Sunday, August 14, 2005

Had a lot to say tonight but I dislike grandstanding.

I started writing it all more than an hour ago and deleted it 30 seconds ago.

Shit happens.


Eff said...

Btw, an anonymous person has called you a failure at my blog. Check Sapped post.

Rat said...

I'd say it's one of two people, one of whom lives in Nevada, the other in Louisiana.

I am most gratified to see that my reputation has not been sullied. I'd rather be called a failure and a bully than be on the receiving end of that most vile of insults - You're a nice person.

No label ever made me cringe more than that one.

Teresa said...

...but you are a nice person Rat! Some people just don't know it. (I do!)

Rat said...

Nothing of the sort.

I'm a thoroughbred bastard who just happens to occasionally do things which make people feel grateful.

It's not habitual.

Teresa said...

Face it Rat... you've got a heart of gold! ;o)

Orendon said...

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Rat said...

Good God! Spam!

Teresa, a heart of gold I can live with, "nice" is out of the question.

Teresa said...

They often go hand in hand Rat.

Ok, how about the word "kind" or "friendly" or "caring" ?

Are you cringing yet? lol!

he he!

Rat said...

Am I cringing?

Kind of. I'm also single.

No wonder huh?

Teresa said...

Possibly, or more likely, probably.

You have the heart, you just don't want to show it.

But, there are some of us who know it's there despite your efforts to deny it.

Be a rat all you like...
We all are sometimes.

Rat said...


You all just have this uncanny knack of putting an attractive spin on things which is why men find you so irresistible.

Fortunately for me, I happen to be immovable.

Anonymous said...

Never mind Rattus, you can't be a 100% bastard all of your life. I've heard a little rumour that your 95% sweetheart, 5% bastard. Personally I think your 99% sweetheart while the other 1% pretends to be bad.

Rat said...

I suppose it depends somewhat upon whom one asks. I will lay claim to not being churlish.