Sunday, July 17, 2005

Finally got The Pad looking sort of pretty much close enough to the way I want it to look. Bitch of a thing working with tables because we can't disable the banners in frames but I persisted with the bastard of a thing for 6 hours and now it's done til I update it again, which hopefully won't be too far away.

All the Bravenet services buggered off when Batcave moved their product away from 0catch and lo and behold, my account there was shut down. So much the better because some other bushpig had got chatrat as their account name and I'm buggered if I can remember what my account name was. We're talking 18 months plus since I logged in there y'know. Hadn't updated The Pad for nigh on 12 months. Sheesh.

Come to think of it, I haven't put out a Swamp for ages either. My poor neglected subscribers. How will they ever know what's going on in my life if I don't keep them all up to date?

At least they can be sure of one thing: My life is bound to be more interesting than their lives.

Scrabbling around the people who have blogs on, some of the things I've seen have been highly amusing. Apart from bumping into people I know and letting them know I've been there, some of the names of their blogs and their usernames are really very entertaining. I'm having a bit of difficulty making up my mind whether or not these people are interesting, idiotic, terminally dull or perhaps just like me. Some of them seem thoughtful, but looking at the subject matter of their blogs - oh my golly gee-whiz. Dull. One thing made me a bit depressed was seeing how many blogs had "boi" in the title.

Just says to me they've all done something they're going to disown in a fat hurry. I didn't look at any of them so I could be totally wrong about that, but on the other hand, I bet I'm not. Silly people.

In case you're wondering, if you just click on the search facility for any interest out of 89 zillion interests, it seems the same blogs come up in the returns. The better blogs, I've found are the ones which have been updated in the last hour. They're the ones I've been leaving my mark on.

It's a shame this blog didn't allow me to put a jiggy boo on it so anyone reading it can leave their own comments. It does now though. I would have kinda liked to respond to people's comments instead of pretending to be the editor of my own newspaper where nobody has the right of reply. For some reason, email tends to frighten people. Probably because the recipient can see who sent the email and they'd rather not be seen.

Pssst... it's the internet, nobody can see you. Clicking delete solves all your problems.

And because I've been diligent and made wholesale changes to this thing - you might have noticed - there's now a little jiggery pokery down the bottom of each entry where you can pour your little hearts out and I then stomp all over your downtroddenness and insignificance for being a pest. Not really. But the thought had (and does) occur to me. :)

I didn't miss Saturday, by the way. To me, this is still Saturday night. So that means you can come back tomorrow and there'll be something new to read. Won't that be fun for you!

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