Carolina.