Friday, August 19, 2005

Isn't it amusing how people continue to tell you things...

... after you've left the room.

Confession: It's impossible for me to be perpetually bad tempered when there is just so much I find inherently amusing.

Here's a quote I got from a book review - wasn't hard to find either.

Avital Ronell is one of the most provocative, street-savvy, and theoretically sophisticated thinkers of this age.

Theoretically sophisticated?

Don't you know?

And here's a little hint. Street-savvy and sophisticated do not go hand in hand. Not the real street-savvy anyway. Trust me, I've been there. I know. Street savvy is knowing when to move, when to laugh, when to shut your face and where the free meals are being served. Being really street-savvy is knowing where it's safe to sleep and when it's safe to sleep there so you don't get your stuff pinched. Twats who live in ivory towers who struggle to fund the upkeep of four luxury European cars, the ducted vacuum cleaning, 400 downlights and polished cherrywood floors, who have major family brawls when the pool filter shits itself or the King Charles spaniel comes down with a sore throat - these people are not street-savvy. They're twats.

People who write the sort of book reviews I've quoted above wouldn't know street-savvy unless they've just found out they've had their credit cards skimmed and even then it would just be some vague notion.

Then there's the intermediate version of street-savvy: the people who know who is doing the moving and shaking in medium sized white collar industries, such as accounting firms, I.T. outfits and the inevitable boutique stockbroking houses.

To them, street-savvy means knowing which clients to chase, how and when - and how to impress - right down to the number of pin-stripes on the Givoni double breasted, the right places in which to be seen and which stinking bottle of glorified vinegar is in fashion.

Bunch of pretentious gits.

I'm entitled to say that too because I've also been there.

In my own way I respect all these little cogs that keep the machinery of society turning. What I resent is bilious tosspots like Diane Davis spewing their own peculiar brand of meaningless swill in some sort of vainglorious attempt at giving the impression of some nouveau intellectualism on their part. It's pseudo arty-farty crud. Here's another sample:

"Stupidity offers a kind of post-critical or nonrepresentational analysis, going after a seemingly recognizable and knowable signifier (stupidity) but tracking it so closely that it quickly becomes unrecognizable, exceeding its object-status, overflowing itself as a concept."

Gimme a fuckin' break Diane.

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Anonymous said...

Hey, at least Avital is cute.