Friday, August 12, 2005

Little gems in email...

I actually bought your book last January, while I was in San Diego taking care of my parents. I read some of it to my dad and he laughed so hard he had to take his heart pills. It was great, you almost killed my dad. :-) So it's time to leave and I take your book to read on the airplane. I sad down at the busy airport to wait. The book was on my lap, unopened and I was just kind of staring off into space. Airports never seem to have enough air and I get kind of sleepy. The person sitting next to me got up and left, dragging her very small child with her. She seemed cranky. Kids do that to you though. A minute later, the person on the other side, gave me and your book a dirty look and got up and left. I then realized that some people might not be as pleased with my choice of reading material as I was. Go figure. I doubt it would have helped if I'd told them I sort of know the author. Anyway, I got on the airplane and sat down, with the book on my lap again. I admit, this time it was pre-meditated. I was hoping I could get a little extra room on the flight. A woman sat down next to me and started talking. I hate talking on airplanes. I need 2 1/2 feet of space between me and another person's breath for comfortable conversation and then I need them to not be a boring moron. Rarely do the two go together. So I angled the book more towards her, hoping the title might have the same affect on her. As soon as she noticed it, she shut up and started looking around. She seemed a little nervous. There were some empty seats on the plane and as soon as the attendant said people could move if they wanted to, she jumped up, hit her head and went to sit somewhere else. The book didn't work on the second part of the flight, when a guy sat next to me, but that was okay, because he was good-looking. The 2 1/2 feet of personal space is only necessary if I'm sitting next to a really ugly person or a women. I'm not dead yet. The next time I flew, even though I had read the book, I took it anyway. It worked again. I'll never need to pay for a first-class ticket to get more room, as long as I have your book Rat. I'm trying to find another book that has fucker and murder in the title to see if it still works. Maybe it was your picture. :-) This is a true story.

And to think I used to curse this woman out no end. heh, it' more fun being bad.

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