Friday, August 19, 2005

Circumstantial edifice...

I have an appointment with one of my former employers tomorrow.

My dad, having still not been in contact for 5 weeks now makes it fairly plain it's not on the cards that he and I will embark together on the South East Corner poultry empire - not that I even told him yet that I was interested in such a thing - it's just he said he'd up some time during the week, and that was 5 weeks ago and we haven't had so much as a phone call or an email since.

Only the dark prince went down there for the recent nuptials of the extended family members. Good luck to him.

Anyway, having turned up unexpectedly on George's doorstep the other night when he wasn't home, I rang him and he said he'd turn up unexpectedly on my doorstop tomorrow morning after some nonsense he needs to fix in Dandenong.

I bet he neither turns up nor rings. I know what he's like. Even when he was my boss, I was the one to push him to get stuff done, not the other way round.

Thinking of that, it gets me a teeny weeny bit irritated how my most recent engagement went. Promised the earth and relegated to shit-shoveller. But I got my own back by way of the infamous email to the CEO of the company. Still proud of that.

I really must plant myself somewhere and put my head in gear to write like a demon in order to get that 2nd book ready by Christmas. I must also watch Matt play at the earliest opportunity. There be words hanging from the rafters in that rendezvous, making themselves visible like apples in an orchard. See, he sings and I write. Things can happen when you have meetings of that sort. Four years ago, had we not been so deprived of time, I know something would have come of it.

Twas a tad unfortunate two of my compositions vanished from the face of the earth once they were in Matt's possession, but if I can write a four verse ballad in one half hour train ride, replete with distractions, because I was thinking about that "mackerel sky" from a couple of years ago, well, my impressions from even one gig should produce a mountain of new material. That's what I'm hoping anyway.

It also wouldn't be the first time we've worked on a song together; it's just that last time, circumstances prevented the development of anything beyond the concept of the lyrics.

One for ChickyBee - You have the units, Duckface had the circumstances.

I dare say Matt is not as subject to circumstances as he once was.

The word of the day, apparently, is Rawr.

We here in the Antipodes have our own version:

Thanks to Taz for the picture. (And for that one of the bunny with a pancake on its head)

(Time to compose this entry: 27mins.)

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