Sunday, July 24, 2005

I just realised what an intellectual snob I can be.

It all came to me in a rush as I hit my head on the bathroom floor about 20 minutes ago.

Don't look so surprised. After drying my hair off, I straightened up so I could look in the mirror to brush it (my hair, not the mirror) and the sudden loss of blood pressure made me fall down and I hit my head on the floor. It happens sometimes and yes, I've stopped taking those stinking things the doctors keep encouraging me to take in order to prevent this sort of thing from happening. Doctors just have no sense of fun and adventure.

Anyway, it occurred to me how irritating it is when I see morons using words the meanings of which they are either more than likely completely oblivious or it's a nice word they've found in some lexicon somewhere and they've adopted it as their intellectual trump card.

Those in the know, those with half a brain don't give a toss about that sort of thing. True intellectual giants don't rely on keywords or phrases to win a put-down scrap, we have methodologies for dealing with upstarts and they are way more effective.

I saw a wonderful line in a blog this afternoon, "You don't have to remind me how inferior my people are, I already feel bad enough being one." Now that is the mark of a superior person. Made me laugh too.

Then I saw another one which amused me mightily because the author was using that class of word normally reserved for the extraordinarily enverbiaged articulator - but mis-spelling them. It was done so often it had to be deliberate because they were perfectly placed otherwise. And that highlights the difference between those who are actually smart and those irritating prolls who merely drop a fancy word here and there and do so inconsistently and generally at odds with the rest of what they're saying.


Amazing, isn't it, the things you can think as you pass out momentarily after a shower.

Christ, my head hurts now.

(Time to compose this entry: 16mins)


Edward said...

Hi, I've just read a comment you left on a post I made back in 2004, where you said:

"Come on, slacky, you haven't blogged in nearly a year. That's a lot of bloggery with which to catch up."

If you actually visit my blog (, you will notice I have kept it regularly updated with inane drivel :)

Eff said...

You mispelled methodologies. And stop using big words.

Rat said...

Thanks Edward I'll have another look, I found that by clicking links on google...

and Eff, that in the common parlance of the author's domain, is what is known as a typographical error and it is entirely the fault of the sub-editor who shall forthwith be eaten.