Thursday, September 08, 2005

The strangest memories are provoked by the most amazing circumstances.

I've just been reminded of a pleasant little love affair I had years and years ago when I was hot for the older sister of one of the kids in one of my football teams. She was too young when I first met her so I waited until she was 18 before letting on that I was interested. (I was 23 by then.)

Anyway, one night we were sitting in her lounge room in front of an open fire casting longing gazes at one another wishing for all hell that her mother would piss off and go to bed.

Finally, as midnight came and went, she decided it was time for her to go to bed and she did. It was then I was left in this semi-darkened lounge room with her mother who was wishing for all hell for the preceeding hour that her daughter would go to bed.

Not a happy Rat. No, not one bit happy.

And that reminds me of another time when I was 15 and met a divine apparition at a pool party. I was 15 at the time and thought I was flirting madly with the elder of two sisters, the younger one being 14. Then I spoke to their mother about what a nice daughter she had. Her mother told me she was a great kid - for an 11 year old.

I didn't say much for the rest of the night to anybody. I wasn't in the mood.

Another time when I was 17 I met a girl on the train who was happy to spend half an afternoon talking to me. We were getting on famously. She was a bit shorter than I was, short blonde hair, very pretty face - and 23 and married.

And then there was Patrick's sister, who was the right age, right height, single, we shared common interests, she was cool, classy, fairly quiet and - an amazingly slovenly dirty and selfish peasant. You have to see someone in their natural habitat to get the full appreciation of them. Sometimes it's better to have illusions.

I understand now why some guys think more of their cars than their women.

Now, speaking of transport, Cheri the bike; yes I know you read my blog. The hit counter records all the ISPs and Cincinnati just keeps coming up and you're the only resident of Cincinatti that I know. You're busted!


Teresa said...

Rat, it sounds like you've had a great deal of bad luck when it comes to women. I can't help but think that could be one of the reasons you try so hard to be a hard ass. I suppose it doesn't really matter why since you're really not that good at it anyway! lol! I do wish you love. You deserve it. And yes, men tend to prefer their cars. It's because they don't understand the hearts and minds of women!

Rat said...

Do you know why I like you so much, Teresa? You remind me of me when I'm on my worst behaviour of all.

Morgue said...


you're not having any bad luck with women now, are you ?

Morgue said...

oh...i'm in ohio. what's my isp say ?

Rat said...

It tells me you clicked a link from eff's rambles to get here and your ip is

Does that sound familiar?

Rat said...

And as for me having bad luck with women, I rather think it's the other way round just now - they're having bad luck with me. :)

Teresa said...

lol Rat! I've never been as bad as you! Well, at least not since I was younger. I'm in Ohio too. I get here by going to my favorites. I got your blog saved there. Now don't you feel special?!

Rat said...

Teresa, I feel special anyway. The fact you have my blog in your favourites is a good reason for YOU to feel special.

Now, doesn't that make you love me just a little bit more? :)

Rat said...

And going by the correlation in the times from your recorded comment and the time indicated by the hit counter, the offensive IP addy isn't yours either.

My GOD I feel potent.

Teresa said...

Now Rat, exactly how large is your head? And I do mean the one on your shoulders. Do you have trouble fitting through doorways? lol! (*sticking tongue out at you*)

lea said...

oh dear sweet mother fucking god.

Morgue said...

Ok,, I did not get here from Eff's Rambles.

I have you on my favorites too.

wtf ?


would you, pretty please, track this one, and see if it's different ?

Morgue said...


Rat said...

Direct hit, Morgue. 2 days in a row. Hmm, things must have been a bit quiet round here for some reason. Perhaps I'd better blog something. It has been a while after all.

Eff said...

No, that's me taking glances at your blog. I'm "hr" stands for "Hampton Roads."

Rat said...

It's all a big mystery isn't it. I don't think it's a coincidence that after I put out the Cheri entry she arced up a right terry in P4Imbeciles in the thread she started as a dig at me and Tart. She has never been one to let sleeping dogs lie.

Anonymous said...

please PLEASE dont respond to the spam that has infected the boards of our chat, it seems to perpetuate it and i think the poster is just flickin her six inch bean to everything you say. the only way sickness can be fostered is to aknoledge it. I realize that you have something to say about it, as do I... however, im not willing to dig into the trash inorder to make a point. I should hope you are not as well. I hope you understand, thank you for your time,

Rat said...

Very well Sur, because you request it, I shall cease and desist forthwith.

I can't speak for all the others who also respond to the freak's messages, and I fear we shall have to endure many more of her poxy poetry before she slinks off into the mud from whence she crawled.

My stomach is not up to that. I shall depart until she has removed herself from the group or stopped posting altogether.