Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Last night, I sat up longer than is good for an ostensibly sane person redesigning the dustjacket of that bloody book. Out with the old, in with the new and that means I've also done more work on the inside of it as well. I had no idea there were so many typographical errors in it. I'm truly ashamed of that. It's just carelessness, but retyping the whole thing - all 44,000+ words of it - is a mind numbing chore.

At this point, as far as the book is concerned, all I really want to do is get on with the 2nd edition.

Anyway, here's the new cover as it looks in the hands of those with a credit card and a "can spend" (about $15) attitude:

This is the new front cover which to my way of thinking is a tad more sophisticated than the old cover by virtue of that most paradoxical of sophisticated qualities: Simplicity.

This is the bit of the new back cover that amuses me just enough to share with you. Before I put that great big red word in that Photoshopped barcode, it reminded me of labia majora. (I'm just not sure whose.)

My advice is just to register your interest at this stage. You can get the book that looks like the revised edition, but you may as well wait another week or two until it genuinely qualifies for that description and get it then. If you register your interest by Griping, I'll get an idea of how quickly I should finish this project before getting down to the next offering.

So now that you've seen another bit of the stuff I've been doing, it should give you a fair idea of all those things about which I'd been uncharacteristically enthusiastic a few weeks ago which have remained entirely neglected because I can only concentrate on 4 things at once. (I am, after all, a male.)

If I were a woman, I would neo-feministically tell any mere male who happened to be perusing this blog that I had been neglecting the other projects because whilst concentrating on the 4 things on my mind over the last 3 weeks, I've also been cooking, cleaning, vacuuming, laundering and breastfeeding the twins whilst keeping up with The Young and the Restless and telling anyone who'd care to listen what I think of Sandra Bullock's latest hair style.

The male retort, naturally, is you couldn't do shit all if I weren't making sure the finances enabled to you do these 7 things in half-arsed, ad hoc fashion and if you applied yourself to just the one task and did it properly, I might not have to work at all. Bitch. Now get off your fat arse and get me a beer.

(Is it obvious I'm single?)

(Time to compose this entry: 46 mins)


Morgue said...


maybe it's the fact that i haven't the 'equipment' anymore, but i lean more toward the male retort.

maybe that's why i am still single too.

Eff said...

I do both poorly, what does that say?

Rat said...

You're in touch with your feminine side?

Me, if I even smell lavender I get violently ill.