Wednesday, July 13, 2005

It still bugs me that a freak like the one I mentioned yesterday could get so many people answering his blog and that its name is all over the search engines more than my nick. Oh vanity, you insatiable beast.

It still bugs me that someone like commands as much attention as he does when all he deserves is the death penalty. Society needs to rid itself of units like this one.

It made me wonder how a blog might go - or a website - that put up faces of children from child porn sites, so that anyone spotting the child might call the police, the police interview the child who could then lead police to maggots like that one. I am reminded of the pure hell one kid went through whose schoolmates - and I use the term 'mates' extremely lightly here - found his pictures on the internet and gave him so much grief he had to move interstate and change his name, only to get more taunts from more kids at his new school.

What the hell is up with that? This kid is a victim of a pedophile and his peers attack him. Only in America? I suppose we'll just have to wait and see what happens to Shasta Groene and whether or not she gets the same sort of mistreatment at the hands of her school friends.

I cling tenuously to the hope that little girls might behave more compassionately, but I know from my own school days that girls can be and often are worse than boys. Boys concentrate on the physicality of this sort of thing, girls attack personality and character and stigmas are a whole new prospect in the world of the female from what they are in the male world.

Oh how we loathe a victim.

I'm getting a tad angry here. From the first Flash file I put up on my ISP provided homepage which brings a lump to my throat, I'm torn between loving the innocent and stabbing ignorant cowards in their eyes with cornforks because their eyes are useless to them if they can't see how the hurt they cause with their ignorance demeans everyone around them, turns beauty into fear and undermines the very foundations we all need not only to overcome adversity, but perhaps even to prevent violations from occuring in the first place.

It's way overdue that we - and I mean every last man, woman and child - make a conscious effort to protect and heal instead of attack and further hurt those who are victims or who may become victims.

The contagion a victim carries is imaginary. It can't jump from one person to another just by close proximity. The stigma, however, is the same stigma given life by prejudices based on race, religion or whatever else. Eww, you're a victim. Yuck. Get away from me.

Say "No!" and say it loudly.

"Oh my, you've been a victim. I can make you feel better if you'll trust me enough. I'm not a counsellor, not a doctor, not a police officer, not a priest/imam/rabbi/minister - or maybe I am - but whatever else I may be, in this time I will be your friend if you let me."

How magnificent would that be.

If we all - and I mean every one of us - adopted that sort of attitude, a website such as the one I described, would empower decent people to become like the heroic staff at Denny's who called the police and saved the life of Shasta Groene. It would prevent the sort of victimisation I described of the teenage boy whose peers discovered his victimhood at the hands of a pedophile. And while the one evil freak is now likely to get the chair, another is probably destroying the lives of dozens of other children and will keep doing so until he or she is also caught.

Hey, why not?

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