Wednesday, June 06, 2007

How's yer arse, Dwight?

Do not provoke the Anonymous Army, Mr Silverman.

Too late!

Must keep an eye on this for the next couple of days as well whilst the hoards of Caturday Lovers descend upon the Houston Chronicle website in all their fury at the exposing of one of their treasured private haunts.

The complaint - everything you love, everything you hold dear and sacred, will be appropriated, mishandeled, repackaged, and sold to the people you hate - is a valid complaint too.

Anonymous does as Anonymous pleases and that's not always to the benefit of pussywhipped socially conditioned robots who do as their lord and master Rupert Murdoch commands. What they like most is to be left alone and anonymous, not have battalions of curious Christian missionaries complaining everytime someone posts porn or says horrible things about... well, everything really... and then trying to have the site shut down.

Anonymous hates desperate housewives and Kathy Sierra types who prefer their interwebs to be full of flowers and niceness and aren't-you-so-sweets kind of puke.

Unfortunately for Dwight Silverman, he's blundered into a nest of bullants and left a trail of breadcrumbs to Anon H.Q. and there's already talk of a raid.

I bet that's one full up inbox he's dealing with this morning.

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