Friday, July 15, 2005

I started another blog at because I dislike leaving messages on others' blogs without there being any way for them to find out who the hell I am - and LJ is where I've been leaving footprints.

It's not really a blog as such, just a membership there which says a bit more about me and what I'm about. I'm still intending for this to be "the blog", the one I'm going to update more regularly than before for reasons already stated. The other reason is in LJ, I'm Mr ChatRat not just me.

Some silly troll got ChatRat in January, made one pathetic entry then turned her back on her blog. Yes, I said her blog. What a waste of MY nick. What a disgrace. If she'd done something spectacular with it, I wouldn't mind so much. But she's just left it there doing bloody nothing.

I'm more than just mildly irritated by that. I have half a mind to email her and tell her cancel her account so someone with a bit of enthusiasm and personal pride can take over the name.

Grumble mumble...

People have been going through Mr Festy's blog and they're still leaving comments - like he's ever going to be able to read them or respond to them. Found a great link through the comments though - - what a bunch of champions. I loved it. But then I would, they're doing offline what I've been doing online for years. Good on 'em. Take it from me, it's personally very taxing and heartbreaking stuff. I mean, you want to stab these f*ckers in the face with a pitchfork but you can't. You want to rescue every face you see but you can't. It gets you down and it's exhausting trying to get hosts to shut down sites or log ip addies for the authorities. They just don't want to acknowledge they have this sort of activity on their servers. Ignorant toads.

Oh well. I'll always have chocolate.

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