Thursday, July 14, 2005

Two in one day, wow.


Obviously because I have something on my mind and I want to get it on paper - as it were.
Moreover, I want to hear from like minded individuals who have an opinion on what I'm about to say, one way or another.

I'm thinking about the untapped power of the mind.

I could have put this elsewhere where I know it will be seen, but if people read my blog, it's because they've come to me to see what it is I have to say. If I put this up where people hang out, this becomes nothing more than a grandstanding advertisement. If you're reading this here, you have taken some sort of initiative to see what's here. You have an open mind - whether you believe that right now or not.

The power of the mind, you see.

What else can be achieved with this power? What improbable events can be brought to life with the power of the mind?

I don't accept I'm alone with the things I can do with my mind. It is beyond my ability to accept that others can't do the things I can do. I'm talking about reading other people and being able to predict with a degree of accuracy what those people will do in any given circumstance. We've all seen it, we've all done it. "Build it and they will come" say the pundits. Why? Because they know themselves and they know we are not that different from each other. They would go so they know others will as well.

What if we could refine that, what if we know who is on the other end of the telephone before we pick it up? What if we know certain keywords will produce an automatic response in others - even if they themselves are not aware of it. This is the power I'm talking about. It's wielded with the choice of words, the tone of voice, a movement, a gesture, a look. Subliminal suggestion. We are manipulated by masters every time we set foot outside our homes or turn on the television.

Who knows the secrets and has these skills? What do they do with this power they have over us - or think they have over us? More importantly still, that we think they have over us. For the most part, they sell their products or persuade us to buy their services. It's a power and power translates to money and money translates back to power.

What money can't buy is time. What those with power never have enough of is time. What those with no power have is one long wait. A wait until the next pay day, a wait until they can afford to buy the next luxury item, a wait to die. What those with no power have is what those with the most power want so much. Time.

Time is money to people with power.

I'm going to pause here for a moment to let all this sink in. At this point, my words are either being accepted or rejected. If they're being accepted, it's time to wait for the reinforcement. If my words are being rejected, it's time to compare my words with the words of that filth who brought me back to blogging, whose blog was supposed to be his honest reflections, but which was in fact, nothing but a tissue of half truths and wishful thinking.

Why? What was the purpose of his writing? His writing was to project an image of himself as someone with justification. He lied by omission. What he didn't tell his audience was that he had raped 2 more children (at least) since January. What he said was that he had got even twice more and hadn't been caught. Got even with whom? Those who are employed to protect the community from people like him? If he had to get even with them, there was only one way to do that and that was to prove they were wrong. What he did was prove they were right. He gave them more justification than they could possibly have wished for. More justification than anyone could possibly want. What mentally stable individual would want the rape of children as a weapon against authority or society?

The one purpose of his writing was warped from a useful and insightful diary of thoughts and events into a tool of manipulation and dissimulation. It was a weapon against truth.

Mr Freakazoid was a pedophile. Not quite human. A pedophile is what a pedophile does - they either have or want to have sex with children and they use those very same tools of manipulation against children to get sex out of them as marketing gurus use to get money out of us. It's exactly the same power. The right words in the right tone of voice, the right movement, the right gesture, the right look. When the mood setting fails and the facade of nice intentions is broken down, the villain resorts to violence. It all comes down to power.

Why am I here writing these words now?

Is it my intention to deceive? Is it my intention to manipulate, to draw from anyone reading this something I have no right to draw? What do I have to gain?

What did the freakazoid have to gain? He needed justification. He got it in measure from those he deceived with his words in his blog. What do I need? Justification? For what? I sure as hell know I haven't raped or murdered anyone and if I had, what would prompt me to suddenly change from my usual style of writing to what I have been writing for three days running now? If I had done something for which I should have reason to fear capture, I already had the perfect cover - in fact so perfect because I hadn't been here for 4 months prior to reading that bastard's blog, why draw attention to myself now? So let's rule out deception as a reason for my writing. As for justification, I don't need any. I lost my job two weeks ago and that's about the only thing of any note that has happened to me in this second half of the year.

What other motive could I have for writing? To make it easy on you, I have something to say. I have something I need to say and it's to do with the power of the mind.

I need to empower people. I need to share what knowledge I have because by sharing it my growth is assured. I'm like a messenger whose message is useless until it has been passed on so I'm passing it on.

But why here?

Again, because what I have to say needs to be delivered properly or the message is lost. My message needs to be taken by readers voluntarily for it to have been successful. To impose it on others is completely contradictory to the nature of the message itself.

I need to empower people.

I have explained why. By sharing what I know, that power increases. But I also know that power must be gained from within. Like expecting a hamster to drag a tractor up a hill, I know and understand that to impose this message on anyone and expect it to have the same effect is the same as expecting that hamster to drag that tractor up that hill. The power I need to impart is the power within the people who are reading this message. It must be released from within, not imposed from without to have effect.

And what power is that?

The power of the mind.

And what power is that?

To answer that question, correction, to help you find your own answer to that question, examine the nature of the mind. What does it do? What is its function?

It knows what's around us. It sees what you see, it hears what you hear, feels what you feel, smells and tastes what you smell and taste - and it does all that without you even making an effort to direct it to do so. What happens if you make an effort?

You begin to think. You begin to unlock the power of your mind. To think is to take the first step towards understanding and finally knowing. I know how to add and subtract and that gives me the power to buy and sell. What do those with extraordinary power and money do? They buy more and sell more.

Are you getting the picture? Or am I just full of shit.

That, my friends, is for you to decide.

I've spelled out my message. I've done what I came here to do tonight. If you've read this far then I'm guessing it's because I've put into words what you perhaps had neglected to put into words for yourself but this was a message you needed or wanted to hear. More questions?

Why do I need for you to have the power that I have?

Because power brings with it certain advantages. It brings security and security brings safety. If everyone knew what I know, we wouldn't have need of armies or weapons - that's the sort of security I'm talking about which is why I need to pass this message on. While people seek power from external sources, we will always have need of protection - ie weapons. What those who seek power from external sources fail to realise is the power they thus gain is merely relative and therefore illusory and very very fleeting. It only lasts as long their physical power is stronger than that of their perceived enemy's and while they have that power, others will work to build a stronger force.

Humbug. Real power comes from within and that means it comes from the mind. Because this power comes from within, no amount of external input can increase it. In fact, any good buddhist will tell you the more material wealth you have, the less happy you are likely to be. Whilst that's a nice thought, being realistic, it doesn't necessarily equate with human nature. I'm not in favour of ditching material wealth if it turns out doing so deprives a person of the means of achieving predetermined goals they've set for themself. I could not share this message without my pc.

I digress.

I need people to find the same power I have found because of the nature of the power of the mind. More can be achieved by like minded people acting in concert with one another than can be achieved by individuals acting alone and against one another. Want one potent example?

Live 8.

The purpose of Live 8 is to empower people in Africa, to give them freedom from hunger and disease and oppression. To help those people to help themselves. That's what Live 8 is all about. My motivation is not to help the people of Africa help themselves, but to have some middle class nobody in western society become a somebody in their own minds. If a nobody becomes a somebody because they've begun to unlock the power of their own minds, then my message will have done its job.

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