Saturday, August 06, 2005

Give us some opposition!

Not HALF an opposition, a real opposition. The poms had us on the ropes yesterday, but we got one for by the close of play. Incredible leg spinning delivery from Shane Warne bowling Strauss around his legs out of the rough and I said to one of my cohabitators of Casa Highett that we would rip through them and have them all out by 160 in the second dig.

Well as at the time of writing this, we have the poms 6/95 in their second dig with all the recognised batsmen out. 160 is looking like a longshot!

Even if we do roll them for 160 in the second dig, it leaves us chasing 260 for a win with 2 days and probably more to get them. We murdered them in our 2nd dig at Lords and the result was 200+ run win to Australia because the poms just rolled over in their 2nd dig.

Naturally I want Australia to win, but a test is 5 days dammit. The Aussies are so bloody good we are in the habit of wrapping these things up inside 4 days. It's great for us, but it's not terribly good for cricket. Think of all the lost gate takings when a test is only 3 or 4 days long.

Ok, so at the end of third day, we've landed ourselves back in poo by going out too often and too cheaply. We've made ourselves look like a bunch of farmers' daughters this time.
(Time to compose this entry: 5 mins)

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