Monday, July 25, 2005

And I feel more vindicated than I have in such a long time right now.

See that entry I made a couple of blurts ago? The one telling you what I think of the younger generation (though not so of the generation younger than that, I might add. - Not as much anyway) and why?

Well I'm just here to tell you the exchanges I've had this weekend subsequent to my telling everyone over the age 35, who is dead from the neck up, that once again I am right and I have more than ample proof.

Moreover this isn't a pecking contest and I take no joy from this vindication except that which vindication naturally brings. Believe me, I don't enjoy the fact 95% of you have your heads in unsavoury places. I may not be the greatest, but you people aren't even in the fight.

I'd copy and paste what has proved the highlight of my day today, but out of the immense amount of respect I have gained for the author, I'm going to ask permission first.

Oh if only all of you knew the things that I know...

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