Friday, July 29, 2005

I've had a marvellous day today.

I have this bit of hair at the front of my head that hangs down to my chin whilst the rest of my hair is typically male, ie short. I've been reading Rageboy's blog and getting ideas of my own. Now I know he cruises blogs so I have to say this right up front, mine's typical of me, not researched at all and therefore not remotely informative, probably not terribly consistent, and is not supposed to be an observation of any of the latest pop-cultural icons. Mine's an ego piece rooted in nothing but absurdity. It's not even supposed to be a parody but for the moment, it's just some wordage without all the lovely bits and pieces which combine to make any sort of saleable effort.

Knowing me, it'll probably remain unfinished for three more years before I decide to get dedicated to it and then self publish as I did with The Swamp.

But what, I hear you ask, has this got to do with a bit of hair that hangs down from the front of my head?

Well aren't you glad I asked myself that very question on your behalf.

Whilst I've been writing that, downloading the last of the pics from the Summer Trip and turning them into html files, I've had the headphones on and I've been listening to my favourite music all day and now it's half past one in the morning and I have the same three tracks on repeat and that, gentle readers, is why I'm such a wonderfully good mood. That bit of hair that hangs down over my face has just about been shaken out of my head because I'm just so getting into the music. It's like being a hippy without being dirty.

The three tracks being repeated, courtesy of Windows Media Player are "Going Home" by Mark Knopfler, "Amazing" by Alex Lloyd (He's an Aussie, btw) and "Run" by Collective Soul.

I also read a couple blogs of the kids and I count myself as luckier than you no matter what trifiling good fortune you think you may have had since the weekend. And to top all that off, there was a truly eye-opening episode of Catalyst on the ABC tonight:

Teen Brain - July 28
With a spate of teen bashings, teen road death, and plain incomprehensible teen behaviour, many people are wondering about teenagers today. Why are they so impulsive…so thoughtless…so stupid? Scientists used to blame the hormones – while society blamed the parents. But stunning new research is overturning everything we understood about how teenagers think. Surprising discoveries are not only unravelling the mysteries of teen behaviour, they are posing a challenging question for society – if the brain doesn’t mature until the age of 25, at what age should we consider someone a morally culpable adult? This week on Catalyst we pit teen son against Dad in the brain scan machine, visit a juvenile jail, and meet a few teenagers who’ve done some really stupid things – as we go inside the adolescent brain.

Click the title for a full transcript of the story. You'll be surprised - and I shall be ever so much more vindicated all over again. If there were any doubt before about why I'm so fiery about teenagers, experience what I saw tonight and maybe if you disliked teens before, you might think of changing your tune. Looking back over the years, some of my best rants have been about the lack of consideration for this inspirational age group. Anyway, I could go on and on, but I'll refrain for now. Go away and do something considerate for a change.

(Time to compose this entry: 18 mins)


clocke said...

myself, I would have said "being a hippy without *getting* dirty." scans better. you really should work on getting more variety into your Present Perfect Continuous constructions.

Morgue said...

yeah, i can see where that gave you pause.

Rat said...

I adore that man. Trouble is, he knows it.