Tuesday, June 26, 2007

In this message, you laugh, you lose.


I lawled big time.

Netauthority is a byword for racism and aids on the internet. The subtly filthy designs of their website and their IAUP are more hateful than anything I read in Mein Kampf or Machiavelli. The arseholes behind netauthority are the cancer that is killing society. I hope they all fuck off and die today.

They have banned the Wiggles for "hateful content". Yes, The Wiggles. How demented are these people? They also say there were no dinosaurs, God put the fossils there to test man's faith in him. Bitter irony, eh.

Also Bags, since you'd been vanished for 2 years or so, I've lost your contact details. If you wants to catch up, you is going to have to give them to me again. My details are all still the same.

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