Sunday, July 17, 2005

Alrighty, I've been lurking in blogland again and my faith in humanity has been restored. I've culled the following little gems from other peoples' blogs and put them here for your enjoyment:
Any comments by me are in blue - as usual for those who know...

*stabs Kagome repeatedly with a sharpened candy cane*

I have come to hate 4 AM with a fiery burning passion.

Your power color is Teal. (What??? Since when was teal ever a power colour??)


i hate writing diaries so i'm sorry if this reads rather dull. i'm feeling rather ill. i think it may be typhoid with a touch of malaria and a plague chaser. in any case this may be my last entry as i may die soon. and in any case i arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.................."

maybe he was dictating?"

my friends and i were sitting in her car in front of the toad, it was pouring rain, we got soaked just crossing the street. once in the car we saw lightning hitting down behind the building in front of us, and saw sparks fly after it lit up the sky. almost simultaneously we felt the whole car do this buzz thing, it actually made a buzzing noise that we could feel beneath us. fucking scary.
(It was the evaluation that got me...)

She doesn't call, and I get a call from Shintaro at four-thirty in the morning.
We proceed to talk.
For an hour and a FUCKING half.
(I know how you feel brutha.)

Your Slanguage Profile
Aussie Slang: 75%
Victorian Slang: 75%
British Slang: 50%
Prison Slang: 50%
Canadian Slang: 0%
New England Slang: 0%
Southern Slang: 0%
(Well I am Australian after all.)

Is your hair long?:yes
Are you a vegetarian?:no
Do you own a tye dye shirt?:sadly yes
Do you want peace?:yes
Do you want to save the animals:yes
What do you think about war?:blowing stuff up is fun but war is wrong

Hey kids! The world is your phallic symbol! Let's get creative!

black coffee and painkillers aren't just cutting it
Want my head removed now please.

Today we went to my nephews 1st birthday party (which I had forgotten about until my sister rang me yesterday to ask where she could buy the gob stoppers for nose/bowtie).
I was amused that my sister seems to have made him a dead clown cake...
There were a lot of babies around :)

*While watching Big Brother*
Mum - "Which Logan is Christie in bed with?"
Me - "Greg"
Mum - "What are they doing?"
Me - "Having sex"
Mum - "What?! In front of David?!"
Me - "No. They have having a threesome. A Logan at each end"
Mum - "...that is one of the most disgusting things you have ever said!"
Me - *starts laughing hysterically*
(Onya kid.)

And you wonder why I enjoy this sort of thing? Well, do you?

On another more pertinent note, I found my real glasses and stopped using the spare pair I've been using all weekend while I do all this updatage which means I can sit a sane distance from the screen and still see what I'm doing. I've been coresponding with bloggers kind enough to reply to the replies I've left on their blogs, God only knows if any of them have poked their noses into The Pad yet. I might get more quotes from blogs and bung them up in The Pad in a kind of archive thing.

Speaking of archives, unless I have pages stored on my hard drive, if there was anything about the previous Pad you liked, you're well out of luck. If it's not on HD, it's gorn. It probably is on my HD but if you think I could be bothered pulling it up and posting it somewhere, you're deluding yourself.

I must put some music on. The tv is driving me nuts. It's a screenwriters' mutual appreciation society gathering wrapped in some comically indequate guise of a doco. Hollywood Machine it's called. Dull as desert sand if you ask me.

Ah, time to get along and do something more constructive methinks.

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