Saturday, August 27, 2005

What's the difference between having something to say and telling someone what you think?

The former is important to at least one person, the latter may just not impress anyone at all.

Some blogs just hit the spot like lemon sorbet on a hot day.

I have this feeling I've been absurdly happy these past few weeks and this week in particular because of the near perfect balance of experiences and impressions I've had the opportunity to share and in which I've been fortunate enough to participate.

I've offered help and asked for it. I've been highly amused and highly annoyed. I've been scathing and soothing. I've seen despair and elation. I've seen excellence and creativity and the pits of cronyism and paranoia.

And from an attacker, I've made a generous friend.

Is this sort of thing worth blogging? It is to me. I'm just eliciting on a bit of e-paper thoughts I'm having as I'm having them. This is my memory and I'm inviting the world to see what I see at this minute of this day like a snapshot. It doesn't matter to me if nobody else finds it interesting for its own sake, it's a memory of mine that is important enough for me to want to keep.

I estimate I've been high on life now for about 5 weeks on the trot which reminds me of something I wrote more than 10 years ago about an impression I had about the nature of true wisdom. I don't have that snippet any more but I remember the gist of it and it shouldn't be too difficult to reconstruct it. Buggered if I know yet where I'll put it up though. I'm sure the more attentive of you will find it.


Teresa said...

I'm glad you have been feeling so well. I hope your buzz on life continues.

Seneca said...

Paul, your positivity is encouraging. Perhaps a little will even stick to this cynical old geezer?
I'm sure an intellectual 'connection' was made, at least for me. These rare, surendipitous events give our short, transient existence sublime meaning...and perhaps lead to life long friendships.

What more to ask?

I read some of your 'favourite' blog site. Interesting, and right 'on the money' IMO. Superstition and mystical nonsense has overtaken reason on many fronts, and the blogger makes his case with admirable force and clarity.
I do not think much has changed thruout the ages. Comparatively speaking, only a few men,[women] have contributed to the advance of civilization. Most of us have been mere followers, some of us imitators, and the rest indifferent, drifting mindlessly toward infinity, with a cognition scarcely developed.

I'll be watching and reading both of you. Thanks.


Rat said...

Thank you for your kind words. I have passed this on to the inimitable Rageboy as well.

I see no reason he should be exempted from this sort of treatment.